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    X-34 × X-34

    Sorry for the late response (I was on vacation ). The tubes are exactly the same. When I started building the new one and saw that they would be basically the same build, I didn't put on the new pair of tubes that came with the set (actually, it came with three tubes). I thought about doing a mash-up to see how I could make the X-34 more faithful to the original, but because of the color of the stickers on the turbines, i would have to go all tan or all salmon. In the end I opted for the salmon version, and reused the two grey tubes that were already bent to shape for the front. In reality, the (kind of) better X-34 is just a bonus, because the set is overall fantastic .
  2. Werlu Ulcur

    Level crossing with PF-Motor

    It looks perfect! And I loved the smoothness of the bars moving.
  3. Werlu Ulcur

    A new crane mod

    I was thinking something like this: It wouldn't demand too many extra parts.
  4. Werlu Ulcur

    MOC: Pennsylvania Railroad Class BB1 Electric

    Awesome! I'm generally not a big fan of electric trains but your model looks stunning, congrats!
  5. Werlu Ulcur

    Emerald Night: running!

    Without a doubt this is one of Lego's best sets ever, and I hazard to say it's THE best train set to date. It's simply gorgeous, to the point it looks more like a MOC by a talented builder then something stock from Billund. Not that Lego designers can't make cool sets (on he contrary!) but you usually see sets that are simplified, so that they will appeal to AFOLs and KFOL alike. But not the Emerald. This thing looks like a "scale model train", absolutely stunning! I had my set for almost a year, but this week i finally managed to assemble it. Great and fun build! I wanted my train to be motorized so months ago I bought the necessary parts and off the bat I put it together with the added parts. I didn't want to loose the so nice furnace in the cabin, so I went with a standard PF train motor, but in the tender - I ditched the gears for the main wheels on the engine to lessen the load. The IR unit fits perfectly in the boiler and the battery box I also put on the tender - besides being a perfect fit there, it puts enough weight on the drive train. The only inconvenient of this setup is that I have two cables between the engine and the tender, but they're fairly hidden, and because of this I can't easily disconnect the tender without unhooking the cables. Oh well, a small price to pay... I also disguised the battery box with black plates, so it almost looks like what you see is lumps of coal. And as you can see, I also adopted a six wheel set up so that I would keep the tender the stock length. I was forced to shorten (one stud) those two parts (I don't know what they're called) that go beside and ahead of the boiler, because the engine is wide and in curves the overhang is immense, and those parts scraped on the walls around the track in curves. The thing covers so much space that I had to widen the catwalk on the #7937 Train Station because the engine would simply catch on the support struts when going in. I also ditched the stock Technic pieces on the wheels for the MUCH cooler parts Ben makes - they make a world of difference! This morning I ordered a few black axle pins (without friction ridges) to use on the wheels instead of the stock tan ones, to make the wheels look more realistic. For those of thinking about getting just one train set, this is the one. Forget the Maersk or the Santa Fe, the Emerald is the nicest train from Lego .
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    Emerald Night: running!

    I'm very lucky Legoville doesn't have any sort of NTSB, because the risk of this thing decapitating minifigs on the stations is serious... No videos yet. I was thinking of doing an on-board shoot but my Panasonic Lumix is too wide. I tried to put the IR receiver on the tender, but I didn't like how it looked. I would have to make it longer, around 3 or 4 studs, and with that I would have to use another pair of wheels, but more importantly, in my eyes it looked too long and out of proportion to the engine up front. But if that doesn't bother you go ahead, it's easy to do and the engine will definitively look smoother and better.
  7. Werlu Ulcur

    A new crane mod

    Sleek! Do you plan on adding a control booth or something like that?
  8. Werlu Ulcur

    Emerald Night: running!

    The Scottsman is absolutely gorgeous! But 8-wide? I was having trouble with the EN on my city, imagine an 8-wide monster! Nice to know about the lines, I wasn't aware that the real thing would have them. So the only problem is the "permanently" attached tender, but I can live with that. And thanks for the tip on the pins, I'll check with the seller. I wasn't aware that black axle pins with friction crests existed, only the smooth ones. And they're expensive .
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    Emerald Night: running!

    Lego has some nice trains, but the EN is something else, almost like the others are for kids and this one is for adults. So maybe that's why it's kind of complicated to make it run - motorizing my red and yellow trains was easy peasy, almost "plug 'n play". Not that it was difficult motorizing the EN, but to run it smoothly presents more challenges. And looking at the pictures I just noticed I forgot to use one of Ben's connecting rods on the drive wheels on the engine . I read you guys talking about buying one so I just went to BL to check out prices; I almost fell off the chair!!! 300 bucks for a sealed set?!? Unfrigginbelivable!
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    Update: My Emerald Night is ready and running! It's motorized and I had to make a few mods for it to run on my track, but it's running flawlessly - in a few minutes I'll open a thread in the Train Section with more details. What a beautiful set it is! Without a doubt one of the Top 10 sets Lego ever made in my book. The build is very nice and the attention to detail is superb. I absolutely loved it! The only problem is that the thing is WIDE, and because of the overhang in curves, I had to modify my small station so that it can come in (I just made the catwalk longer). As cool as the Emerald is, the two sets above are MUCH more important to me and Legoville. Those sets were a Christmas gift from me to my wife, she built both and now Legoville has one more official builder .
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    As long as the tracks are perfectly aligned, they snap easily over the base plates. However that only works for straight tracks - regular or flex. The EVA sheets gave that section of the city a much more "developed" look. Before the green base I always thought that whole part looked like I was just temporarily building some sets and trains over the table. Besides, it buffered down the clac-clac-clac-clac of the trains running. I thought it would be a nice touch in my layout. But as a set it's GREAT. Honestly, as good as any of the high-praised modular sets. Thanks! Don't kid yourself, when you start a city you will soon realize that whatever space you thought would be enough will be too small. I'm already planning on adding three smaller tables to the extremities so that I can have a little more room. If I didn't have a train yard I would have (almost) enough space, but with the train yard roughly occupying half of my building area I'm running out of space for buildings. I'm always dependent of getting parts, but even if I had a huge supply at hand I don't have too much spare time to build. But being sincere, even if I had all the time in the world, I would build for small stints only. It's not like I already know how everything is supposed to look - ideas only blossom as I build things. They do, don't they? At first I thought they would look like they were just thrown there because there wasn't anywhere else for me to put them, but now they look as the blend in pretty well.
  12. Werlu Ulcur


