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    Yinchorr - Royal Guard Academy

    Beautiful! A delight to see so many small details, giving the whole diorama a real feel. And I loved how you integrated the new minifigs.
  2. The Rhino Express: And the "real" photo here:
  3. First time I noticed the evil I'm-going-to-eat-you smile on the front grill .
  4. Sometimes I question my mental age because it never gets old seeing JarJar getting trashed .
  5. Guys, I recently gave in and ordered a Boss for me . Does anyone have the parts list to transform the chassis/undercarriage in black or gray?
  6. That came out GREAT! And yes, being more of a System guy then a Technic one, I also feel that alternative builds with Technic are much harder.
  7. Last night I was organizing my "collection" of instruction booklets and once again got pissed. Why the dickens can't Lego make them uniform in size ? Obviously they can't produce them in just one size because of the huge difference in set's sizes, but why not use a template of I don't know, three or four sizes - and stick to that - across all lines? Even in the same set, with more then one booklet, they manage to use different sizes. Right now it's a PITA to store them and it's VERY common to open a brand new set box and get the instructions folded up in odd angles.
  8. Werlu Ulcur

    [LDD] T-47 airspeeder

    Hopefully they do make a better version of it. From the OT, of the ships available as sets, IIRC it's the only ship that they haven't made a good decent version of yet.
  9. Great shots Sariel! I just watched the video of your F1 on Leg Godt and it's absolutely stunning!
  10. I was positive that we would have a galore of great shots ! Like everyone who likes Lego and photography, it's a delight to see such nice models so well portrayed. Keep 'em coming! And Luke's shot reminded of something. Back in the day of my diecast collections I also was a moderator at what at the time was the internet's biggest 1:18 diecast forum. To make things fun I started a contest where someone would post a close-up shot of a model, showing an important detail of it, and members would have to guess what model that was. The first person to guess would then post a close-up shot of one of his models until someone else guessed what it was. Maybe we could start something similar here? No MOCs allowed of course .
  11. Werlu Ulcur

    [LDD] T-47 airspeeder

    It looks terrific! If it were me I would go for the uniform wings - all white or with matching gray. It looks fantastically better then Lego's botched-up attempt.
  12. Werlu Ulcur

    The comparison topic

    At one time I entertained the idea of going for a clone collection, getting one of every kind. My wallet said not no but hell no .
  13. This set may not be for experienced builders, but for someone who is just starting out with the Lego experience or even new to Technic it looks to be pretty good.
  14. Thanx Max! It was supposed to be only a "model shot", but it did come out quite lively . Thank you! Fantastic shots, Blackbird! Those are what I would call "documentary shots" - the best way to show a model, specially if you want to document it like for a review. Back in the day, when I was deeply into 1:18 diecast cars, I had a big website where I made quasi-technical reviews of the models. At the time I did the whole enchilada to photograph them, using a light box, at least two light sources, infinite background, tripod, etc, etc. The results (as you have shown) were fantastic, but the whole photography process became a chore, something I started dreading every time I got a new item for my collection. For other reasons I ended up selling my whole 250+ cars collection and a couple of years later I got back into Lego. I really like photography but I came to realize that the shot I most like to make are those "simple" shots, where you see something that you think will look good in a photograph. So nowadays I rather grab a model and just shoot it using ambient light, to keep things quick and simple . Exactamondo . And BTW, that beemer looks AWESOME.
  15. According to Brickset the new 42041 has 607 pieces, while the older 8041 version has 611. Pics look exactly the same, and with both the second model is a race car that also looks the same . A few weeks ago I ordered the 42041 (will be here in a few days) and at the time I wasn't aware of the older version. I'm not complaining, since looking at prices on BL I see that for the 42041 I basically paid 60-70% of the price of a new 8041. So what am I missing?
  16. Thanks zux! That's a pretty handy tool, I never thought of using Rebrickable for that.
  17. Thanks! Good to know I got the same for less .
  18. I just agreed with Sariel on a thread exactly like what you're describing. I understand the enthusiasm, but creating a new thread just to say "I'M GOING TO BUILD A WHATEVER TRUCK WITH HARD SUSPENSION!!!" isn't exactly prime content and worth the effort to click on.
  19. Werlu Ulcur

    [MOC] EpisodeVII - Apoca AT-AT on Jakku

    Absolutely stunning! Honestly, one of the coolest MOC/dioramas that I've ever seen in the SW theme.
  20. Werlu Ulcur

    The comparison topic

    Yep. To the point it made it into my To Buy list .
  21. Werlu Ulcur

    [MOC] When Themes Collide

    Terrific! Looks like straight out from The Lego Movie .