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  1. The competition rules are pretty heavy. Almost the same as on the Inside Tour I did in 2009. Of course nobody build with those rule in mind, only a stupid Dutch guy... The others where just putting as much special parts in there models as possible. Back on topic. Yes, it does look a bit skinny. The original set had that as well, but because it's studded and the components are better in scale with each other. That's pretty much the problem with small/medium sized studless models, they are more skeleton and basicly have less detailing compared to studded. Looking at the rules of the competition, you did a very good job. It clearly shouts 8842 The only think I don't like is the diff. kart's don't have diff's. So it would have been better the power the cylinder motor by one wheel, just like the original
  2. WOW, this is absolutly amazing Great working model, the functions are all working wonderful and good looks too.I think the best garbage truck I have seen so far. It would make the model perfect is you are able to make de 2 pneumatic functions 100% remote controled by using 2 auto-valves. Herhaps you can use the extra channel for the cab tilt. Cabines are always tilted by hand, so you could simple power the tilt function through a PF switch where a pneumatic switch now sits.
  3. I am just cleaning up the drool Amazing work Blakbird. Thank you so much
  4. barman


    Thanks for making this happen I will change my links from Brickshelf to MOCplans. For people this is better way to go through the pictures than on Brickshelf. A Very nice feature to view or download instructions for free.
  5. Boy, this was hard! I couldn't get a top 5, there are just to many entries that I like. Here is my vote. 3: 2 6: 2 7: 1 9: 2 16: 1 22: 2 24: 1 26: 3 29: 1 31: 3 47: 1 52: 1
  6. barman

    [MINI] Robot arm

    As promised, here are my small improvements on the robotarm IMG_7891 by Barman76, on Flickr IMG_7892 by Barman76, on Flickr IMG_7893 by Barman76, on Flickr It was fun to build and the solution of getting 3 functions through a turntable is great.
  7. barman

    Mini Tatra 8x8

    Like always, great work Some very nice features in the suspension and steering. The 9L link is a wonderful and simple solution for suspension. It look very light accept the brick build cab
  8. Like always, just 2 steps ahead of me Yes the voting is going to give me headaches
  9. This is going to be a nightmare counting all the points not to mention the errors that can occur. Wouldn't it be better if everyone copied the list (giving every entry "0" point in the first post as a standard) from the first post and just edit the zero to the number of points? The voter can even make his points placed in [bold]. Jim can than copy every post list in an Excel sheet for easy counting an less room for error? I don't know if this is a good solution???
  10. Good idea! With this you get an objective view on the entries and the competition would be a bit more fair a guess? It will definitely help the voters.
  11. Yesterday the 42030 came in. Sorted all the parts out last evening and today I will start building it and take it apart for modifications. I really don't like the steering, that will be replaced with 2 mini AL's and a M-motor. I will also built the B-model with my own parts and heavily modify it to a 6x6 dumptruck. Both sets will be displayed at Legoworld the Netherlands. In the kids section they can play with the real 42030 sets and at my stand they can see what is possible with extra parts to motivate them as well. Last year was a success with my modified Unimog and Jurgen Krooshoop's PF 42009.
  12. barman

    [MINI] Robot arm

    I had a good look at the LDD file and now I get how you can have 3 outputs through a turntable. I also noticed that you could remove a couple of parts that aren't needed. - The 3L liftarm thick light gray with the pin connector in the base that holds the 2 gear can be removed (it is also an illegal connection ). replace the 2 2L axles with a 3L with stop stud on the bottom through the 2 triangles and a 4L with stop above. - on the boom the 3L connector dark gray, 1 universal joint and replace the 3L and 4L axle with a 8L axle. The extra part could be edit to strengthen the wobbly base Right now I am building this model. I think it's the colors that make this model so fun. Reminds me a bit of an education set.
  13. barman

    [MINI] Astromech

    very cool! Amazing job.
  14. barman

    [MINI] 8852 Robot

    I know, but this part is a bit ugly in the model. Last week I got the order in from Bricks&Pieces (S@H) with the new Technic parts and replaced the 2 pin connector with the 1 pin version. This part is too new for LDD so I used the older one. Most people will have this part. With this I am keeping the instructions with general parts. I am going to make a picture instructions on Flickr and there I will show that both parts can be used. It all depends on the builder what parts he/she has in his/her collection. I just give the options. If you paid attention to my entry you see that I didn't redo the parts list with the new part. I just wasn't in the mood for that...
  15. Hi all, I got really existed about this Mini model competition, so yesterday I started working out my idea: a mini or redux of the 8852 robot from 1987. This is one of my favourite sets. Here are the photo's of my first try. So far been fiddling with the main function and I think I'm close. The use of the bent liftarm is not an ideal solution, but for now good enough the show you that it works. 8852 Redux-1a by Barman76, on Flickr 8852 Redux-1b by Barman76, on Flickr I would really like the put steering in the model, but I think this will make it go over the 200 parts. The solution of the sliding front axle works very well. It moves the 6 studs, the original set only 4. To be continued...
  16. barman

    [MINI] Robot arm

    Nice The rotating is a bit to fast for good control the arm. Try to reduce the the M-motor moving it 3 or 4 studs back and fit in a gearbox with at least 1:3 reduction of higher.
  17. Because the competition is hot right now one week will do. 2 Weeks standard is good for the next competition.
  18. I was just wondering about the next step , the voting. I assume that there will come a voting topic with all the entries, when the deadline closes. Jim talked about a point system. each voter gets 10 points to give away. You can put it all on one entry or give the best entries a couple of points (something like: 4 points for the best entry, 3 for the next, then 2 for #3 and 1 point for #4). I thought I read something about a voting time of 2 weeks, but I could be misstaken??? It would be great to hear the end result somewhere around the 15th of August. Perhaps Sunday the 17th? Just thinking out-loud
  19. The final entry is wonderful. Just nice to see the work in progress you made and improving the model quiet a bit The container is indeed a bit to small, but getting it under 200 parts, I think you made a good call.
  20. barman

    [MINI] Robot arm

    Great, this time it's not a vehicle Basic idea that has been done so many time already, but making this under 200 parts is impressive. I'm still trying to figher out how you got 3 function through a turntable. I know it is possible, but I think I have to build it to understand Love the colorfulness. On a side note: I are only alowed to enter with 1 promotional photo, so I think it is wise to remove the PF version in the entry topic and just let it show here that it can be combined with the powerpack.
  21. barman

    [MINI] Tilt Rotor Aircraft

    Very nice and interesting entry. Nice improvements and I really like the mechanism of the rotors tilt and landing gear. Colors are great too.
  22. barman

    [MINI] Retro Car

    Great model. Simple in design but it has that real car feeling, because of the color, iconic details and a specially the nice lines and curves. There are many great entries, but I think this is an easy top 5 entry...
  23. barman

    [MINI] Trial Truck 8 Wheeler

    Thanks man!
  24. barman

    [WIP] Mustang Rebuild

    Looking good so far. I really like the front suspension, very well designed