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  1. salty tbone

    Kingdoms 2012?

    Not sure why I originally replied to a four-month old post. Anyway, I was surprised to see Kingdom sets disappear so quickly. I just put together my Mill Village Raid that I was lucky enough to find on clearance. It's such a fun set. I'm at least glad that the MMV is separate from the Kingdom purge.
  2. I absolutely love the set and think it's one of Lego's best values in years. The minifigs, the cows, the turkey, the great selection of parts. I think buying one is a great start if you want to use it for MOCs, then go from there. (If I could afford 12, I would definitely buy 12.) As it is, I'm trying to save up to buy a couple more soon in case they disappear.
  3. salty tbone

    REVIEW: 5985 - Space Police Central

    The laser guns/torches look like a new piece in the latest space police sets, but I haven't actually read anybody talk about them. Bricklink inventory still lists them as the old version, but in the picks they definitely look shorter. Am I missing something?
  4. salty tbone

    REVIEW: 7566 Farmer

    Thank you for the review of this cute set. I love the pig, and like others I wish there were two and no dog. Still, it is the first impulse set I've bought in a while. BTW, Lego raised the price of these sets to US $4, although TRU as you mentioned feels the need to raise it even higher.
  5. salty tbone

    REVIEW: Prince of Persia 7569 Desert Attack

    I have to agree with the people who say the value of this set transcends price-to-piece ratio. I'm so happy Lego released this set so I can get many of these new pieces/figs in a cheap set.
  6. salty tbone

    CLASSIC Review: 6080 King's Castle

    Thanks for the wonderful review for a wonderful castle. I still remember my brother getting this set for Christmas and spending a good part of the day building it. It made our yellow castle instantly second-rate. The portcullis has always been my favorite castle entrance. Still, I can't help thinking that if this set were released today some people would complain that it's too <insert that tiresome argument>.
  7. salty tbone

    Review 8191 Lavatraz

    Thank you for the detailed review. I like the vending machine, maybe even more because of the total randomness. I think it's time we got some more currency tiles, though. Poor guys are getting bilked paying $100 for a cool drink!
  8. salty tbone

    Castle Sets 2010

    I can see that, too, but I'm excited for these sets. As long as they don't do anything similar to Power Rangers Knight's Kingdom, I'm happy.
  9. salty tbone

    VIP Program Release info

    I noticed that, too, although now it's a simpler dollar-to-point conversion where you don't have to spend in multiples of $25 to get a stamp. The only thing I usually get at Lego stores are Pick-a-brick cups, so now I don't have to think about "Well if I spend another $10 I'll get a stamp."
  10. salty tbone

    Ben 10 discussion thread

    Like clockwork with new themes, one blurry unofficial pic is found and AFOLs have cast judgment and declared failure.
  11. salty tbone

    The lego Company Service Quality

    I've had nothing but wonderful experiences with Lego's customer service. I once bought a Castle Siege that was missing 20+ pieces but had duplicates of others. It was odd because I had too many skeleton heads and shields but no torsos or weapons. (Everything had been sealed and I triple checked everything.) When I was filling out the lengthy replacement request, I thought "I really hope they believe me" because I was missing numerous special pieces (axe heads, jewels, etc.). But they sent me the missing pieces without question. That goes a long way. They treated me like an honest customer (which I am), and for that I am loyal to their product and willing to forgive rare mistakes.
  12. salty tbone

    The end of LEGO Pirates by mid 2010

    It's at times like these that I'm reminded that the beauty of Lego is that if official sets are not released, we can always build our own. Just a thought for those on the proverbial ledge.
  13. salty tbone

    PAB in TRU?

    very true (on all counts -- KoP is a great store. be sure to always ask if they have any other bricks not yet in the bins. they usually do). The PAB requires constant attention which is much easier in a Lego store than a large Toys R Us. I would love more access to Pick-a-brick, but it likely won't happen.
  14. salty tbone

    Robotech : Valkyrie & Alpha Fighter

    Wonderful likeness. Like everyone else, I'm floored that you managed to keep the scale and shape, yet still transform!
  15. salty tbone

    Review: 852751 Pirates Chess Set

    Thanks for the nice review and pictures. I feel bad for the pawn forced to go into battle with just a fish.