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  1. My entry to the LEGO Super Heroes Brickfilm contest. The main character is Nightwing/Dick Grayson, in his every-day clothes, on the job at the Coast Guard (he was a cop in the comics - I changed it because of the desired location and storyline for this Brickfilm). By the way, in case you couldn't spot Nightwing, he was at the very beginning on top of the pizza parlor.
  2. Captain J

    Lego Superheroes 2013 Rumours & Discussion

    If it were me, I too would go for the Batcave. It has such great features, and it's so iconic. Like everyone else said, it will also be discontinued sooner.
  3. Captain J

    REVIEW: 4204 The Mine (2012)

    I actually love the looks of this set, though I do agree with most everyone else that a surrounding tunnel for the rails would have added a lot to the set overall. I'll have to wait for a sale/clearance to pick this one up. I think that they are supposed to just make the doors look less "doorey" and more "rocky". They don't do a great job however.
  4. Captain J

    Lego Superheroes 2013 Rumours & Discussion

    I agree with most of your estimates, though I think that the Arkham set will be more expensive, maybe $79.99 or $99.99 (not sure how that translates into other currencies).
  5. Captain J

    New Mannum 2012

    Perhaps a back room with a drink machine, office etc.? Or a public drink machine? Doesn't really go with a newsagent though.
  6. Captain J


    Definitely one of the BEST Lego Batcaves I've seen. The rocks and just the whole 'cave' aspect of it is stunning. The lowest level is my favorite, with the vehicle turntable and water. I also love the 'Bat' logo.
  7. Captain J

    New Mannum 2012

    Awesome builders merchant yard, Lightningtiger! I also love the way you used the brick-bricks on the office/store. Perhaps you could do an update of the full layout - overhead view I mean.
  8. Captain J


    Stunning and accurate MOC here Lego-Freak! I especially like the way you did the engines/guns on the front. Very detailed!
  9. Captain J

    Weird Batarang?

    Does anyone know what this piece's use is? I haven't been able to use it for much of anything my self, and I'm wondering if anyone else knows anything about it.
  10. Captain J

    MOC: Hong Kong Ktt Railway

    Awesomely detailed train! The use of grill tiles on the roof and side of the loco are nicely done. Great MOC!
  11. Captain J

    Weird Batarang?

    Thanks for the insight everyone. Maybe more was intended for this piece by TLG but was never really accomplished. Who knows.
  12. Captain J

    Weird Batarang?

    In comparison to this piece though... Why does it not have a handle for a minifig to grasp?
  13. Captain J

    Review: 4440 Forest Police Station

    I picked this set up at the LEGO store last week and thought that I should do a (early) review! This will be my first review, so I'm sorry if I do something wrong. Set Name: Forest Police Station Set Number: 4440 Pieces: 633 Minifigs: 5 (Sorry I forgot to take a pic of the box) First off a birds-eye view of the whole set: In this set you get 5 all-new Minifigs that really look great. Fronts: Backs: And you also get a BEAR. This is a really nice piece and is printed on the face: The bear's neck and hind legs are both moveable, so you can pose it as if it were climbing and such: Now onto the actual 'set.' Bandit ATV: A nice little ATV, and the Dark Red looks great. And the rock with tree ontop: It's a nice little add-on to this set and allows for more playability. Side view of the Police SUV: Front view: (Notice the tile-studs for the headlights and the deerguard on the front) Back: (Also tile-studs for the brakelights) The opening back: There is actually a good bit of space back there - you can almost fit a minifig! The Police Chopper: It's pretty nice overall, but the propeller on the top is made from two tile pieces, so it is flimsy and the tiles will break off if you try to spin it too hard. The Station The office: The radar/communications 'bridge:' (Or atleast that's what I think of when I look at it) The large jail cell: Summary: I really think this a great Police Station. It is very unique and stands out from all of the other police stations we've had. Honestly, this is my favorite station of all. There are also some new pieces, such as the 'brick-brick' and tile-studs. 8.5/10!
  14. Captain J

    2012 City sets

    Good news, it's actually going to be a $40 set! See here on Shop @ Home.
  15. About 2-3 weeks ago I began working on building a LEGO Train Mountain. I was very inspired by some topics here and that's when I began working on this! Now you are probablly wondering why this is all different colors. Well, all of those red, blue, orange, white and tan bricks are just the plan for what I will be building with green and lime green bricks, that I will be getting from the in-store LEGO PaB. As you may have noticed in the last picture, the inner support for the back mountain part is made from Duplo bricks. I saw that idea in one of the topics here, and it has saved me alot of bricks (and money!). The back mountain part will be finished off with Bricklink's "light-bluish gray" and dark stone gray bricks. I will be going to a LEGO store after Christmas and I will use the free holiday PaB box I got for spending over 75 dollars and I will also buy a large PaB cup to fill with bricks. (and maybe a small one, too) I will then build what I have built so far with all of the colored bricks and will (hopefully) finish off the top of the mountain! This will be more of a green mountain rather than a rocky mountain, and I will add plants and vegatation to it. Please tell me your thoughts on this so far!
  16. Captain J

    MOC: CP0450 DMU

    Exellent train MOC! The shape is practically exact to that of the real train! But one question: is it motorized?
  17. Captain J

    Beginnings of a LEGO Train Mountain

    Yes there will be a train tunnel going through the mountain. And Bricklink might be cheaper, but like I said I have a free box to fill with bricks and if there is a good selection of green bricks (usually there is) I might as well get it while I'm there and not have to pay shipping. (Remember I'm not using the online PaB, but the instore one)
  18. Captain J

    2012 City sets

    It is?? What does it include? Could you describe it (or if the store is close to you, possibly take a picture?) for us all please?
  19. Captain J

    Review: 4440 Forest Police Station

    Thanks, but it's not really me that takes great pics, it's my camera. I use a Canon EOS Rebel T3i. And about the technic bricks, I think it's so you can arrange the station multiple ways, like the 2008 Police Station. I don't think they are supposed to connect to another set, but they are so you can arrange the station different ways. Well I meant to mention this in the review but I didn't apply the sticker to the front of the SUV. I will instead put two blue or white grill tiles on the front. Yeah, it's a really good station, and the new pieces are great. Can't wait to get them in some different colors! Also, yeah, I realized that I forgot both the rock with tree ontop and the ATV about 30 mins. after I published the review, but by then the computer was already turned off. But I edited it and added the pics.
  20. This is such a great tunnel design! So simple, yet so good! I can't wait to see this finished.
  21. Captain J

    2012 City sets

    Probablly in Janurary. Not sure why TLC released a few of this wave's sets so early but some were left out.
  22. Captain J

    Studwell City

    Nice city you have built! I like the look of the Hospital, and I hope to see some interior pics sometime soon. Keep up the good work.
  23. Captain J

    Bluebrick Layout Software

    Is Adobe required to use BlueBrick? The computer I would use if I were to download it does not have Adobe, so I'm wondering if I could use BlueBrick on that computer.
  24. Captain J

    Brickwood City

    Over the past year or so I have been working on a Lego city, and I would really like to hear all of your comments and suggestions. Brickshelf folder I posted these just a few minutes ago so they might still be awaiting moderation. Please share your comments and tell me any suggestions you have. EDIT: I forgot to mention that I have started working on adjusting the train track layout so that I can add a cargo yard when (if) I get the Red Cargo Train later. I will also be going to the LEGO store closest to me soon and I will be getting some of the new City sets and maybe some baseplates to fill in all that empty carpet.
  25. Captain J

    Brickwood City

    OK great! I got it now. I'll deeplink some pics of City MOCs soon. Thanks again Ricecracker!