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  1. Dark Sword Ragnarok

    S-14 "Hangnail" Light Fighter

    Thanks. I've noticed that. I feel that asymmetry takes more creativity to achieve successfully, so I do it to challenge my own skills. Yes, it is pretty strange, but I love it! Thanks! Nope, the pilot was just sitting around so I used him. Nothing to do with SW. Thanks for explaining. DSR
  2. Dark Sword Ragnarok

    S-14 "Hangnail" Light Fighter

    And I'm more of a fan of asymmetry. Personal taste. Really? I'm not sure I see the resemblence to anything from SW. If you take a look at peterlmorris' flickr, his ships are what this is based on. But thanks for the criticism. DSR
  3. Dark Sword Ragnarok

    S-14 "Hangnail" Light Fighter

    Thanks! The design for the cockpit is based on Peter Morris' ship design on Flickr, but the rest of the ship is unique. And, no, that isn't the onl pilot fig that I have, but it was close when I finished building and took pictures, and I needed a fig. Besides, I build SW most of the time, I just had to have a reference to it. Thanks. Unfortunately I don't have many bricks in light grey so the peice under the 1x6 plate is a brick with Technic holes in it, so I used the plate on both sides to cover it up. DSR
  4. Dark Sword Ragnarok

    S-14 "Hangnail" Light Fighter

    Hey everyone! It's been quite a while since I posted anywhere besides the SW forum, so this is a change of pace for me. This is my first strictly "space" themed (not SW) MOC in a pretty long time, and I'm excited about it. Anyway, my MOC is called the S-14 "Hangnail", as lovingly dubbed by the pilots of the series, due to the asymmetrical design and the fact that the one wing reminded them of hangnails. The figters are extremely quick thanks to the enourmous engine, and have amazing handling when flying horizontally. Horizontal flight is preferred by the pilots during attack runs because the weapons setup has both cannons on the right side of the ship. And, if the pilot can handle it, the ship can spin in circles around it's own engine resulting in more 'rounded' damage to their target. Just the fighter. The underside. Rear shot. A close up of the engine pod. Engine pod removed. You can easily see the inner workings of the engine. Hope you enjoyed my fighter! C@C welcome as always! DSR
  5. Dark Sword Ragnarok

    [MOC] Ahsoka's Fighter MOD

    Looks like a full MOC more than a MOD. But nice wor nonetheless. DSR
  6. Dark Sword Ragnarok

    Ben 10 discussion thread

    Well, I've seen a few episodes of the new series, I wouldn't call myself a fan, but it is somewhat interesting. I agree this could go a few ways. One, and the best way for the majority of people, is MF scale. Could probuce some cool new torsos, and hopefully some cool new head molds or head/headpiece molds like a fiery headpiece and a trans-orange head for the alien that's on fire ect. It could also produce some pretty sweet vehicles, like the green hot rod, ect. (ALSO: The rustbucket actually did make an appearance in the new show, I believe it was in the very first episode.) Another way would be minifig scale again, but with Bionicle Playset-esque aliens. This would probably be shunned by most people, but I can see it happening here. And then the dreaded Galidor/ Jack Stone sized figs. I doubt they will produce Galidor-esque figs again, after the failure of the originals, but Jack Stone sized figs are a definate (if not wanted) possibility. All there really is to do is wait and see what this new theme brings to the table. It could be amazing, it could be just terrible. We just need to wait. Look on the bright side: At the very least, it's one more kid-popular theme that Megablocks isn't going to get their grubby hands on! DSR
  7. Dark Sword Ragnarok

    Custom - 3 more members of Jedi council

    Dang! Those look amazing. That is one effing long neck!! Maybe if that was a little shorter. Otherwise they're all good. DSR
  8. Dark Sword Ragnarok

    Cayenne Asuncion's Coruscant Speeder

    Thanks guys! Can't believe this is still popular here, it's getting to be more polular than my Wolfen! DSR
  9. Dark Sword Ragnarok

