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  1. JasperL

    [MOC] Train Station

    Wow. I like how it's way different from stations usually shown here. Keep up the good work.
  2. There are two things I dislike. Clone brands and Duplo. So for our little kids we bought some Hubelino marble run sets. OMG... and I like it! My wife started building with Duplo and Hubelino and shares her creations on social media. Last year one of her builds featured in a promo video by the Lego Company. Every now and then she gets asked for building instructions. I have tried using LDraw for this, but it only works for builds using Duplo parts only. Would it be hard to create parts for Hubelino elements? See it in action on Instagram
  3. I'm loving it. This really makes for a great Christmas train. I would love to take some ideas from this. But first I'm trying to Bricklink your Chocolate Factory. (By the way, any expensive elements in these cars? Those golden round 2x2 plates in the Chocolate Factory will cost a fortune.)
  4. It's a nice building, but it doesn't feel wintery to me. Those few white tiles en tooth pieces don't do the trick for me.
  5. It's a magnificent build, but the photography is distracting. Because the focus area is so small most of the beautiful details cannot be seen.
  6. For the restaurant a car with two more dining guests
  7. This year marks the 40th anniversary of Lego Technic. There is this article on the Lego site about the early days. Would love to see a similar story on grey era trains!
  8. JasperL

    Building 7777

    Exactly. The front track is not connected to anything. In fact, it's off by an odd 6.5 studs or so. However, I do feel the scene needs this track. It turns the station into a hub where you could switch trains. It also makes sense to have a restaurant and facilities at such a station. So I started building the signalbox. This is just my first mockup to find out which parts I'll need. The building is actually a bit taller than I had expected, but I really like it. Still fiddling with the dimensions and figuring what interior I'll put in.
  9. JasperL

    Building 7777

    Awesome! That station in your first pic is one of my favourite scenes in the book. Did you notice btw that the tracks on page 43 don't line up? I've still got plans to build the signal box on page 30. Your pics are inspiring, I should stop making excuses and make the darn thing!
  10. JasperL

    [MOC] Classic train - 12v Shell Terminal

    Great job. I think I'm gonna take your idea and build it. Might change some things along the way depending on the pieces I have though.
  11. Great you're still around.You really did an awesome job on this one. I fell in love with it because it blends in with other grey era trains very well, yet is completely different from the official trains. I tried to keep as close to your model as I could. I used 1x6 tiles over the door so the roof comes off more easily. And I put on red headlight bricks because the 162 has them, but I still don't know if I like them. And finally I've replaced the 1x2 brick behind the black ladders with two 1x2 inverted slopes because the ladder kept falling off. And that's about it.
  12. JasperL

    MOC: Classic town supercar

    This world needs more classic town!
  13. When I was looking for a 12v moc I found AJW's updated version of the 162. I have built it myself and call it my 7762. I particularly love the axle configuration on this one. See his post from 2009 and his Flickr pages. He also updated the 727.