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    [MOC] Walking Tank (Hexapod)

    Oooh, I love this one. Really good enginering on the turning system. Simple but very effective. The hidden canons are a nice touch, but I really like the opening cabine. It is a very nice inspiration for me. I am going to start designing my own walker. I already made a small demo version of the walking system for 1 leg. This is still the first version, so I will probably have to redesign it a couple of times to get it working the way I like it. It could be possible to intergrate your system into mine and make the walker walk even better. So thanks
  2. This is already an epic scale model, but with the stickers it really makes it pop!!!. Absolutely amazing to look at.
  3. barman

    [MOC] Simple Supercar

    Beautiful super car. The colors are... dare I say it... perfect! Simple as in straight forward I think, because it doesn't look simple constructed. Congrets on a wonderful Super car.
  4. barman


    It took me a hole week to modify all the photo's of Brick 2015 London, but here you go. Because there were so many great models and buildings present, it was hard to sort out the photo's making the list not to long. I ended up with about 320 photo's. Enjoy!
  5. barman

    Great Western Brick Show (Steam) 2015

    I was there for the first time. Great location and a impressive event. It was nice to meet some of you guys and girls. Here are my photo's
  6. barman

    [WIP] Mining Dumper

    Looking very good so far. You need the slow drive for high torque. With the dump bed this is going to be a heavy model uploaded. With load it will weigh even more. You need the torque ;)
  7. Voted Thanks to all entries. It was great to see so many different takes on the rules. I didn't vote on the experts, just because it wouldn't be fair and they would take away the points from the other good entries. They don't win prices, so..... For the experts Erik leppen would have had my vote, very very closely followed by MajklSpajkl's Sandstormer. Erik just did it a bit more fro me, because of the smooth looking truck. It is a surprice what is going to happen and the very compact build appealed to me. The voting was difficult, but JamesJT's Moby-Brick is the winner for me. In both forms very good and sleak looking vehicles. Very interesting PF powered conversion techniques and nice weaponry. I was a bit surpriced that James wasn't placed in the expert class??? O well.
  8. 14: 10 9: 6 15: 4 4: 3 11: 2 18: 1
  9. There is a lot of stuff happening here. Very cool. Massive weapons on a touring bus. NICE! Only one think that bugs me. The rules say you can use some system parts for detailing, but you build the lower side of the body almost completely out of system parts. I don't know if that is allowed??? Still, it is a great entry!
  10. Great improvements. The body is so much better. I like the front suspension.
  11. barman

    Gladiator Race Truck

    Very interesting front suspension. Nice aggressive look of the truck.
  12. barman

    [TC7] Bandits - Blightmaw

    Looks very funny with all the round flowing lines and colors. The transformation is great, very fast which will be a surprise for the Enforcers. Not mess with this little buggy.
  13. barman

    [TC7] Enforcers - Valuable Transport

    Just EPIC! Great entry. Good looks combined with a high technique model. Amazing you where able to get it so compact. It feels like a Ultra Agents set. A little bit of a same that it takes so long to fold open, but the outer shell is pretty heavy that gearing down is necessary and that makes thing go slow. God luck in the competition. The competition is heavy with so many great entries.
  14. barman

    [TC7] Bandits - Jurassic Revenge

    This is so funny, it good! Very creative and wonderful idea.
  15. barman

    [TC7] Bandits - The Sandstormer

    Epic build! Really BADASS vehicle(s) I like the 2 into 1 idea and the bulk build. Rough & Tough. There is some great engineering gone into this build. Very very cool. Video is great.
  16. barman

    [TC7] Enforcers - Swift Justice

    Nice to see that someone did take it to this level. Good designed transforming jet into a mecha. The only thing missing is a big @ss gun ;)
  17. Your tanks are getting better everytime. The firing mechanism is simple, compact and working very good. I was personally very suppired that the rifle also moved. Very good solution clambing the 2 half disks between 2 rims. Now the only thing is missing is making the gun recoil a working thing... just to annoy you hahaha. Or to inspire??? Best 'working' tank I have see so far with many great functions The looks and details are also top notch. Great work again
  18. barman

    [GBC] Cardan Lift

    Genius! Nice and original idea
  19. This is again a great competition. Looking at all the enteries, There are some very good design in all different sizes and techniques. When the competition started I had a couple of nice idea's to enter with. Although I started working out 1 idea, unfortunately I didn't had the time to take this from the drawing board to the building table. As a Steering Group member of the Dutch LEGO World I just don't have the time to work my entery. Perhaps I can find time to work on it after LEGO World has ended late October. I can enter this competition very very VERY late LOL. I wish all participants the best. I will surely cast my vote.
  20. barman

    [TC7] Enforcers - Hellhound

    Looking great in both modes. The stickers make it even look better. Good looking photo's as well
  21. barman

    [TC7] Bandits - Lights Out

    Perfect combination of M.A.S.K. and Mad Max theme. This one will fit very well within the rules of the competition. The truck was already very interesting, but the trailer completes it. The little sign that turns into a drone is a nice extra. The cranearm is a nice out-off-the-box thinking and the turbine is just a great idea.
  22. Red does look very good for this truck.TLC made a good choice making the set cabin white. With the red crane a red cabin would be to much. The sun-bar and extra lights look good. I think I might use this on mine. Thanks for the instructions.
  23. In the different 42043 topics there have been quick some remarks about the crane arm not being able to become straight. I wasn't all that satisfied with it either. So I started working on improving that. This is the best I could do with in this design. 42043 Crane MOD by Barry Bosman, on Flickr I also made a simple modification to get the full extension of the crane arm. Yes it is bulky. You can choose for yourself if you want looks of functionality. I also lowered the height of the crane by 2 studs in the base, just to make it look better sitting behind the cabin. I haven't tested this, but I think this is going to be difficult to do because of the many hoses. You need to shorten them by 2 studs, if you want to. Because LDD has no pneunatics, the dark bluish gray bushes are the hose connector parts. Also any black axles 3L are meant to be the new black 2L axle with pin. For those who want the use these or just some modifications, here is the LDD-file Let me know what you think, so I can further improve the crane.
  24. barman

    Show us your Working Place

    You are insane Blakbrid, but you already knew that
  25. barman

    Show us your Working Place

    Thank Jim and Max. @Max, The red chopper is the B-model of set 8051 Finaly a good Chopper as a B-model of a motorbike set! Aha, trucks an supercars you say... Supercars are not my thing, but I do have a supercar project planned. this could take some years, because tther are still s many things I want to make. A supercar will be a big challenge for me. Technical stuff is just my thing, but making a body to finish a model, that is something I'm not good at. Trucks are a bit more my thing, but that last years I am more into sci-fi stuff.