    The Steel Heron

    Thanks. The interior space is what makes the model really cool once it's been added. It just lacks so much without it. The set has amazing potential, its a shame the designers didn't really finish the inside. Hehe, yes, it's extremely difficult. Thats why I swoosh, then set up duels on the outside. Works much better than setting up a duel then swooshing, believe me. DSR
  10. Dark Sword Ragnarok

    Cayenne Asuncion's Coruscant Speeder

    Thanks. The body is actually from the new Magnaguards, although I'm sure the design is an adapted version of the mini Bionicle figure torsos. I wish he was a little shorted, but it looks best that way. DSR
  11. Dark Sword Ragnarok

    The Steel Heron

    Actually, there is a great pic here that shows the assembly. Credit to Don Solo for the pic, he's also the creator of the original M8. DSR
  12. Dark Sword Ragnarok

    The Steel Heron

    Good point. Thanks. Floorspace actually isn't all that difficult to incorperate, and changes it immensely. Well, since you all asked so nicely: Here's how the seat looks while in the cockpit. And out of the cockpit, and without M8 seated. As you can see, it's simply a flat plated 2x3 with a jumper plate, then a clip and cheese slope on top of the jumper brick. the bar at the back of the M8 fits nicely inside when pushed all the way back. A bit fragile, but there isn't much need to move around in a cockpit, it's meant to keep it in one spot. Sorry for the blurry pic, my camera seems to be on the fritz latlely, doesn't want to take clear pics. Thanks. And very close guess! Thanks. Thats pretty much what I was going for, keep the asymmetrical design of the ship while taking out the useless stuff and making the ship as a whole more space-efficient.
  13. Dark Sword Ragnarok

    Cayenne Asuncion's Coruscant Speeder

    Thanks a bunch. Saw your flamethrower, looks very nice! DSR
  14. Dark Sword Ragnarok

    The Steel Heron

    That was an unnaturally fast response. But thanks nonetheless. I have a few pics of the original, I will try to get one up tomorrow afternoon, I'm done for the night. DSR
  15. Dark Sword Ragnarok

    The Steel Heron

    Hello all! Ever since the first leaked pics of the original wave of CW sets, people have continuously bagged on the Twilight, some even going as far as to call it the "Clunkadunk" (you know who you are!) When I saw the set marked down to just 50 USD at my local Lego Store, I bought it with this intent: To make the Twilight a good, functional model, while giving it a new face over the original frame. This is what my final product is. Taken out the original model: Large, ugly gun on right side of cargo bay Useless, ugly escape pod in front of the engine Useless, ugly bottom "wing" Added in/fixed/changed: Floor in cargo bay (thats a big one!) Closed hole in side door Beefed up wing guns Extra engine underneath wing Cuncussion Missles More greebs in cockpit Greebs on Engine Stairs leading from cockpit to cargo bay Weapon holsters in cargo bay Rear gun underneath platform Now, onto the pics: Overview. You can already see some major changes. Both side doors now open, and there is plenty of standing room on both sides. Engine block. Much greebs added here and on the main engine. Back. More detail on the platform and door. Also the rear gun and winch. Yup, built a chair to hold my M8 in the cockpit. It's just that awesome. Much more viewscreens/controls. Had to get a bit creative doubling-up 1x2 plates. Underside. More details here, filled in a lot of holes in the design. Floor space in the cargo bay! Yay! Small ramp up into the cargo bay. You can also see the bottom of the steps up to the cockpit. And finally....... Teh epic fite on teh wingz of teh sihp! Just kidding, gotta get my 1337speak out sometimes. This is Zak'kran confronting Jack on the main wing of the Steel Heron. Why? Because swordfights on a ship going at high speeds across a planet is high-energy and much more dramatic! Anyway, thanks for looking, hope you liked my MODs! C@C welcome as always! DSR