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    LAAT/i Gunship (75021): nose art?

    Smitty, that looks good! I'm trying to order the 6×6, and when it gets here I'll see what can be done. Next week I'll try to get some stickers printed.
  2. Werlu Ulcur

    LAAT/i Gunship (75021): nose art?

    If I'm not mistaken a white 6×6 is not available, right? Just checked on BL and there's only a light bley available. In theory the sticker would cover all of it, but the borders will show. Would it work?
  3. Werlu Ulcur

    LAAT/i Gunship (75021): nose art?

    The problem is that they've all done it for the big panel on the older Gunship. I would like to see something that would fit, both aesthetically and in terms of size, the smaller area that the newer version offers.
  4. That looks AWESOME! I really love the cool simple lines, what I would want to see on a period hotrod.
  5. Got the parts needed and started building last month, but only last week was I able to make some photos. Here's how my Boss looks like: Nothing radical, but in my eyes it looks a LOT better now without all that red in the chassis. I also added a second pair of lights that turn on when the motor is activated and redistributed a few stickers .
  6. Werlu Ulcur

    Blue Power Jet

    Finally got around to modifying and making some shots of my Raptor: Now I think it looks a bit more "serious", and as a bonus it blends pretty nicely with other SHIELD hardware .
  7. Werlu Ulcur

    10248 Ferrari F40 Video Review

    As I expected, a "solid" set. Great? Hmmm, maybe, maybe not, but definitively (very?) good. The proportions surely are off, but I think that's ok since it's a brick model. Like somebody said, not a Day 01 purchase but I will buy it for sure. And I honestly think nobody can complain about the stickers. Those who do complain should first assemble a Speed Champions set (specially the 458 Italia).
  8. Werlu Ulcur

    So who likes the new Bricklink skin?

    Darn, just saw it. Looked like I stepped from the early 80's directly to 2005! Talk about evolution!.
  9. Werlu Ulcur

    what was your first lego set?

    This was my first, in the early 80's: After that there was some Space sets, but I really don't remember which one. What got me out of those Times Without Light was this:
  10. Werlu Ulcur

    [MOC] The Death Of Jason Todd

  11. Fantastic! I'm not into buses but that looks great! And clever way to mechanize the doors.
  12. Werlu Ulcur

    H.G. Wells "The Time Machine"

    Beautiful! You definitively should put it n Lego Ideas!
  13. Werlu Ulcur

    Slave vs Slave

    I got the set back in the beginning of the month, my first UCS set. Only yesterday I was able to sit down and build it. And as expected, it's absolutely a-w-e-s-o-m-e! The model and the build - one of the most challenging sets I ever assembled. I won't write a full review on the set, since that's been done before and probably better then I could do it, but I would like to show how big the thing is. I knew it was bigger then the previous 2010 #8097 set, but I could only really appreciate the fact when I got them both side by side. However, massive and detail-packed as the new UCS set is, I wouldn't retire the 2010 set. It's definitively one of my favorite Lego sets, and I think it does a pretty nice job in representing the Slave I in brick form. Obviously not perfect, but "good enough". Plus, the UCS set is not even close to being swooshable, and that's a quality I think is very important in a Lego set. With that, I would say that these two sets are complementary to each other. Well, at least for a Boba Fett fan and/or a SW nut .
  14. The set is not out yet.
  15. Werlu Ulcur

    (MOC) Hangar Bay 327

    Whoa, it's coming out great! Really impressive, congrats! The thing is so huge you can use it as a photo studio .
  16. Thanks for the info! Since I never built one I wasn't sure how the control valves work, but they look to be pretty smooth. My thoughts exactly! I just didn't commit seppuku right away because my 8yo was in the room.
  17. Well, looks like the Blue Crane just got bumped out from my To-Buy list by the Fire Plain! that looks pretty sweet! Thanks Sariel for the video! Soooo, when are you going to show us the B-Model ?
  18. Werlu Ulcur

    Tips for MOCing?

    This! Unless you're some sort of savant, if you never MOCed before, you have to learn how one kind of piece can relate to other types, so building factory sets following the official instructions is the best way for you to learn the basics. After you amassed a decent amount of basic knowledge (ie, how you can connect one part to another) you'll naturally start thinking about new ways to do the same kind of build or how to implement your idea in brick form..
  19. I don't have any set with pneumatics, so I'm not familiar with how they work. Looking at Sariel's video, I had the impression that the controlling mechanism is not a valve but a small axle that compresses one hose or the other. is that so, there's no two-way valve? And when he releases the boom it falls. Is that the only way to operate it or is there a way to bleed out the air more slowly?
  20. Well, form Jim's review I already was positive, but now I'm certain this merc will burn a (big) hole in my wallet. It's better then I expected! But about the blue crane, was anyone else disappointed? In fact, I was more excited about it then the truck (I have a soft soft for big machinery) but it runs kind of jerky. And to rotate the boom you have to press a switch on the platform that is rotating?
  21. Friggentastic! I honestly was on the fence about this one, but it looks like it's going to make (another) hole in my wallet. When will it be available in stores?
  22. Werlu Ulcur

    Slave vs Slave

    If you can, get it! I'm suspect to say so, but I think it's the best UCS ever (ok, one of the two best UCS ever, if you also think the Falcon is one of the two coolest ships in SW ). Darn, they're switched ! Can't believe I only noticed it after you pointed it out. When I moved to my new house last year I had to partially disassemble many models for the move and in the frenzy of putting everything back on display again I must have switched the wings. The worse part is that when I was making those shots I had the feeling that something was different but never did I noticed that I assembled them reversed. Thanks for the heads up!
  23. Werlu Ulcur

    Slave vs Slave

    Sorry, only saw your most excellent review today. But it looks like we arrived at the same conclusion: the 75060 is definitively the best version ever released, but the 8097 is a great version. I'm a huge Boba Fett fan, so I would never consider getting rid of the 8097. I see it as kind of a different version of the ship, but so good that even fater the mighty UCS sei I still think of it as one of my all-time favorite Lego sets.
  24. The thing looks gorgeous, has RC functions AND is in minifig scale! :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup:
  25. Werlu Ulcur

    [MOC] #691518 Comet Emergency

    Really nice! I'm also really disappointed with current Lego space themes - they're too childish. It would be nice to have something more serious like this.