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  1. badbob001

    Winter Village Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Is that a rhetorical question? Speaking of Batman, why haven't we gotten a Christmas at the Waynes advent calendar set?
  2. badbob001

    Winter Village Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    That chimney gives me an idea. How about a house where santa can land on the roof and then you pop him into the top of the chimney, do a twist of some part, and from the fireplace magically appears santa, slightly covered with soot. And when he pops back up, he is magically clean again.
  3. badbob001

    Lego a Christmas Carol

    Is using the Bill Murray likeness a tie in with his Scrooged movie?
  4. badbob001

    Harry Potter 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    Who else thinking they need to purchase a second DA just so they can closed off the back-side of each building?
  5. I just finished building 70657 Ninjago City Docks and noticed one build step that made no sense. In step 510, there are these two 1x1 pink round plates: In step 514, a stack of two 1x2 plates are put next to the previous pink round plates. Finally in step 525, the center roof piece is placed on top of the stack of 1x2 plates. So what is the purpose of the two pink 1x1 round plates if nothing is resting on them? It's not decorative since they are completely hidden. Could this be just a mistake in the design? With these large sets, I suspect mistakes are possible. Are there other sets that would have steps that had no purpose?
  6. badbob001

    75267 Mandalorian Battle Pack minifigure gender?

    When comparing with Sabine Wren, I see that her visor is shaped more like a Y, which matches the "female" visors from the pack. The "male" visors are shaped like a T. The visor style makes more sense than the placement of the rangefinder.
  7. In the bricklink listing of 75267 Mandalorian Battle Pack, it shows two of the mandalorians to be male and two to be female. The individual minifigure parts do not mention male or female. So what is the source of the gender of these figures? Or is this basically fanfic of someone at bricklink? It seems like having a rangefinder on the helmet or not affects the gender. Is the rangefinder like earrings... where there is meaning to which side it's on?
  8. I just realized that the dimensions of some these blocks is slightly off. The scale is x3, so compared to a normal brick, the giant brick would be 3x on width, length, and height. So the expected height is 3 bricks if measuring to the base of the studs on top, but here it's 3 1/3 bricks high (one plate too much). So for the picture frame set, only the blue one is scaled correctly.
  9. I looked at the instructions for 40173 and the stacked bricks are just for show as the blue/green brick is hollow through to the bottom. At least lego is consistent as the 2x2 red and blue bricks are the exact same height as my 2x4 brick.
  10. I have three of these but was disappointed that they can't really be stacked because the bottom is not compatible with the studs on top. Has anyone made a mod of this to fix this? One idea I'm thinking about is: 1) Inverting the studs on the bottom like this (is there a more secure way now?): 2) Line the bottom edges with panels. I hope the panels are deep enough to seamlessly accept the 2-plate deep studs from the top. But it's likely the fit will be a bit loose.
  11. badbob001

    10264 Corner Garage

    I got two of the copies of the Corner Garage. If I build both, can I take the middle two floors from one and add them to the other, making a building with 5 floors (ground floor)? And then with the remaining ground floor, can I put the left-over roof piece directly on top of it?
  12. badbob001

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I think this may be the first modular where you need some modifications of a second set to increase the height of the buildings. Specifically for the teal building, the additional middle floors will need the front and rear doors removed (eg changed to windows possibly). Also, this is also the first modular where the name is just one word. So it's 'Bookshop' instead of 'Book Shop'. This does sidestep the abbreviation problem of it being known as BS. First mod would be to add more books to the bookshop. I mean floor-to-ceiling shelves of books on all walls, under the counter, behind the counter, and even under the stairs if not already.
  13. badbob001

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Won't that look like the diner?
  14. badbob001

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    There is a computer in the town hall.
  15. badbob001

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I agree, especially if an old type bookstore would NOT have a built-in cafe. I'm thinking of an used book shop where it's more like a messy museum/attic than a place to get the latest best seller. Maybe like the bookstore from The Neverending Story movie or from the Good Omens mini-series. And we'll definitely need a secret room to the most private of private collections, which includes books in chains.