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    [MOC] USS Essex

    Hiya Watha! Fantastic design! I wouldn't want to meet her out at sea!!!
  2. General Gerhard Visothane

    The 76th Elite Visothane Guard

    To compensate for my earlier unorganized manner, I have added some more shots from my outdoor battles. Enjoy! The teaser pictures of my outdoor battles have just been uploaded, check back on my link in the first post to see them. If you check in a day or so, brickshelf will have approved them. Thanks guys!
  3. General Gerhard Visothane

    The 76th Elite Visothane Guard

    First of all, thank you for your comments, and thank you for your patience while I figured stuff out! Sorry about the retarded posting thing, I'm not sure what I was thinking. Second, no bluecoat army unfortunately. I had a few figures, but they all have been lost, or eaten by dogs. He is the last bluecoat I own, and now he plays the role of my grenadier commander! Third, I love taking the outdoor shots, I just feel that they add a different dynamic to lego! I also lack the skill to make lego sets, I'm working on it, but the outdoors is a really nice outlet for set building! Fourth, the flag I actually found online, It is the Andorian flag. I have never heard of the country, but I thought it looked cool, so I just had to have it. As far as a story goes for the flag, I don't have one yet, but you have inspired me to make one! All in all: Thank you for helping me along my difficult path to coherent foruming! I hope to improve my posts in the future! I also reedited the beginning post, so that it's not quite so bad!
  4. General Gerhard Visothane

    The 76th Elite Visothane Guard

    Hello there! This is to kick off my army on the internet! I have done some battles with these guys that I would love to link to you guys, as so as possible. For now, some pictures, tell me what you think. Here is the link to my brickshelf, sorry, but I'm having trouble uploading things to this site. My link My army list: 32 infantry 4 officers 8 cavalry=5 hussars, 2 lancers, 1 officer (the guy with the blue bandana around his neck) I'm fairly new, so please don't butcher my efforts. A big thank you from the men of the Visothane. Keep in mind, this is a teaser, some videos will be uploaded that are done in slideshow fashion. These documentaries will hopefully be an awesome way of showing of my soldiers. -General Gerhard Visothane
  5. General Gerhard Visothane

    Attack on French Fjord

    Awesome MOC! Keep up the great work!
  6. General Gerhard Visothane

    Show Your Army, Navy, and Collection Display

    Awesome armies! I'll try to post my starwars armies soon!!!!!
  7. General Gerhard Visothane

    Achille, a French frigate carrying 36 guns

    OH.......MY.........GOSH!!!! That is incredible work! I am in awe of your amazingness!!!!!!!
  8. General Gerhard Visothane

    Blue Coats VS pirates!

    This is sweet!!! I think I'm going to build something like this! Thank's for the inspiration!!!!!
  9. General Gerhard Visothane

    Its not a bad life for the Red Coats!

    A perfect getaway from the war with the bluecoats!
  10. General Gerhard Visothane

    Wellington's British Army

    Sweet, i have a similarly sized force, REDCOATS FOR THE WIN!!!!!!!!
  11. General Gerhard Visothane

    Three Armies

    Incredible......... I am VERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRY jealous!!!!! But I'm glad you have indulged in legos that much! It is spectacular!!!!!
  12. General Gerhard Visothane

    Bjornu's Pirate Town

    Good Show sir!
  13. General Gerhard Visothane

    Hello there! The 76th is coming!

    My name is General Gerhard Visothane, commander of the 76th Elite Visothane Guards. We are honored to join the ranks of the glorious lego lovers out there! I'm currently trying to get my pictures small enough for upload! If anyone can tell me how to do so, please post how! Thank you, and I hope to post them all soon!