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    The Lego Shop Database

    Thanx a lot man!!
  2. Sasa80

    The Lego Shop Database

    Thanx David, I'm going there for a weekend...advent in Salzburg Hope I'll find that shop near the river If there is someone who can tell me more...please do
  3. Sasa80

    MOCs: Brickenridge Buildings

    i like the bistro, very nice...
  4. Sasa80

    The Lego Shop Database

    OK... Salzburg, Austria, Europe...where can I buy LEGO??? Thanx!!
  5. Sasa80

    Help! Lego in Salzburg

    Ok, I have a question for all austrian lego fans... I will go to Salzburg in about one month from now (I'm from Croatia)... Are there any LEGO shops or other shops in general where I can buy LEGO??? Thanx in advance!
  6. Sasa80

    Post office

    very old school...i like it
  7. Sasa80

    Modular Train Station

    This is amazing!! The way you used the tracks to build the roff is just genius!!
  8. Sasa80

    My new town opens today! Guided tour

    great town!! really amazing... *wub* hope the train won't be to late *sweet*
  9. Sasa80

    Hello there!

    Hi Papataz!! I'm Sasa from Croatia!!
  10. Sasa80

    The Lego Shop Database

    Vielen dank, Asuka!!! All the best from Zagreb *sweet*
  11. Sasa80

    hi to all you brick freaks!!

    thanx people :'-)
  12. Sasa80

    The Lego Shop Database

    On December 15. i will be in Vienna, Austria for a few hours, can anyone tell me is there any Lego shops there where I can go??? :-/
  13. hello, my name is Alexander (Sasa is shorter *sweet* ), i'm from Croatia and i rediscoverd my big childhood love...and that is LEGO of course... I prefer city and trains but i also have pirates, knights, tehnic etc. All the best from Zagreb Croatia!! P.S. I'm 27...