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  1. Just when I think I've got it all figured out, everything changes again.

  2. Eurodina - Day 9

    You are a liar. I want you all to be haunted by my ghost. When you wake up in the night with chills... that's me. REMEMBER!
  3. Eurodina - Day 9

    All of you are dirt under my feet. I haunt all of you when I die. PIGS! The mayor is my boss and is betraying me. Why are you voting for me? You know there is no way you can win without me. Why aren't you jumping to my defense. I hate you. Why are you using me as a meat shield. I am not a piece of meat. Dick didn't make me feel like a piece of meat. That is why I left my husband for him. He made me feel like I was worth something as a woman. Now.. you.. my own boss is using me as a meat shield. Scum.
  4. Eurodina - Day 9

    I told you yesterday that Draggy was a townie. I can tell you today that Quarry is neutral. Prior to that, I investigated people who died on the night that I investigated them. For a minute, I thought that maybe people died when I investigated them. I do hate all of you and I think you are all a bunch of morons. Vote: Peanuts Why? Because I want to. I hope the Noodles win.
  5. Eurodina - Day 9

    If you want to investigate the mayor and you kill me... well, who is going to investigate. I happen to have investigative powers... I still hate all of you. Oh.. Kovacs has investigative abilities too... Well, you know with 2 investigators, you are really risking something if you kill one of us today with the way night kills have been going...
  6. Eurodina - Day 9

    You are all idiots. I hate you all. If you vote for me, it will be the worst conviction ever and the noodles will win. So.. how many of you actually know I am innocent? You still believe a dead man. My own husband is apparently the Noodles boss and against me. Really? REALLY? To hell with all of you. TO HELL, I SAY. Walter Kovacs is an idiot.. I don't care if he helped lead the vote against scum. You keep him around because he is an obnoxious idiot who speaks loudly. I propose that he is Noodles. Someone has to have some damned evidence. So freaking present it and why the hell aren't you people who know I'm innocent, come to my damn rescue. I hate you all. Which is worse, to be an idiot leader or an idiot follower? I CURSE THIS TOWN TO BE A GHOST TOWN!
  7. Eurodina - Day 8

    We can say shit now? WHOA. I still hate all you megablocks.
  8. Eurodina - Day 8

    I can't kill. I can investigate though. I hate you all. I especially hate you Drake and I hope you die even if you are a townie.
  9. Eurodina - Day 8

    Alright, people, you are all idiots. All neutrals died last night... this is not a victory for the town. Neutrals are able to play with either side. Stash was obviously protecting the scum. The other 2 may have been playing with the town. Peanuts, it's nice that you are defending me and all, but I'm still leaving. You made your decision yesterday. I did get results that Dragonator is townie last night after investigating him. I'm not sure I believe this result, but I really I have it in writing. Has anyone investigated me? There have to be more people who can investigate than me. I have also proven my loyalty to several of you... including my freaking no good husband. So vouch for me already. I sent you evidence so that you wouldn't vote off another innocent townie. Now, it would be better to die that my son is gone. It's a tragic thing when a child dies before his parents.
  10. Eurodina - Day 7

    I think it's bizarre that you all would rather vote for Shaun than Stash. Now, all the bullet proof vests will still work so if there is a town vigilante, he/she will be unable to kill the powers that be in the mafia because of the protection that Stash provided. Stash said he sold them to a shady character so I'm going to assume that the people with vests are bad. It seems that those who are leading the witch hunt to kill Shaun, probably have some vested interest in keeping Stash alive (no pun intended). Innocents are going to be sorry that they made this decision when more townies die tonight. Stash even said.. he is going to change his alignment and just side with the scum since the town is so freaking stupid. That is pretty telling, eh...
  11. Eurodina - Day 7

    I have proven my loyalty to you and I am your wife... yet you won't listen to me and never even tried to work with me after I proved my innocence. I told you not to vote for Shaun and to vote for Stash, but you dismissed me and now are questioning after someone besides me was advocating for the same thing. Its so over. I need a lawyer.
  12. Eurodina - Day 7

    Dearest husband (Peanuts), Vote for Stash or you are sleeping on the couch... You know that I am innocent and as I said in my post, it is clearly stupid to continue letting Stash protect the scum. I'm leaving you for Dick tomorrow if you don't start making some sense. All my love, Alice
  13. Eurodina - Day 7

    I want the scum bosses to stop being protected... If we don't deactivate their protection, they will win most definitely. All of you who didn't vote for Stash when he revealed this are crazy and are voting with the scum. Vote: Stash Calling people useless townies won't win you friends, Dick...
  14. Lego and cats

    I have three cats and I keep my LEGO away from them except when I am building, which hasn't been much recently. My kitties are too lazy to steal parts or play with parts, but George (my precious angel cat) will sleep in a big box of LEGO. It looks uncomfortable to me.
  15. You know, I discouraged this sort of behavior. PARAPINK LEGS!