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  1. It's a combination of standard LEGO pieces. There are three pieces for the whole thing: Blade, Shaft, and End-Cap.
  2. Foremast Jack

    WIP Scale Black Pearl

    It's great that you were able to post all those additional photos, but they are WAY too big. 800x600 is maximum. Please resize when you can.
  3. Foremast Jack

    Privateer Hornet

    I don't know about ease of use, but what caught my eye and caused my inquiry is the fact that it obviously has the old ship bow and stern pieces. Something that I've needed in LDD desperately. (At least I don't believe they are available in LDD.)
  4. Foremast Jack

    Privateer Hornet

    Looks pretty good. You might want to resize the pictures to the Eurobricks forum maximum of 800x600 though. This isn't LDD is it?
  5. Foremast Jack

    Brickington Sails Forth!

    All the Monty Python references are so great I think I'll be watching ...and the Holy Grail again tonight, for the billionth time.
  6. Foremast Jack

    Questions about the Islanders and building ideas

    But as seen at 2:57 in episode 3 of the great series chronicling the exploits of Brickington clearly Pterodactyls aren't.
  7. Foremast Jack

    Brickington Sails Forth!

    Great series so far Duck! (I'm only half way through so far.) I was quite surprised at how good the voice acting actually is.
  8. Foremast Jack

    Redcoat Outpost

    In the stomach? It looks much worse to me than that. Nice MOC. I like that the guard won and not the pirate.
  9. Foremast Jack

    White Myst

    Great little ship! As everyone has said, "The water looks great!" I really like the way you fit the broadside in there. Looks daunting from the exterior but then doesn't take up space inside so we can see the beautiful decks.
  10. Foremast Jack

    MOC: Burg Stolzenstein - Robin Hood

    So many great things about this MOC. The pure verdancy of the over-head shot is amazing and I particularly like to the roots on the fallen tree just to name a couple.
  11. Foremast Jack

    My Grande Armèe

    Thanks for the tutorial link Ducadi. It's crazy to think off all the work you have been putting in for each piece you make.
  12. Foremast Jack

    Misplaced and Removed Bricks

    Thanks for all the responses guys.
  13. Foremast Jack

    Golden age of Classic Pirates

    Such eloquence!
  14. Foremast Jack

    My First LDD... AT-AT minifig scale!

    Whilst using a combination of light and dark grey pieces on Star Wars sets is common, if you're solely doing it to help distinguish single pieces I would suggest that you go into "Edit" - "Preferences" and check the "Outline on Bricks". This will make it SO much easier to do what you're trying by varying colour. (You should note that the outline function taxes your system a little more, but it isn't usually noticeable (for me at least) until you break the 15,000 brick mark inside a single project.) I use a secondary programme called "LDD Manager" but with the update that was just released I know some sort of parts-list function was added but I'm not sure how to access it. I think it was something like you have to create the building instructions then after that is complete there is an option to view pieces.
  15. Foremast Jack

    [MOC] 7965 FALCON

    Your falcon looks great! Slightly off-topic perhaps, but seems fitting enough. As someone who's wholly ignorant of most LEGO Star Wars sets; how does this Falcon set compare to the UCS one. I ask in terms of size. I can see from photos that the UCS obviously has a lot more details, but it's hard to get a sense of scale. Is the UCS drastically larger?
  16. Foremast Jack

    Fate of bullet

    I like the hands on the spear-shaft.
  17. Foremast Jack

    Frigate in progress

    I don't know. Every time I go back to a ship I've been working on in LDD I find something to "improve." I honestly think it'll never be done till I just build the damn thing in real life.
  18. Foremast Jack

    X Marks The Spot!

    I knew it had to be bananas. Too bad for the crew they weren't golden bananas. Which chest-piece is that on the mini-fig with the green cap? (His face kills me! He's so disappointed with that banana.)
  19. Foremast Jack

    Frigate in progress

    They have maintenance every so often, but it should say it's down for maintenance if that's the case. Took a look at the model again, and yes you're right it's pretty steep.
  20. Foremast Jack

    Roman Turtle

    The commander and standard bearer look like dark-red, but the rest look like regular red. That's just how it looks to me though.
  21. Foremast Jack

    UCS Super Star Destroyer 10221: A build and review

    Great review! You had me laughing at every turn.
  22. Foremast Jack

    Legionaries Ready!

    The columns look great! It reminds me of the senate house door from ROME where Marc Antony had Cicero's hands nailed after his execution. While that's not exactly historically accurate would be funny to see a pair of mini-fig hands up there. I think he was being facetious. But yes they did make a gladius if you were unaware ACPin.
  23. Foremast Jack

    Red Rock City

    I seriously doubt anyone is ignoring you. You have to realize that "wild west" is a niche and so there are only going to be so many people that even come into this thread to check it out. Complaining like a child to get attention for your work doesn't help at all either. About to download the LXF and check it out.
  24. Foremast Jack

    Lost Glory

    Great boat! Apart form the technique the colour scheme is perfect for the Islanders. I am a bit disappointed though... no sea-monster for this entry?!
  25. Foremast Jack

    Frigate in progress

    I think it's too high now, but it's not that bad... so keep it if you want. I lol'd. I do agree with Frank on the lamps, they seem a bit large with this size of ship.