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  1. JWSLegoMaster

    Soccer/Football Decals

    I'd love to see them! I have 2 teams, made up. One is West Lego City. The other is Lego Blast FC. I will post photos in the next comment, I have a few more details to fix. That sounds like a ton of fun, making your own team as minifigs. Can't wait to see that! Keep me posted.
  2. I'm making some decals for a soccer pitch I'm working on, and I wanted to know if anyone wanted to see them, maybe give me some tips? Thanks!
  3. JWSLegoMaster

    MOC: 1940s Trams in Stureplan (Stockholm, Sweden)

    I'm a trainhead, have been for 14 years, and this is an excellent display. Well done!
  4. JWSLegoMaster

    Colonial Breastwork

    SWEET! Can't wait to start (in the morning, it's bedtime hehe)!
  5. JWSLegoMaster

    Colonial Breastwork

    Awesome! I might steal this idea for use in a brickfilm. Is that okay with you?
  6. JWSLegoMaster

    2 Boats made in little ships

    Amazing! They look awesome! I might copy this idea !
  7. JWSLegoMaster


    Just a question, when you make armies and such, how many of you use decals? I was wondering how it would be taken by the group if I posted some I just made here? And thoughts about leg decals? Thanks!
  8. JWSLegoMaster

    Cross Roads

    Dude. This is magnificent! Two thumbs I mean, claws up! Great job!
  9. JWSLegoMaster

    My WW2 Armies

    Ok, so I have been working on this for about a week, trying decals, finding a good way to mold new pieces, and now I'm beginning to post my work. These works will become part of a Brickfilm I intend to finish by my birthday, June 7th. Remember, this is a work in progress, so all comments and inquiries will be taken into account, good or bad. Here we go! First off is my American Army. This is a photo without decals. here is one with decals here is another with decals Nazi troopers, nazi medical truck, and sherman tank next!
  10. JWSLegoMaster

    My Grande Armèe

    <br /><br /><br />Yes, I too am curious how you make the originals? I think it's a mix of clay and the original piece yes?
  11. JWSLegoMaster

    Troopers Jesse and Boil

    These are amazing, you rock man!
  12. JWSLegoMaster

    [MOC] Rum Storage

    I am inspired by that photograph I gotta go make a bar fight scene! This time I will resize the photograph as well as add extra photos! Thanks for the idea Jack!
  13. JWSLegoMaster

    [MOC] Rum Storage

    I see why you did this, and I thank you for the explanation, I thought it was that you disliked me, or the MOC, and tried to find something terribly wrong. And thanks for the idea of more bottles, but I am short on bottles, all I have are barrels!
  14. JWSLegoMaster

    My first creation

    Great work! you, like me, have interest in small detailed things! I love it!
  15. JWSLegoMaster

    [MOC] Rum Storage

    Again, I didn't intentionally make it big, it's how it was taken, and I'm a very lazy person, so don't point out the photograph, point out the MOC itself.