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  1. Nobleman

    Hammers, Maces and Mauls

    Sometimes, you need a bigger hammer to get your point across. These hammers are for those occasions: (I hope image won't be too big) I, myself, am more of a halberd/spear/pike person. If weapons like that are welcome in this thread, I could add a few of them too.
  2. Nobleman

    Im new here and have question

    Indeed incredible videos. You put a lot more details into them than most people I have saw. Also, hello
  3. Nobleman

    What was the last movie you watched?

    Alice in Wonderland. I watched pretty much all of Depp's movies and this wasn't going to be an exception.
  4. Nobleman

    Sets Highly Sought After

    852293-1: Castle Giant Chess Set Now that is one expensive set. I read it was for 200$ from LEGO shop, now it costs 700-1000$ (ebay, amazon, some other shops) and it's not on Bricklink. I wish my dark age ended earlier. I would have bought it in a heartbeat. I guess it's so expensive now because of low set number, pieces, and of course a classy item to have regarless you are into lego or not. Most of buyers probably will keep this for themselves.
  5. Nobleman

    What are you listening to?

    Epic Action & Adventure Vol. 8 while contemplating what to build and which parts I need most. An example:
  6. Nobleman

    Minifigure Printing Detail

    New minifigure prints indeed look very good, though I only like few of new faces. My only gripe with most them is that they are detailed to the point that now each figure [face print] has it's own character. And when those figures bring their own character into my city/pirates/castle/space, that means I can hardly set my chosen personalities to them without completely disregarding how they look. Old ones were much simpler, and of course there was more room for your imagination to run wild.
  7. Nobleman

    Review - 4527 Joker

    Out of three Super Hero action figures I like this one the least. Face is ugly and gun is ridiculous. Not to mention shoe color. My theory is that designers specifically designed this one to be least likable so kids could dish out punishment with hero figures without any consideration for Joker's wellbeing.
  8. Nobleman

    Encylopedia Dramatica

    Used to visit ED quite often few years ago. I liked articles that were dark, yet very creatively and humorously written. Interest faded when I couldn't find anything like that anymore and everything I read was rehashed memes again and again with overused jokes and hate speech without any actually entertaining stuff. I would suggest to look into Uncyclopedia. It's like ED minus a lot of hate, porn and plain disgusting stuff. If you like dick jokes mixed with actual information, try Cracked online megazine/humor site. *saves nude Suicide Girl lying with bricks found on ED's LEGO page*
  9. Bought an Advent calendar for my girlfriend on the last day of November. She assembled it the next day cause she was really impatient . I also bought Whitecap Bay and it is on the way from Amazon. She really wanted that one (she thought that mermaids from the movie were stunningly gorgeous). Though I wonder if I should give it to her right away or tease her all the way till christmas or even till new year .
  10. Nobleman

    21102 LEGO CUUSOO Minecraft

    Threads merged, new info, EDIT!: Seems I completely misunderstood what it's going to be. LEGO video game similar to minecraft would have been awesome, not so sure about Minecraft turning into LEGO. ...would we get square-y minifigs too? :D
  11. Hello everyone! My name's Vlad. (Suddenly! A wall of text appears!) I used to be an avid LEGO builder when I was a kid, playing all the time, each day, for weeks, months and years to no end. LEGO was the only thing I wanted, the only thing I ever needed since I got my first set at the age of 3. And that continued well into my early teens, when I reached the pinnacle of what can I do with what I have - a huge, modular spaceship. It had 3 modules: nose/pilot cabin, crew quarters, tail with a cargo bay. You could put nose together with a tail and it would fit seamlessly. I utilized parts with pins for that, which was quite magical stuff for me back then :D How big was that spaceship? Over a meter in length, and about half meter wide, it could fit over 30 minifigs, 2 jeeps and equipment boxes and there would be space for more. It could be placed on wheels (and it had over 40 wheels) or stand upright for launch. And it was that - the best and biggest I could build. I used almost everything I had to make it. I didn't want to take it apart. It was too good to be taken apart. And so it just stood there, on display, for a few years. Then came time to move to a different apartment. To my horror, one side of the spaceship changed color from the sun. I put it in a huge box, together with all the crew that were still smiling with their amazing little faces and other parts and personally carried it to the new place, where it was stored away from everything that could harm it. "I'll be back" I said. And it sat there, too important to live, too good to die... With that, I entered my dark ages. Fast forward almost a decade. A few months ago I was sorting my old stuff and this little guy (there was an url, which I can't post yet) fell out from one of the boxes through a hole. Upon exploring further I rediscovered my forgotten treasure. All my LEGO people were still sitting there, still smiling, still waiting for me to return. Childhood memories zerg-rushed me and I wept like a little girl apologizing to little plastic men and women for not coming back sooner. And then I took spaceship apart. Without death there would be no life, without destruction there would be no creation and while it was, my passion couldn't be. And with that dark ages ended, and age of enlightenment began. But now I'm a grown man who has his own money for LEGO. Phew, feels good to share that with someone. I came across this site looking for some building techniques. So, HI! I'll be sticking around. PS: most of the minifig faces look awful nowadays. How did this trend start? PPS: English is my third language, I apologize if I'm unclear about something or seem unfriendly. PPPS: I should make a LEGO nobleman of some sort for the avatar, now that I think of it. But eh, camera doesn't work.