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  1. Awesome entries!! :D 1) Cowgirl Entry (Build by Yatkuu) - 1 point 14) Conquistador Entry (Build by vecchiasignoraceppo) - 1 point 21) Fairy Entry (Build by Emma) - 1 point
  2. So many great entries to choose from!! 2) Grandma's Visitor Entry (Build by sgeureka) - 1 point 12) Hippie Entry (Build by pillpod) - 1 point 18) Bunny Suit Guy Entry (Build by genecyst) - 1 point
  3. Awesome builds!!! 11) Plumber Entry (Build by branolego) - 1 point 35) Mermaid Entry (Build by Cecilie) - 1 point 5) Roman Emperor Entry (Build by toutouille) - 1 point
  4. LauraC

    FAPC : Pigs VS Cows

    Very very awesome!! Can't decide whose side I'm on, but those pigs are soo cute!!
  5. LauraC

    EB SW Xmas raffle 2012

    Sounds like fun, count me in! :D When Santa's Elf said he'd provide the transport this year, this wasn't quite what Santa had in mind.... Hope the photo works okay, my first time posting a photo straight from flickr!
  6. LauraC

    Contest: EB is Down

    Lots of them made me laugh :D My votes go to: 5. gid617 - 1 point 7. Krystel - 2 points
  7. LauraC

    Summer of Friends - Staff Building Contest

    5. Darkdragon - 3 Awesomely cute! :D
  8. LauraC

    [MOC] Between four eyes

    Awesome dragon!! Cute but ferocious Great MOC!
  9. LauraC

    The Forge

    What a lovely MOC! Would fit in great in any medieval town, and especially love the way it's raised up, and the roof - awesome! Just the sort of thing I'd love to learn how to make!
  10. LauraC

    Tree in Dark Forest (MOC)

    That tree is beautiful, love the way it looks so ancient and gnarled! The dangling spider is awesome!
  11. LauraC

    Coolest Castle Figures

    Really nice idea! Hope it takes off and lots more entries get added!
  12. Beautiful set! One of my favourite CUUSOO entries so far, definitely gets my vote!
  13. LauraC

    Faerie Forest

    Wow that is awesome beyond words! If Lego ever released an enchanted forest theme like that i'd be the happiest girl alive!
  14. As I live in Newcastle it'd be a bit far to come along monthly, but as there's no events around here i'd love to come along to the occassional meet or special events if I can make it!
  15. LauraC

    Spiders and flies

    Great MOC, you've fitted so much in. it looks great with all the plants and undergrowth! Love the spider too!