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  1. I have the same problem on my Mac: the LDD Extended Mode palette has gone missing. I edited the preferences.ini file as described above and copied an old version of the Palettes folder from my Time Machine drive. Now it is working again.
  2. 3939 Mia's Bedroom - Friends LXF NOTES: - Incorrect minifigure - Missing decoration on tiles - Missing basket
  3. 850449 - Minifigure Beach Accessory Pack LXF NOTE: - Incorrect bird
  4. 7346 - Seaside House [Ver I] LXF - Missing torso print
  5. 6292 - Enchanted Island - Pirates LXF NOTES: - incorrect or missing prints - missing stickers - incorrect baseplates - missing sails - missing mast 4318 - missing hinge bar 4319 - missing hinge bar 2375
  6. 6264 Forbidden Cove - Pirates LXF NOTE: - Incorrect or missing decorations - Missing stickers - A couple of connections were not possible with LDD UPDATE: - Fixed brown color as per Aanchir's comment
  7. ok13

    Henri & Edmond - Copyright

    I've scoured the Internet for everything you have written (in English) about your movie and watched the Behind-the-scene featurette several times. I understand you didn't use modern (digital) Nikon lenses but older lenses--it certainly appears that way in the featurette. I assume you used lenses with a manual aperture ring to prevent the flicker problem associated with lenses that have an automatic iris. Could you please tell *exactly* which Nikon lenses you used to make this movie? Also, did you buy your gooseneck LED lamps at IKEA? After watching the featurette I went to IKEA and bought two to try out. Thanks!
  8. ok13

    Henri & Edmond - Copyright

    This is by far the best brick film I have ever seen. Wow. I am in awe. Would you be so kind as to tell us about the equipment and software you used? What kind of camera? What kind of lenses? What software?
  9. 4625 - Pink Brick Box - Theme:Creator The image shows the official build from the instructions. All other parts associated with this set are also contained in the LXF. LXF NOTES: - torso with correct print does not exist in LDD 4.3.5; used plain one instead
  10. My review of the parts in this LDD drawing was based on the Bricklink parts list which shows there are both Dark Green (#28) and Bright Green (#37) parts in set 4432. Superkalle, I suggest you review the Bricklink inventory and the instructions which are available on Brickset. If of course you actually own this set and can confirm that there are only Dark Green (#28) parts in this set, please see that the Bricklink parts list is updated. Thanks!
  11. Great work! I love this set! Especially the stinky fish! This file can be improved by making the following corrections: - the correct head/face design for the female minifigure exists in LDD 4.2.5 (decoration '99569,0,0') - the correct torso design exists in LDD 4.2.5 (decoration '89309,89310') - the hats should be LDD part 86035 instead of 4485 - the exhaust pipe should be LDD part 40620 instead of 71137 - the Technic 1/2 pin (4274), used as a part of the build process, is not needed if the correct exhaust pipe is used and isn't a part of the official set anyways Thanks!
  12. Request for 60599 2x4x6 Door Frame Part 60599 is a 2x4x6 Door Frame. According to Bricklink, it appears in 19 sets. It has been in production for several years and appears in the 2012 set 4625. Request for 40233 Headgear Hair Short, Tousled (Harry Potter) Part 40233 is a Harry Potter wig. According to Bricklink, it appears in 51 sets. Request for 93563 Minifig, Headgear Hair Mohawk Part 93563 is a wig. According to Bricklink, it appears in 1 set. It is so delightfully weird. Request for 3626bpb324 Minifig, Head Female with Eyepatch and Large Red Lips Pattern Part 3626bpb324 is a minifigure head. According to Bricklink, it appears in 2 sets. Several men have eyepatches in LDD but no women. This is terribly unfair! I call upon TLG to right this terrible gender inequality and provide at least one female with an eyepatch in LDD!
  13. I am posting this message so I'll have 10 posts. That way I'll be able to send private messages which I was unable to do when I posted the file in question. Thanks for all your help.
  14. Sorry. How do I contact the author? It's not obvious to me. I'm new...
  15. [Duplicate] 5766 - Log Cabin [Vers I] - Theme:Creator LXF File: http://www.brickshelf.com/gallery/oksmith/LDD/OfficialSets/5766/5766_log_cabin_v1.lxf NOTE: - Based on LXF file by Eurobricks user Gear_tooth. - Corrected bricks, colours, and decorations. - A parts list extracted from this LXF file should match the parts list for this set at Bricklink.
  16. 1817 - Sea Plane with Hut and Boat Theme: Town LXF NOTE: - Minifigs have incorrect heads - Minifigs have incorrect torsos - Missing sticker - Incorrect decoration on slope - Used substitute for window with glass - Missing string - Used wedge 48183 instead of 4859 Update: - Fixed brown in LXF file
  17. 9311 - City Buildings Set Theme: Dacta Official assembly instructions for three of the buildings in this Dacta themed set are in the box. The official assembly instructions for the other four buildings are available at http://education.lego.com I have placed the few remaining pieces in the set as per the photographs. LXF File: http://www.brickshelf.com/gallery/oksmith/LDD/OfficialSets/9311/9311.lxf NOTE: - Correct decorations for some torsos do not exist in LDD. Just used plain ones instead.
  18. 1592 - Town Square - Castle Scene Theme: Town LXF File: http://www.brickshelf.com/gallery/oksmith/LDD/OfficialSets/1592/1592_town_square_castle_scene.lxf NOTE: - No stickers. - Correct torso decorations do not exist in LDD. Just used plain ones instead. - Statue does not exist in LDD. Used black minifigure instead. - Plates with wheels do not exist in LDD. Replaced using modern equivalents. - Correct baseplates do not exist in LDD. Just used plain ones instead. - Correct flag does not exist in LDD. Replaced using modern equivalents. - Correct stop sign does not exist in LDD. Replaced using modern equivalents.
  19. 7246 - Mini Digger Theme: City LXF File: http://www.brickshelf.com/gallery/oksmith/LDD/OfficialSets/7246/7246_mini_digger.lxf
  20. 40019 - Brickley Theme: Miscellaneous LXF File: http://www.brickshelf.com/gallery/oksmith/LDD/OfficialSets/40019/40019_brickley.lxf
  21. Thanks. Hopefully I'll get it correct next time.
  22. 3300001 - Brickley Theme: Miscellaneous Here is the link to the LXF file: http://www.brickshelf.com/gallery/oksmith/LDD/OfficialSets/3300001/3300001_brickley.lxf