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    I don't want to visit a forum with rude and obnoxious admins, that lock every topic in sight just because it makes them feel big. I didn't find any pictures with them in use, and wanted to see how they looked alongside normal houses, instead of coughing up $13+shipping on something that I might not even want. Ban me if it makes you feel big, but it doesn't matter to me either way. I'm out.
  2. What exactly is the law? Can anyone provide a link / a quote from their government's lawbook... thing?
  3. Zuloon

    What are you listening to?

    A Friend by KRS-One
  4. Zuloon

    River Dragon Pics

    You know Xiao Long means little dragon, right?
  5. Zuloon

    Topics to ignore

    I propose that a Lego sales forum/subforum be created, because I always miss the deals when they're in the B/S forum.
  6. That's a lot of money for such a small item ... + shipping
  7. Isn't it more fun to build things in real life than it is to build things in a video game?
  8. Zuloon

    AV-14 Hornet

    I don't play Halo (if I did, I'd probably appreciate it more than I do), but that's awesome! The picture is nice, too! I like the use of gears for the jet engine.
  9. Zuloon

    christmas 2007

    WOW! Cool! How'd you do the snow?
  10. Does anyone have pics of the black roadplates in use? Thanks.
  11. Zuloon

    Photo review: Rebel Battle Pack

    Wow... that looks pretty sweet
  12. Zuloon

    Dwarves' Mine Review!!

    It would be cheaper to buy one from Ebay for $100 dollars.