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  1. Hexx

    Lugbulk problem

    Thanks for the advice guys!
  2. Hexx

    Lugbulk problem

    Hello, I don't know if this is a proper place to address this but I would like some advice. My LUG was invited to join the Lugbulk action organised by a different RLUG, we payed all of our fees including shipping in advance. Now, some 6 months later when the lugbulk finally arrived we were asked to pay some extra fees on top of that by their ambassador, yet he haven't provided a single paper, or receipt as proof for extra expanses. When we demanded to see the receipts the ambassador said that we can either pay him the sum he demanded or take our money back. Since we didn't want to be blackmailed we took our money and when one of our members met with the ambassador to get our money the ambassador said something along the lines of "hey, a man has to make a living somehow". My question would be, who should I complain to about this? Ok we got our money back, but we're talking about 10 people who are left without their bricks. We had plans for those bricks, we passed some pretty good deals because we expected them. We basically feel cheated and are prone to think this was the plan all along, so he could buy some time and gather money on his own. Please advise me what to do. Thanks
  3. Awesome build Henjin! The Spiderwitch is such a lively character and of other details I really like the stairs and the lime drain/sewege stream And I like how Spiderwitch keeps everything nice and tidy :D Also, pink teapot
  4. Thanks for the feedback guys! I really appreciate your comments and will try to up my game.
  5. Thanks LittleJohn! Yeah, you are probably right about the ground texturing, maybe I could've elevated everything for another plate level then do a bit more decorating, but didn't have that much space and kinda left that part "boring" on purpose to keep the focus on the ritual and the temple itself. Also, I'm trying to finish the first minichallenge so time is also a factor here. Anyway, I really enjoyed building this, so I'm probably gonna build a bigger and more detailed version when all the minichallenges are complete. Afterall, a cult needs its base of operations
  6. The Cult of The Great Wyrm prays here: Toppic is here: http://www.eurobricks.com/forum/index.php?/forums/topic/140797-nocturnus-minichallenge-ii-lost-temple-of-bdeesh/
  7. Somewhere deep in Moruth... Covered by the leaves lies the Temple of B'deesh, The Great Wyrm The Master Ritualist speaks: "Acolytes, you have shown tremendous zeal and loyalty, thus you have been deemed worthy in the eyes of B'deesh" The statue from the ages passed looms above the temple though the temple itself had fallen into ruin and is overgrown by swamp weed and wines the statue is untouched by the elements Since the Cult reappeared, restoration of the temple began, but there is much work ahead... The enterier is still in ruins so the rituals are taking place on the temple entrance Master Ritualist speaks once more: "Now your final trial stands before you, drink the blood of the dragon and your ascension will commence. Are you prepered to go all the way?" "Yes, we are prepared, Master Ritualist!" - the Acolytes respond "Then drink Acolytes! Drink and become Ascended!" First Acolyte sips from the cup, blood of the dragon is worm, almost scorching in his mouth... Then, he felt like his insides erupted in flame, his blood is boiling, his mind is in agony, he drops the cup... Then suddenly, everything stops! His body is strong, his mind is focused, his will is iron, his blood is now fire and he is born again with one sole purpose - to be the instrument of his master's will. "Arise Ascended one!" - Master Ritualist speaks - "Arise and bring your fire to the world!" ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Naturally, this temple is a place of worship for Black Spire members (Valyrian shock troopers make very good Acolytes), though Resistance folk are welcome to be sacrificed here.
  8. So, should each of the phases be a different topic or put it all under one?
  9. Thanks guys, I'm gonna try to do an overarching story with the microchallenges (the temple is already complete). I read through a lot of stuff here and I think Nocturnus really needed a fanatic doombringing cult :) We're bad guys among bad guys hence fealty to Black Spire @en_zoo, that shield from our banner is from Knights' Kingdom II sets, belonged to Dracus (sets 8821 and 8813)
  10. Hexx

    Wyvern's War Part II: War Council

    Cool build Arcturus, but I really enjoyed how big and detailed your story is. Hopefully you won't mind if I use some of your plot points and characters in my story as well? You are welcome to kill my cultists anytime (if they die they aren't worthy anyway ).
  11. Hexx

    [MOC] Wyvern's War Part 1: the Ebon Band

    Awesome! This is one colourful bunch! Sadly my Cult is too small and frail to face you in battle, so we'll just hide in the swamp for now
  12. The Cult of The Great Wyrm joins Black Spire http://www.eurobricks.com/forum/index.php?/forums/topic/140740-portal-of-fire-the-cult-of-the-great-wyrm-enters/ I am The Speaker and pledge our allegiance to Lord Raavage!
  13. The elementals have upset the earth and my Master is awake. Though his physical body is still held by the magic bonds that chained him eons ago, his mind is free and his thought is everpresent. I carry his spark and I shall spread his word and be his voice in this turmoil He is B'deesh, The Great Wyrm and once he is free he will reshape the world! I am known simply as The Speaker. The Cult of The Great Wyrm has gathered and is growing ever so swiftly. We stand with the Black Spire and we shall support Lord Raavage, the rightful ruler of Nocturnus! ...at least for now... Here is our clergy: In the back you can see the lowly Acolytes, they have yet to prove they are worthy of serving B'deesh. On the far sides you see the Ascended - priests who have embraced The Wyrm's awesome powers and are changed forever. In the middle you can see the War Priest and The Master Ritualist. Here are our Holy Warriors Like the Ascended, they also carry the spark of The Great Wyrm in them (which can be noticed by the red glow in their eyes). Our strength is in our secrecy, The Great Wyrm is calling and many will answer throughout Historica Maybe some in Avalonia, maybe in Mitgardia, maybe in Kaliphin... who knows... :) The Portal awaits, and once we have gathered the power necessary we shall dispell the bonds and our Master will be set loose upon this world. I have spoken...
  14. This is great! The build by itself is awesome, but I really like that air of mystery in storytelling :) Makes me want to find out more about the lonely figure (and his ancestors) :D