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  1. Ricecracker

    Alternate Models Challenge - 60044 Mobile Police Unit

    …and here's mine, which ties into both the Police and upcoming Demolition themes: Crash through the old police station! Retrieve the crashed backhoe! Open the roof hatch to access the cab and storage area! Fold down the ramp and open the doors to use the surveillance drone!
  2. Ricecracker

    Hello my name is Phred

    Yay! Good to see you back.
  3. I've got some things to finish, and I still need to place some BL orders. Oh, and I'm going away for close to two weeks tomorrow. Hopefully not, we plan to be leaving before then!
  4. Ricecracker

    BURN Charity Contest

    I'll likely be entering something.
  5. Yes, really. You complaining here, over and over, does absolutely nothing to inform people about the release date. All you're doing is creating a hostile environment that offers no one relevant information. I'm glad your persistence finally paid off, but almost all of your previous posts regarding Customer Service did not further this discussion. Now, especially since we now have a release date, let's stay on topic.
  6. Let's stay on topic please. Complaining about and to TLG's Customer Service will not get a sooner release date.
  7. Merged into previous discussion.
  8. Ricecracker

    MOC: Coffee Shop Skunk

    Moderator Message As this topic has been reported, I feel it is my responsibility to post here. Eurobricks is a website for adults, and as such you may find adult-oriented content. If you are uncomfortable with this, avoid such threads. Please also have respect for taboo subjects when posting - leave your opinions to a different website. If you're ever unsure of something, either report the post/thread/member in question, or PM a Staff member. Thank you
  9. Ricecracker

    PAB Cups: What Did You Get?

    If you've still got the receipt, I'm sure the store would really appreciate it if you filled out the survey on the bottom.
  10. Ricecracker

    Brickworld - Chicago 2013

    I'm excited to see everyone. Still building though...
  11. As Peppermint_M said above, stay on topic. Before asking questions, please search both on here and other sites to see if your question has been answered. If you cannot find an answer, start a new discussion, or add to an existing, related one. Please also take a moment or two to proofread your posts before hitting reply. Thank you. This is your final warning.
  12. Ricecracker

    Review: 41006 Downtown Bakery

    Eurobricks Admin Hinckley presents a pictorial review of new LEGO Friends set, 41006 Downtown Bakery, courtesy of The LEGO Group. Go here to read the exclusive full review in the LEGO Town Forum!
  13. Ricecracker

    AFOL here

    Welcome to Eurobricks! Please read the site guidelines once more - a link can be found in my signature - as we do not allow new members to advertise their sites or contests. Join our community, post some more quality posts, and then perhaps contact a staff member to see if you can promote your site. Thanks, and welcome again! -Ricecracker