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  1. Faramir

    LEGO Star Wars 2011 Pictures & Rumors

    Sadly no, every store is different in this respect and the quality of a store's PAB and minifig builder stations seem to vary greatly...
  2. Faramir

    The cop's bad day

    Nice MOC. I would definitely recommend adding a little more to the scenery to balance it out, though-- maybe a streetlight or a post where the large tile is now. As it is it seems like there is a lot of empty space, so I would either add detail as I mentioned or downsize it. Still it's a nice creation, and funny.
  3. I know I COULD, especially now that it's off backorder, but I'd rather not pay shipping costs for a set thats already slightly overpriced. Oh well. Leaving now, hoping for the best! Reason for edit: Wouldn't YOU like to know...
  4. Hey guys, gonna make a trip over to the new Elmhurst Lego store in Queens today, and I was wondering if they'd have any of the exclusives from other stores like TRU or Wal-Mart? I'm hoping to finally get my hands on a Landspeeder... Just a quick question, any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  5. Faramir

    Minfigure series two?

    Official release date is early September I believe, but I'd expect some shops to start putting out as early as mid August. Any other questions you have could probably be answered by or directed to this topic.
  6. A very nice improvement over the first one. The only suggestion I could make is to add some kind of texture or variation (besides the few windows) to the wall going around, although I know this must have been difficult using only parts from those two sets alone. However, it really is some excellent building with that in mind. Good work! Now how about combining two of the new Lions castles...
  7. Faramir

    Kingdoms Torso printing problem fixed?

    I don't know, but I sure hope so. Huge disappointment for me. They obviously have the tools to do it right as they did with the jester impulse, so if quality control finally did step up, I'm suddenly more interested once again in these sets...
  8. Faramir

    What pirates did I find?

    Yup. It was Lego's way of saying "We're ALMOST giving you pirates back... but not quite." A lot of people find mysterious pirates parts that end up having come from there, i.e. silver scimitar, big skull...
  9. Faramir

    What pirates did I find?

    Yes, these are lego. From the 4 Juniors Pirates series. Ta Daa
  10. Faramir

    LEGO Star Wars 2010 Pictures and Rumors

    Shuttle looks amazing. I'll definitely have to find the money for this one. Hope it gets a display at Comic Con. Am I the only one who's really curious as to what it looks like from the back? And whether or not there's an interior besides the cockpit?
  11. Faramir

    PoP Contest - Voting Thread - Category 1

    1 Point-- JopieK's The Palace of the Flying Fakir 1 Point-- greenskull139's Temple Battle 1 Point-- Oky Wan Kenobi's Nizam's Warship Nice job everyone!!
  12. Faramir

    King's Castle 7946 Review

    Excellent review, definitely near the top of my list this year. I'm also rather annoyed about the pinkish printing issue-- I thought they'd solved that when I saw this from Daoudbazaar's Jester review: But I guess not
  13. Yes, just call and tell them what happened. They're pretty good with missing/wrong parts. And besides, it's just one rock monster-- it's not like you're calling and saying "Hi, I just bought 10 copies of Mon Calimari Cruiser and none of them contained Admiral Ackbar! Make it up to me!" So they'll definitely believe you, if you're worried about that.
  14. Faramir

    LEGO Star Wars 2010 Pictures and Rumors

    We saw it listed on a minifigs poster about a month ago. Had a picture of Ep6 Luke, Vader, Shuttle Pilot, and (Stormtrooper?) Something like that... likely to be an Imperial Shuttle, based on the figs. That is, if they ever remember to announce it...
  15. Faramir

    LEGO Star Wars 2010 Pictures and Rumors

    Yes, it's the preliminary box art we'd seen in the past. You can see the "Confidential" stamp if you look really close.