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  1. ZoL

    What's your Halloween thing?

    Sit around giving candy
  2. ZoL

    Slave I 6209 Review

    I own this set and got it when it came out. If I may have my own say, it is one of the more detailed Lego Star Wars set, with a 5 in that, but it is easy to fall apart, and if you leave it on a shelf for too long, the engine details can fall off, as well as parts of the rimming and other detail, so a 2.5 for durability/shelf life. making a 3.75 average, or a 3*. *-I rounded down for the minifigs, none stood out except the Bespan Guard, Best Slave 1 made yet still.
  3. Let's all say good luck to a great new global Mod! Congrats, work hard and keep us safe from the dark side... Wait I meant spammers!
  4. ZoL

    ==> ALL MEMBERS: Please read! <==

    The difforence is that almost all the people on this site know the Lego ones, while it may be hard for people from other countries that don't speak English in their homes, and other places to understand lol, or TTYL. Also, most Lego abbreviations like AFOL stand for longer phrases, like Adult Fan Of Lego. While other phrases, such as lol are simply implying that you are laughing. I'm a 14 year old, I've never used those abrieviations much, and I don't see any reason to use them. Spelling is another matter, many people are bad at spelling, so it shouldn't be brought against them. I personally can't spell worth a dime, and about half the people I know can't eithor (Hey, could it be contagious?).
  5. ZoL

    ==> ALL MEMBERS: Please read! <==

    Already has. Using those abriations are annoying, how difforent is WTF then saying What the _____? I have seen that here, once or twice. Also, grammer is a good point, it is hard to read things sometimes when they are like this: (Why did Lego make that set which we don't like. Id hate that set.) I haven't seen that here, at least not yet, but that is a quate from another lego-orianted site. Lets try and follow some importent rules: 1) Capitalize beginnings of sentinces, names (ex. Lego), ect. 2) Do not use lol, wtf, ect. (ex. wtf, i just lol when i see that show) 3) Use complete sentinces when possable. (ex. The mouse ran up the steps.) 4) End sentinces with a correct mark (ex. .?!) 5) Do not use *, or$^%$# to stand in for bad words (ex. What the **** is he $%#@ing doing) Of coarse you shouldn't disregard the forum rules. You should know these rules I learned them (or most of them) in 1st grade, and if a teacher looked at it she souldn't have a problem with it. Please edit this if my use of language (i.e in my rules) should be ramoved, and I'm sorry I'm sounding to moderator-ish for a normal member.
  6. ZoL

    How To Deal With This? (new)...

    √ Yeah, if they don't respect who you are, they arn't very good friends.
  7. ZoL

    Weird Groups...

    Let's not get into 'Your face is...' jokes, okay? Anyway, yeah, isn't there a way to delete them? I mean it must clutter up some space...
  8. ZoL

    Car Talk

    need I say any more?
  9. ZoL

    How To Deal With This? (new)...

    I've found myself under those circumstances, including one time that my crush (in 8th grade) cought sight of Eurobricks and completely got her friends and herself teasing me. And a time my aunt remarked how her son stoped playing with "baby toys' when he was 8 (I was 11) (he started playing 1st person shooters instead ) So my point is: Sometimes you have to let friends go who don't understand and laugh at you just for having a hobby.
  10. ZoL

    How to deal with this?

    My suggestions: 1) Show her this site- it's full of AFOLs and TFOLs and if this dousn't work (which it won't if she gets really stubborn) 2) Start buying "baby toys" so she might decide that Lego might not be so bad. (of caurse- this is fairly expencive, but if nothing else works this should do it) But remember- She has to be convinced, not forced to reallow you to buy Legos.
  11. Very well put. I think that it is fine to be a TFOL, but it shouldn't be obvious, it might some of the not so mature ones out there- and yes there are some, I've met some of them- get the idea in there heads to bypass the age restriction. And yes I am a TFOL. Just we should all be mature, and not be affended by anything posted here, we were the ones who chose to join, even after seeing the warning. I think this topic should be closed, there is no longer a point to it.
  12. ZoL

    Hi, i'm Lego12

    Hey, welcome.
  13. ZoL

    The Eurobricks Gazette

    This is an idea that I had. Each week (or two) I will post a summory of that week's news, either of Lego, or of Eurobricks. I can't promise one every week, but I'll try to post as frequantly as possable. What do you think? Is it a lousy idea? Issue 1 will be out by next week. please comment on my idea, or if you would like to suggest any news
  14. ZoL

    Lego Death Star 10188 - Pics at last!

    Ahh... To say the least I'm dissapointed, 16 of those people are either remakes or rereleases of the same person. Of those, 10 are exactly the same (minus tan color :hmpf_bad: , and in the case of IG-88, color) Also, it is obviously the 1st death star, but it has 2nd DS rooms? It should be one or the other. But something I like, the Tie advanced "hangs" from the hanger roof.
  15. ZoL

    "The Tie Army Wants YOU"

    (Alderaan) Ailyn! Get this craft into the orbit, now! Sir, the Imp. control is not giving us clearence, something about a enemy of the state somewhere around here. Ship registry 5099022364, or Victor's Birth, please open all doors and prepare for an inspection to procede immediatly Okay, do as they say, we've got nothing to hide, but send a repeating signol to all ships coming in, say to stay away. Done sir.