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  1. A man after my own heart. (Except for the bit about Patrick Tull. I'm a Simon Vance or John Lee guy myself. ;-)I thought you were recounting my journey to this great site with your brief "History of Kurigan."

  2. Sorry Blackbeard didn't see this until just now (obviously lol) but yes. It's from the film. I wanted to go with a quotation from the books but I didn't think enough people would recognize it, and I wanted something that would help people understand the name if they didn't get it right away.

  3. Yeah, Blackbeard I don't know the requirements since they all are particular to the person. If you do or say something noteworthy and a mod takes notice they may give you a "title." There's a lot more involved, but it's something you earn whilst not trying to earn it, if that makes sense. ;)