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  1. Sweet! Well done design. It looks great and very recognizable as a Toyota Land Cruiser. I really like the option of removing the soft top. Inspiration come in strange ways
  2. barman

    Project Shipyard

    Great work gentlemen. It is well worth all the energy that when into this model and project. A wonderful ship and the box art and booklet are amazing.
  3. barman

    [MINI] Hotrod

    Sweet ride indeed. The engine is a great point of detail. I really like the front tires with the rim sticking out like that, it fits perfectly with the Hotrod theme.
  4. barman

    [MINI] 8852 Robot

    That's the problem with rushing thinks to get it done... Well spotted For the people how want to build one there own, here is the LDD file link. You mist replace the light gray 5L cross axle in the HOG steering with the cross axle with stop.
  5. barman

    [MINI] 8852 Robot

    Thanks guys. Yes, it's going to be difficult choosing the best entry, there are so many awesome models. I do have a couple of favorites, but still it's a hard choice. Tonight I will start making building instructions for the mini robot. Depending on to time I have (still have a lot to do for the upcoming events), but It would be great if I could build a couple of models and show them on Skaerbaek and Legoworld the Netherland.
  6. barman

    [MINI] Submarine

    Another great Pneumatic entry It looks good and the functions are perfect for this model. I think that de extra valve wasn't necessary. Pneumatic follows basicly the way of less resistant. The claw will shut first before there is enough pressure to lift the boom. This would reduce the parts and could be used for some extra detail of function. Although..., the boom will drop once it's over it point of gravity. that will change the pressure in the system and will release the barrel before it is over the hole...
  7. Very cool entry. Nice style and the colors just work.
  8. barman

    [MINI] Forklift Truck

    great entry. I love de dubble function of the lift controling gear. Impressive to get a compleet working forklift below 200 parts. Just keep in mind that you can only use 1 promo photo. In the entry topic you posted about 4 pictures of the MOC. Try to get this down to 1. You can reduce you picture by jus 1 photo per function and using arrows that point both ways. Good luck, there is just a little bit of time left befor closing.
  9. barman

    [MINI] 8852 Robot

    Poeh... Cutting it a bit close, but finally was able to make the official entry. Mini 8852 by Barman76, on Flickr IMG_7763 by Barman76, on Flickr I am very happy with the end result of the promo photo. This is for me the first time I edited photo's using layers an other neat stuff. This toke a lot of hours getting to know the program and even more time editing all the photo's. Getting the photo's right wasn't as easy as I though. There have been many re-shoots to get the different photo to overlay properly. Fixing the back axle and steering was a great help in reducing the movement of the car during transformation. Thanks to Jim and the rest of the Eurobricks team for making this possible and :thumbup: for all the great entries, making this competition a smashing success
  10. 41. Mini Robot (8852) Entry name: Mini 8852 Robot Part count: 197 pcs Functions: - Steering (HOG) - Convert from vehicle to robot and back - Movable arms Promotional image Mini 8852 by Barman76, on Flickr Parts list IMG_7763 by Barman76, on Flickr Link to topic
  11. barman

    [MOC] Volksrod

    Wow, that looks great. Good job on the shape of the body. It's very recognizable as a Beetle. Looks very sporting.
  12. barman

    [MINI] Sno-Cat

    Absolutely great entry. Nice to see a tracked vehicle in this competition. His big brother is also very impressive.
  13. barman

    [MINI] Trial Truck 8 Wheeler

    congrets on all your firsts. The promo is also nicely done.
  14. I like it that you can hand out points in stead of just picking the best. This is a little less hard to pick the best ones. For me the best Technic competition ever with so many enteries and high quality models.
  15. barman

    [MINI] V2 Motorbike

    Wonderful mini motor. For my taste there are a bit to many system parts used for a Technic model, but they do make it look great. Very cool.
  16. barman

    [MINI] Quad Bike

    Just a very funny and cute little quad bike. It is perfect for the competition.
  17. barman

    [MINI] Street Sweeper WIP

    I like it a lot! Very well designed model and great functions as well. Impressive that you lost more than 50 parts and made it look even better.
  18. barman

    SBrick General Discussion

    Very interesting project. The Sbrick would do wonders for PF models. It is a vast improvement. I made my pladge.
  19. barman


    I had the pleasure of seening this on Legoworld the Netherlands last year. In 2013 I made something simulair, but this was way to bulky and didn't work. I was absolutely amazed when I saw that you actually did it and seeing the inside just very simple, making the most out of the pneumatics. Simple but genius!!! Already told you that this inpired me to use this system to make my former project working. Good luck making this MOC better and smaller. I just know this must be possible.
  20. Hi everyone, It been a while since I posted something. Last year (2012) I made some MOCs, but never took the time making photos and video's. Now I'm slowly making up for lost time. I will be posting the new MOCs here To start off, here is my latest. My first Mindstorms project, a Robotic Humanoid Hand. Displayed on Lego Fanwelt, Cologne Germany, for the first time in working order. On Lego Fanweekend I had the fingers connected to the palm of the hand. On Legoworld Zwolle The Netherlands I had the hand completed. On Fanwelt is was done. My buddy NXTchris helped me explaining how the programming of a Mindstorms MOC works. He programmed the waving and I later edited giving the thumb. And a Youtube video Looking forward to your replies
  21. barman

    Barman's MOCs

    Thanks guys I think i'll put in a micro motor for just that extra bit of power
  22. barman

    [MINI] 8852 Robot

    Thanks guys. Mediocre ones come up with good idea's all the time. The gifted learn form them as well If you mean the thing in the back ground, that is a arm module for a star fighter thingy transformer. This is one of my first arm prototypes which has been laying around for a couple of years now. About 2 weeks ago I was playing with it and decided to make the left one as well to see the bigger picture. It was just in the frame. I have quit a view of (old) idea's laying on the corner of my desk...
  23. barman

    Ripsaw XL

    Aaah crap... You beat me to it... hahaha. The tracks seems to be working very well in a large vehicle like this. The suspension is unique and works wonderful, all thanks to the Howe brothers. The canon is just a great extra to finish the model. Mine version seriously lacks power, so I have to use the RC motor as well to give it the speed to make it interesting. I do have to say thanks, because your last tracked vehicle inspired me to make the Ripsaw. Also thanks when it comes to your video's. mahjqa, ZBLJ and you are my inspiration for making out-door video's. I hope to finish my first one shortly.