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  1. Indy565

    Sets"8296" "8291" "8292".

    Actualy Exobuilder, they are: Dune Buggy, Dirt Bike, and Cherry Picker. They are all 2008 releases.
  2. Indy565

    "The Person Above You Game" 2

    The first was closed, so here's the sequel! I'll start. I'm TPAM!
  3. Indy565

    Flick-Fire missiles

    There technic peices that you put a triangle brick on and you slip into a technic brick and flick it with your finger. There supposed to fire, but I don't think they work very good.
  4. Cool! Any idea when the actual game will start?
  5. Well, I hope you have an Indy set. If you don't, I won't be in it. My sig-fig is Indy (obviousley :-/ ) My prefered weapons: Whip Pistol Accessories: Fedora Hat Satchel Personality: Very adventurous, always searching for treasure. And scince I'm a hero and always win, I'll be a rebel.
  6. Indy565

    "The Person Above You Game"

    I'm running out of things to say about TPAM! TPAM loves this smiley: X-D
  7. Indy565

    "The Person Above You Game"

    TPAM is an illegal alien. :-D
  8. Indy565

    nice site with old commercials

    Awesome! X-O I think Legos look alot better back in the 80s then they do today.
  9. Indy565

    "The Person Above You Game"

    TPAM joined today at 12:46!
  10. Indy565

    Indiana Jones flags for your creations!

    Wow. X-O Thanks Col. Whipstick!
  11. Sorry about the edit. There was a big space between the role list and the "You could have roles like:" part. I was afraid it would be marked has spam. Don't kick me off the list! Please! X-D
  12. Indy565

    "The Person Above You Game"

    TPAM edited his post! X-O
  13. X-O This game looks really cool! I bet this and Lego Indiana Jones will pretty much be the same style as Lego Star Wars. You know, like different doors leading to different levels. I guessing the menu location in Batman will be the Batcave and the menu locatilon for Indy will be a museum or a temple.
  14. Alright! I'm in! You should make a Pirate version of this. You could have roles like: Captain Crew Soldier Townie
  15. Indy565

    "The Person Above You Game"

    I'm guessing those planes were last used during World War II. TPAM is a soldier.