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  1. cartoondude

    For Sale Only at BW: Cyborg Infiltrator Fig with BrickArms Minigun

    I'm pretty sure it the Longslide from Terminator.
  2. cartoondude

    For Sale Only at BW: Cyborg Infiltrator Fig with BrickArms Minigun

    So insanely awesome! I wish that I was going to Brickworld. I love the Minigun, and that Longslide is beautiful. Any chance of that you'll make more for Brickcon this year?
  3. cartoondude

    And Stay Out!

    I'm Laughing right now. Funny vig. By the way, I like your signature.
  4. cartoondude

    Old Motorcycle Returning?

    All normal people see with there nose. The motorcycle in that set looks like a completely new one altogether.
  5. cartoondude

    The Battle of Galaneshiam Sibis

    In micro scale. A non-canon planet that I created. This planet has a low atmosphere level perfect for an anti-spacecraft fort. The warlike Ionians that dwell on this planet are joining with the Republic forces and pummeling the CIS with laser fire. Venator-class Star Destroyer by TLC, Munificent-class star frigate built by me. Click this line for more and other creations Thanks!
  6. cartoondude

    VBBN's custom smilies request thread.

    Could you please make me a barfing smilie.
  7. cartoondude

    What was the last set you got in 2008?

    My last set of 08 was the Brick Master Venator Class Star Destroyer and my first of O9 will hopefully be Ahsoka's star fighter vs Vulture Droid which i might get today for my birthday.
  8. cartoondude

    Happy New Year!

    Who called in the pyrotechnician? :skull: Happy New Year!!! And today (January 1st) is my birthday!! Crappy picture but I am going to be building a New year vig tomorrow. Note: Cobblestones by SirNadroj.
  9. cartoondude

    TRADE: Racer X torso, Dracula hair

    I will give you both the hair and the torso for the gray Darth Vaders head in this pic of yours: and the red guard headpiece in this pic: But if you don't want to give up both thats ok.
  10. cartoondude

    Happy New Years!

    Still 2008 here in California. Another 3 hours.
  11. cartoondude

    Tentacle Grape

    It looks kind of good.
  12. cartoondude

    Review: 20007 Mini Venator

    I cant wait to get this set. Nice review.
  13. cartoondude


    Use chewing gum or something sticky.
  14. cartoondude

    Winter Skin

  15. cartoondude

    2x2 Jumper

    Saw this 2009 set and noticed that the tiles at the bottom of the signs look like a new 2x2 jumper pice. What do you think?