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  1. Chrome Decals?

    It is actually metallic ink used in conjunction with a high dollar printer.
  2. Build your own Lego Death Star 1:1!

    WHat is funny and cool is I actually had done the math on this a while back whilst my friend and I watched the original trilogy. I gathered scaling information on real life to minifigure size and then went in search of the standard listed size for the Death Star. I remember part of my estimation was like 26 football fields in Diameter
  3. First custom clone

    I am really impressed, I actually planned on painting LEGO Flippers to look just like yours for some of my clones. I recently got supplies to make 50 Phase 1 troopers and 10 ARF's so I have some work ahead of me.
  4. TUTORIAL: How to print decals

    Go check out my thread/s with custom minifigures almost everything is done with water slide decals and generally No the borders are not an issue if your colors match and or your edges are close to the edge of the piece
  5. Pre-Vizsla sword

    Technically its light black if the blade is the color black so its a dark grey. Hilt matches some the grey in Vizlas outfit
  6. Praiter Yed's Star Wars Customs

    I really like your decals Praiter, I deff would like to make my own figures using your designs
  7. How Many Minifigs do you own?

    I have around 500ish counting customs and my 100 Clone Trooper supply pile
  8. Theed Hangar Entry

    This looks great, looks very well thought out and put together. Has a nice crisp look to it.
  9. BrickArms 2012: M16 Variants and M110 Sniper Rifle

    That'd be cool but I can't figure how a minifig would hold it and it still retain the P90 shape ) :
  10. TUTORIAL: How to print decals

    I measured a Bicorn that I had in my stash or child hood LEGOs. Width 21.10 MM = 2.11 CM Height (not counting the top curve) 9.55 MM = 0.955 CM
  11. TUTORIAL: How to print decals

    What is a bicorne hat ? If I have one I could use my digital calipers to measure it below is a link with Leg sizes and others
  12. Ahh well the eyes and torso are actually decalled on ther. I used my digital camera to get the best picture i could edited it/ sized it and printed it on decal paper 9 : Thanks everyone for the comments and what not, I aim to impress and am always looking for things to make other people say "oh cool"
  13. Removing Printing?

    Too much work is relevant to a persons laziness........
  14. Centaur Warrior

    Looks cool is it a modified LEGO Horse or is it a centaur from Brick Forge?
  15. Best thing I have seen is Brick Forge/ Brick Arms mono pod.