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  1. Koptokaff

    Beginnings of my modular city

    The yellow house is nr. 4996, Beach House from the Creator series
  2. Wow! Amazing truck. I think it is fantastic what you did with only 4 studs wide. Good work!!
  3. Koptokaff

    Help with interior to Millenium Falcon 7965

    No thanks. I was searching for ideas to enhance the interior of the original.
  4. Koptokaff

    Help with interior to Millenium Falcon 7965

    Thank you Smitty500. There some of the links, which is very close to what I was seeking. ... and now to work...!!
  5. Koptokaff

    Help with interior to Millenium Falcon 7965

    Thank you for helping. But it is an old LEGO-Idea (when it was called "Cuusoo") I was seeking. But mayby the pictures is gone... I was just hoping, that the creator maybe was a member in here...
  6. I hope you guy´s can help me out. Some time ago, a guy have made a very cool interiour to the millenium falcon. As I remember, it was allso an idea on LEGO CUUSO. Have any of you guys saved any pictures or anything to help me make an interior like that? I think, that maybe some AFOL could use the ideas to modify set 75105...
  7. Koptokaff

    [MOC] Coruscant Hi-Rise,

    Ansolutely stunning!! Fantastic work, and i will look forward to take a closer look on these pictures, when I get of work...
  8. Koptokaff

    Future Star Wars Sets

    I would love a Bantha!! And in a battlepack with sandpeoble and maybe with some java´s... :) Generelly I would like more buildings. It could be Lars´ Homestead, The Castle on Naboo, Buildings from Courousant and so on... And I would love more aliens. Maybe as collectibel minefigs...
  9. Koptokaff

    Future Star Wars Minifigs

    I would love a minifig of Garindan! (The spy in Mos Eisley in episode 4)
  10. Koptokaff

    [MOC] Bounty Hunter Project

    Welcome! I really love your "Houndstooth", and I think you should consider uploading it to LEGO-ideas... They probably won´t make, but I think it could reach 10.000 votes. I know I would vote for it, anyway!!
  11. Koptokaff

    What's your recent LEGO Star Wars Purchase?

    I bought the Landing Craft 7659. I bought it pre-owned for only 200 Dkr. + shipping!!! (30$) I think it is an AWSOME ship!! And the build is very satisfiing... I highly recommend it, and it comes with 4 stormtroopers aswell.
  12. Koptokaff

    Lego Star Wars Project Mos Eisley

    I love it! I would bye it in a second! Esecially if there was a couple more minifigs...
  13. Koptokaff

    Future Star Wars Sets

    I found a picture on LEGO-ideas, which would match perfectly with my Tantooine-dreams! I hope it gets enough supporters... http://www.hothbricks.com/2013/01/militons-pour-un-bantha-chez-lego/
  14. Koptokaff

    Future Star Wars Sets

    I would love some more sets based on Tatooine. I would love to see: A Bantha with three sandpeoble a tent/hut and a couple of rats... A homestead/moisture farm with Lars/farmer and three different droids. A "house", and a vaporaor A small scrap-shop with a alien-shopkeeper and a customer, perhaps a assistant droid A battlepack with 2 jawa´s fighting 2 sandpeoble
  15. Koptokaff

    Future Star Wars Minifigs

    I would like more alien-races. I do think that LEGO has done a pretty good job in the later releases. But I think it is about time that LEGO made a kaminoan... They play a very important role in all the history of the galaxy. So LEGO, get busy!