    I'm glad you're enjoying the updates! As with everybody else I guess, what slows me down is the lack of parts . The problem is that it's very rare to find a BL seller with a huge supply of everything I need, so I'm forced to buy piecemeal. But I guess that's how it has to go . In terms of sets I think I'll tackle the Emerald Night next.
  13. Werlu Ulcur


    Update: I was annoyed by the white showing beneath the tracks, so I bought some fluffy green EVA sheets and covered the table. Now from afar it looks like grass and the train runs with less noise. I also assembled the #31012 Family House that my wife got me for Xmas and did a little landscaping.
  14. Werlu Ulcur


    Update: FINALLY Legoville has a train station ! Nothing fancy, but using a few parts from set 8404 and a whole bunch of my spares, I finally have a train station. I haven't officially inaugurated it yet, since my Emerald Night is still in it's baggies, but pretty soon my citizens will be able to ride around town in a train . However it will take a while before the EN is ready, because I want to motorize it, and I'm not totally sure how I'll do it. I also got some sidewalk done: This week I received a BL order with a bunch of bley tiles and was able to finish a big chunk of the sidewalks. Still quite a lot to go, but the city is definitively looking better. I also got the parts for some lamp posts and a few green parts for grass and plants. Unfortunately, after the train station and the fire station my spare parts are critically depleted, so I won't be able to do anything major until I get repositions. Looks like I'll be spending more in spare parts then in "real" sets for a while .
  15. Werlu Ulcur

    MOC: Modular shop with apartment

    Absolutely terrific! I loved the storm pipe detail that you made . Little things like that make a MOC so much better.
  16. Werlu Ulcur

    BOOK REVIEW: Lego Space

    This one is definitively coming my way!
  17. Werlu Ulcur

    MOC - Gundam "Hammer Judge"

    Outstanding! I honestly can't say which Gundam of yours is the coolest!
  18. Werlu Ulcur

    Sulaco Loading Bay

    Out of this world! And the photograph is nothing but perfect!
  19. Werlu Ulcur

    Mecha - M84-z2

    Liked it? I LOVED it!
  20. Man, your city is HUGE! I would love to have that amount of space to go wild with the trains.
  21. Werlu Ulcur


    Thank you everyone! It's been really fun to build! Today I received a few parts that i was expecting only for January, so hopefully the rest that I ordered will show up soon and then for the next update I can show some urban landscape improvements.
  22. Werlu Ulcur

    MOC: The three lions pub (Modular)

    Wow, that looks terrific! It blends perfectly with official modulars!
  23. Werlu Ulcur

    One Big MOC 2

    Holy mercaptans, Batman! That is absolutely awesome! :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup: Thanks for sharing!
  24. Werlu Ulcur

    REVIEW - 2014 LEGO City Set 60053 Race Car

    Yep! Those new wheels is exactly what make this set VERY desirable to me - realistic wheels. Finally!
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    Update: Last update of the year! Legoville is getting big and busy, and 2013 is officially done. Besides, my minifigs had a rough year, so they needed the extended break . First of all, I wanted to show how my Fire Station MOC looks with a proper helo on the pad waiting for some fire jumpers to board . And look who was around the neighborhood that night! My 6yo was bugging my brains to mush for us to start on the Monster Fighter sets, so after we came back home from our Christmas vacation I started the Haunted House. And you know what? Without a doubt, not counting the Fire Station this was the coolest (building) set that I've built for the city so far. Yeah, the modulars are VERY nice sets, but I just l-o-v-e-d the details on this one. I would easily consider it "modular grade", and compared to the modulars, IMHO this would be the nicest that I've built so far. As you can see, I modded it a bit. I wanted it to be look like an archetypical haunted house that you see on the movies, like those that are high on a cliff and are falling apart. So I used a big 32×32 gray base plate and elevated it two bricks-high, and kind of extended the front fence. I basically used every single bley brick available in my house (my son had a few in his sets but a father has to draw the line somewhere ), and just jacking it up a bit made it look more scarier. If I had the parts I think I would have raisin it four bricks but then I would have to push it back on the base plate (as it is I only have two studs free in the back) so I would have to do something about the gate and fences. I also did some "weathering" on the house and grounds, and it looks in a pretty rough state. No wonder the current tenants... And yes, it is haunted! Happy New Year to everyone!