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  1. 2008 Picture thread

    Uhm, o.k. what do you think is a square? Please tell me before I call the asylum on you. ALSO, LOOK CLOSELY AT THE TORRENT DOOHICKEY'S COCKPIT! I SEE YELLOW!!!!!!!!!
  2. 2008 Picture thread

    My opinion of this set (not that anybody cares just because I can): Yay! Plo Koon (spellcheck) is a cool jedi. I just wish they would make a set off the starfighter he has in ROTS before Order 66. I am dissapointed (again spellcheck) at the lack of clones, battle droids (those suckers rock!!!) the unusual sticker (I think Lego is gonna do a lot of wierd stickers. Check out the egyptian temple thingy from Indiana Jones.) and the fact it is not the ARC Gunship.
  3. Decal Wish List

    Please. Sorry. I forget my manners sometimes.
  4. UCS Jedi Starfighter

    I was tricked. Okay. Shoot. Oh well.
  5. UCS Jedi Starfighter

    No. It was a real set. I know I saw it.
  6. Decal Wish List

    Tis much cheaper on Bricklink. You can find a brickarms fella for less money in the same shape. Oh and Mosana, can you do sort of napoleon/american revolution period?
  7. UCS Jedi Starfighter

    The fighter itself, tis a nice pic: I also once found a picture of the official UCS Greivous starfighter, but I lost it. Figured everybody would find it anyhow.
  8. Decal Wish List

    Thats the prince of orange. I need to get a normal trooper. Although I once long ago saw a standard dutch guy. I just need a stupid orange soldier decal! Oh and Benk, you can just use a dino attack torso. They are pretty close.
  9. http://www.brickshelf.com/cgi-bin/gallery.cgi?f=287720 This is a sci-fi dude I created for a contest. His name is Chetan Sahu (thats an asian indian name) I'll explain later. I'll edit it. Edit by Hinckley: Make sure you put links in with the link button-the globe with the chain, not the e-mail button...
  10. Decal Wish List

    Can I get some dutch trooper uniforms? as in pirate style?
  11. Dutch Decals

    Thank you. Please close the topic. ;-) Jabbabob *alien*
  12. Dutch Decals

    Can someone help me get dutch soldier decals? I have six (or maybe seven) Dutch (is they the ones with orange?) soldiers. I need decals please.
  13. Need a little help

    I quite literally have tried about 20 times, including reloading the page.
  14. For some reason, my computer won't allow me to access the pirates forum. I would like to post something there. Where can I post until I can fix the bug or whatever. Many thanks, Jabbabob *alien*
  15. A completley new, orignal idea!!!

    Unfortunatly, this is not original. Thet have had this on the official Lego forums since before the movie.