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  1. miahbrick33

    GI Joe USS FLAGG Aircraft carrier

    Hey hey, I have started the build today! This is super great inspiration and scale as my other model is so many pieces! My question, is there any thing below deck in your model? I have set some parameters for mine, there will be a vehicle pool, head, galley and quarters. As stated above, I will still need a sky striker, and have been using geewunners customs as scale for the other models I am building. Thanks again for posting this, I dig it! ( this is a digital build I am doing, the super structure and deck are completed today, say for the crane.)
  2. miahbrick33

    GI Joe USS FLAGG Aircraft carrier

    I have been building in LDD many G.I.Joe vehicles from pictures I can find and this one is AWESOME! I love the Flagg! I too have been at it for about a year now. I would REALLY like to try and build this!
  3. For anyone looking to see 75827 Ghostbusters Firehouse, I have started the LDD build. I am to the second floor, so far I have been unable to place the packs inside the first floor lockers. They seem to have the room, without the whip, but need to be at odd position to fit. Other placement issues include the pizza and cheese inside the fridge. Will these be important for posting to official Lego set builds? I have not yet posted one and would love for this to be my first one.
  4. miahbrick33

    Assembling Bricksburg

    I would love to try and build them, currently trying to sort out the pieces to test and build The Lego Movie logo. Going to hang it from some cranes and see how sound the structure really is...
  5. miahbrick33

    75827 Ghostbusters Firehouse Headquarters Discussion

    I have just finished the first floor of my LDD 75827 build. Few things I have noticed, it looks like the piece that holds on Mr. Tully's helmet is metallic, or dull metallic any how, and is not in LDD. I will be getting my set next month and try to always build large sets in digital first. The other issue I had was connecting a 2x2 plate to the top of that same piece atop of the lamp post. I am using a round 2x2 plate instead. I will modify this LDD when done to fix the front door so that both Ecto and Ecto 1a fit inside, I am also going to build the some six floor building next door to NYC ladder 8.
  6. miahbrick33

    MOC: Some Ghosts to Bust

    Love these ghosts! My favorite here are your four mini ghosts! I have built all kinds of Ghostbusters LDD's and would like to try my hand at those and your Samhain, also am going to build him in mini-fig for my firehouse set! These are great ghosts!
  7. miahbrick33


    Super Awesome job! This is already one real cool head quarters! can't wait for more, in fact get the firehouse and just incorporate it into this MOC maybe, eh?
  8. miahbrick33

    Review: 75827 Ghostbusters Firehouse Headquarters

    This is very fantastic review! Thank you, Its well written and thought out, hitting all the points I have been wondering about. I have watched two video reviews before this and you "take the cake. I would have never thought there to be a Vigo poster in there! I just built my 21108 Ecto two days ago, and watched both films while constructing and am pretty sure the doors open out. The fact that the no ghost logo is on stickers is awesome, we can use it on a custom sign or different model. THE price issue, come on, its a huge set, and at an avg. 8 cent per piece as noted above, there is no way to complain. I have built countless ecto's and four firehouses digitally, based on different themes and sizes, and I can't wait to see what TLG has in store for this line. Happy Holidays one and all, and thank you again for the best review on what will be an awesome set for years to come! http://bricksafe.com/pages/MiahGee37/ghostbusters
  9. miahbrick33

    [MOC] Irish Pub and loft

    The pub is awesome! I love the bar and stools, looks like you can sit back and relax with a favorite ale any time here! Happy Holidays
  10. miahbrick33

    Lego Star Wars movie

    Hey that was really cool, thank you for bringing it to my attention! I like the wookie ship at the end! I think I will try to build the platform from the start of the flick, in LDD.
  11. miahbrick33

    Assembling Bricksburg

    Actor Builder, Thank You! Those two were just the prelim builds I created for the studio. I have pressed my laptop to the max and it took 49 minutes to render the "playset" studio, I call it that after noticing that the 80's something tech is at a different actual position than where I have placed it here. I also added some of my own touches and a video game easter egg. I was trying to find more shots of the layout and looked at the game, only to take the camera in the end. I have a larger angle shot posted with this one back at Flickr, along with link to all lxf's (as I don't know how to add them here or may not be able, due to my lack of posting). Thank you again for a place to post some of these. A Lego Movie PlaySet 002 by Jeremy Griffith, on Flickr
  12. miahbrick33

    Assembling Bricksburg

    Thank you. I wish that they were more precise, I have only used my dvd for reference in creating them. I have tried my hand at the Octan filming studio, but I am not sure why Bluerender does not like it. I will try again later today. The most interesting one so far was my TAKOS, getting the bands around the supply hose has been real fun. I was not too sure about where to post any of these so thank you so much again. I can't wait to see more of the building though, Its been a real holiday treat to stumble upon these! 0000114 MCS TAKOS.lxf by Jeremy Griffith, on Flickr 0000609 MCS WHERES MY PANTS.lxf by Jeremy Griffith, on Flickr 0001063 MCS 1980'S TECH.lxf by Jeremy Griffith, on Flickr 0000208 MCS THINKTANK PRISONPOD by Jeremy Griffith, on Flickr
  13. miahbrick33

    Assembling Bricksburg

    My G- O- S- H, this is amazing work! I noticed you mentioned Metal Beards copier, I have tried to build one and would love some critique on it! I have always wanted to share my lxf's of the Lego Movie I have been working on, to Eurobricks. 0000078 MCS PIRATES CODE.lxf by Jeremy Griffith, on Flickr
  14. miahbrick33

    Death Star - is it worth it?

    I love my Death Star, and when I got it, I had just started using LDD (and stumbled upon EB). The challenge was put to me to put the Death Star playset inside Death Star II, in digital before attempting the reality. Being that I am fairly new to EB, was not sure were to post this, I thought to start here. I have done a fairly good job I think and would like to share this with lego builders. Because I know this is one of the best sets. Its totally worth it. I just don't know how yet, I have thought to set it up on bricksafe, but what I really would like is to see it on the EB MOC custom set page. So for any one wondering if its a worth it set, yes it is.