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    [Batman MOC] Hideout/Basement-Wayne Tower

    Wow, at first it seems almost a bit too square and almost too much empty space but the details is where it shines and I'm really impressed. What I love: -tumbler service bay is awesome - a console for the hydraulic lift! -love the SNOT work benches and tool chests, clean and neat -SNOT lift door looks great. -extraction/ventilation fan units and lights are really well done construction wise. -neat, clean office and desk for Lucius Fox -SNOT sofa and bookcase look fantastic, really like it -Poison Ivy's garden looks really good, that red plant is a build style I haven't seen before -Screw gate valves and pipes in the sewers, detail really adds to immersion -Water effects are really good, maybe a little bright and clear considering it is a sewer. polite suggestions for improvement: -Two-face villains for Bane's henchmen? It's kind of jarring considering how the rest of the diorama is realistically based on TDKR, maybe use minifigs with tactical vests and muted tones. The tacky sunglasses faces and beanies don't look good either. -Bane is hidden up the back. I get that he's banging arms while his men do the work, but if you put him on a walkway over the water or something he'd be elevated and draw more attention. He should tower over his goons. (He's a big guy).
  2. El H

    [MOC] Arkham Update !

    I love the fact you've used a variety of official and custom mini-figs, and the nolan-verse Bane, complete with fur coat. Red Hood and the Joker? ok. Nora Frieze as well, nice work.
  3. El H

    MOC: Nazi War Elephant

    The really offensive thing is using the Brickarms M2 HB for Axis ww2 soldiers. And give the poor bastard a gun shield.
  4. El H

    2015 LEGO Trains?

    Is that why Emerald Night goes for several hundred dollars above original retail price on ebay? Because it's a failure?
  5. El H

    GE AC4400CW /w CSX livery in 7 wide [WIP]

    D E V I L I S H building techniques. Looks great.
  6. El H

    3677: Red Cargo Train

    I have 3677 and I love it. Bright red, good, solid design. It looks to be 'inspired by' the DB Class V90 and my layout has one for all heavy shunting work. I don't recall an issue, it was always a limited edition. For what it's worth I reckon the 2014 cargo train is the worst of an otherwise very good range of lego train in recent years. Far too small, a baby-sized SD-40 and poor detail and colour selection. Te other bits in the set are alright but for me it seems crude and underdone.
  7. El H

    Diesel shunter

    nice work getting battery box, motor and receiver on board. Looks good. Is it intentionally an approximation of a BR Class-02? I have a place in my heart for these little diesel hydraulic engines.
  8. El H

    Clone Brands Train discussions

    Lego is a company with incredible standards and international reputation for quality. Rinky dink knock-off brands don't give a toss about intellectual property, they certainly don't care about quality. Do you think they have people ensuring their ABS-like plastic is safe and free of toxic material? I question the intelligence of anyone buying this crap for their kids.
  9. Absolutely incredible. Minifig scale makes it even more fantastic.
  10. El H

    big boy 4-8-8-4, some questions

    I think it looks amazing for a display piece. It'll be a nightmare to try and run on lego track
  11. El H

    MOC: German Train DB E 103

    Very accurate. Nice colours; I would think you obtained the parts through bricklink or did you have enough sets with those colours? Is that 9V in the first photo and converted to PF in the next 2?
  12. El H

    My first train MOC.

    I think your photos look fine and the cars look good. More like the TTX cars from a few years back than Maersk's. Good snot, and everyone has said, shared bogies are cool. I like the system you've set up to keep the containers in place. How well do they run? Maersk cars will grind sharp corners and hate flex track. I guess running 9v that's less of an issue for you, but do they roll smoothly through corners? Nice custom containers.
  13. El H

    MOC: 4-6-2 Steam Train

    Really nice, simple colours and good use of some pearlescant gold to simulate brass. If I was to make one tiny suggestion, considering the the tender, the cab of the locomotive and most of the boiler have a SNOT look, maybe SNOT-ify the front plate and the top of the boiler for a cohesive look? It looks very good but my feeling is it would look sleeker with it. Overall though, it looks the right size and some really nice techniques in there. It's superior to the constitution express.
  14. El H

    Review: 75034 Death Star troopers

    I think it's meant to be one of the thousands of turbolaser gun emplacements dotting the death star rather than the main planet killing cannon. It's not great but it seems a little bit better than most gun emplacements in battle backs. The occasional speeder bike is nice but most of the time it's a waste of bricks. Flickfire missiles are not and never were cool. I agree with you though that the new blaster looks rubbish. The single piece ones used up until now have been far better. I guess for kids it's another play feature but for AFOLs it might serve as a hairdryer for my city minifigs. I'm not going to comment on the force pikes. The minigigs themselves are fantastic. Especially as these ones have been hard to get until now. The Death Star Gunner's helmet has always been cool. I guess that's the reward for having the best K/D ratio in the star wars universe.
  15. Yeah I would think so. Possibly more than you need? Lego is fairly light after all. Maybe see what sort of incline you could get it running up? My experiences with powered trains has been with stock Lego locos, but I'm keen to start exploring with the lego motors and gearing. I powered the Maersk train with a regular PF train motor and cheap AAAs. With 7 of the Maersk flatbed cars I sometimes load soft drink cans and it can get it rolling with minimal slip so long as the batteries are fresh. I wonder how heavy a load you could get your going. What's the gear reduction like?