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  1. alexandertam

    Football shirts

    Yeah bald and getting fat lol
  2. alexandertam

    Football shirts

    I've resized the photos, so it's easier for everyone to read ;)
  3. alexandertam

    Football shirts

    Hi, I've been a Villa fan for nearly a decade, been through glory times and really tough times. I've always wanted to do this, so recently, I've combined my love for Aston Villa with Lego, and made some new designs for other teams too. Hey? Any Villa fan in here? To start off with, of course: I've done, in total 4 designs, an Aston Villa 13/14 home shirt, England 2014 world cup home shirt (men and women), and Arsenal 15/16 home shirt. I haven't figured out how to make the 15/16 Villa shirt, so it's still in experimental process, as for why I chose the 13/14 one, but not 14/15 one or earlier. It's because this is the design I like most in recent years. One other thing I did was the Acrons logo, I prefer not to help the betting company to advertise, and I've always wanted to help promote the local hospice. Ever since I did a year of volunteering in a hospice, I've always had many respect with the place, and wanted to help promote this practice. And of course, Acrons is the main charity sponsored and promoted by Aston Villa, as all fans know. So move on to the 3 Lions (England) shirts. It's a hard design, as all things are white. But I've managed to make one for my gf and one each for Gerrard and Rooney. And as all who follow English football knows what Gerrard is famous for.... XD Rooney: You do not flipping slip!!! You do not Flipping SLIP!!!!! Gerrard and Rooney discussing how to take the free kick. He is also famous for being a very efficient person, and can get done by 38 seconds :grin: I meant to do Arsenal players, as I was going to make one for Sanchez, but I ran out of white legs, so they became the top-4 glory hunters (Arsenal fans).... with selfie sticks!! I really think they should be banned in the stadium... don't you agree? The guy can't resist to take a selfie while being chased by a maniac (me) OMG Rooney got into the act! Thanks for reading, tell me what you think :)
  4. alexandertam

    Blue Coats, Red Coats, or Green Coats

    Not really... Red coats rule XD
  5. alexandertam

    Pirates Prison

    Brilliant! I like the texture of the water and the walls. Great stuff
  6. alexandertam

    [MOC] HMS Victory

    Thanks consider it done :), in fact I've re-sized all the above pictures, using the re-size function on photobucket... hopefully it will work. Funny you mentioned, because that's what I've aimed at.
  7. alexandertam

    [MOC] HMS Victory

    And a small update requested by my friend: I really should have done it earlier, since this is Victory and it's Lord Nelson.
  8. alexandertam

    [MOC] HMS Victory

    Thanks everyone for the comments, I really appreciated them. And thanks hobbes5a/avatar for your dedication to comment on two forums :thumbup: And to my friend, Cpt Becker, I've used my all my legos for the outside of the ship already, so.. um... I guess the interior design is just... um.. less impressive :p :p
  9. alexandertam

    [MOC] HMS Victory

    [pid][/pid] 141B Hi guys, I haven't been around for a long time. I was in the process of sorting out all the Legos in my home, then I thought to myself: Let's build something out of it :) So this ship was built from really limited resources, and I do know Victory got 3 decks, but again... sadly not enough bricks :( First thing first, I've uploaded a video on YouTube detailing the working rudder. Please go and take a look: (It's only 2 minutes, so it won't take you very long :)) And I understand there are many photos so if you can't load them or for any other reasons, please go to my album on photobucket: And actually I've edited many of my photos and added captions on them using the edit function on Photo-bucket, but I don't understand why it doesn't show up on here... And to the photos, here you go: A view of the port side: A view of the starboard side: The bow: And the stern: This time I've tried the new "cheese slope" mosaic at the back. I've tried to make the back as "Victory-ish" as possible, but as you can see, it's still a long way to go. Here are some bird's eye views as well: To make this ship more user-friendly, I've adopted a modular building style. Starting from the bottom without anyone: Now fill up the bottom deck... with a gold philosophy... (In case you can't see it, it's "No Port, NO Life") And as always, a tiny problem between our small friends and everyone else. Okay, second floor. Some closeups: And again my philosophy is quite popular among the sailors. (And in case you can't see it, it's "The best way of life is being drunk") Well... someone got to work: On the same floor towards to the front of the ship, we have the kitchen: Not to mention the not so fancy captain's cabin: Here you could have a guess on how my rudder actually work. The doors: And just to show you that there are 4 lamps in the cabin: After finished with the inside of the ship, allow me to show you the deck: I've got many muskets let lying around, and I don't like the idea of bucket. I just wanna show you Lord Nelson(the guy with a blind eye and only one arm.) hehe Just want to show you the anchor(one per side): Now the mast and rigs of the ship: Here are some other views of the ship: Last but not least, please please please leave me some comments. Thank you for reading.
  10. alexandertam


    No, you misunderstood me. I meant the grey gun muzzle of the 32 pounder, I think it might be better if it were to be in black. Since you can only see the gun muzzle from an outside view of your ship, hence you won't have a row of cannons in grey, then black.
  11. alexandertam


    don't think your 12pounder will move very well :P The others look very good btw, would it look better if all cannons are in the same colour tone?
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  13. alexandertam

    Who's at war with who?

    British Redcoat of an oversea battalion. Got funding and support from the British government, so don't really care on my allies. We would only make friend with the following people in the list if they offer free service. For example, supplying new boots from a merchant called Clerks for us to kick the megablocks out of any Bluecoats. The list of possible friends: Pirates! Merchants! Spaniards! Mermaids! Privateers! French! (If in non-blue coat) Chinese! Red Coats! *Edit: Nearly forget about this. I am in war with anyone who is in my way! :pir-skull:
  14. alexandertam

    Vignette "Good night, my sweetheart!"

    I can't see the kiss mark on his face This is very funny and well presented.
  15. alexandertam

    French attack Pratzen Heights

    you'd never fail to get my vote :)