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  1. Wolvarie

    Wild Things & A New Medieval Building guide

    All I can say is YAAAAAAAAAY!
  2. Wolvarie

    Future Castle Sets?

    Absolutely. There is a Castle market square on Ideas that has reached 10,000 votes. Here's hoping.
  3. Wolvarie

    Future Castle Sets?

    Insert burning effigy of Nexo Knights being known as a castle theme.... Urgh the wait continues...come back Kingdoms I miss thee and your Market Square, your joust, your farm with windmill for grinding grain, your green dragons...crownies, lions, black falcons, dwarves, goblins, skeletons. Be bold LEGO, you can afford to keep the AFOL's happy. Would be interesting to know how much of a % of buying power the AFOL community now has.
  4. Wolvarie

    LEGO LotR - general discussion

    Sigh, no new LOTR sets...Castle replaced by the monstrosity that is Nexo Knights...Guess I can blow all of my saved 2016 castle money on Star Wars instead...was really hoping for a new Kingdom's line...pander to my wants LG!!!
  5. Wolvarie

    The Wall: Rome's Northern Frontier

    Well done Brick to the Past team. You have many fans down under with this masterpiece. For me personally it is a life dream to make something like this in the Roman world. Straight out of a Peter Connolly book great stuff. Just another reason for LEGO to make a Roman Empire theme...
  6. Wolvarie

    Nexo Knights 2016

    Oh well thanks LEGO...money saved for new Castle theme can go to paying for mundane things like bills. Very disappointed.
  7. Wolvarie

    Nexo Knights 2016

    What I would love to see is modular castle builds. Break the obilitory castle down into different parts such as walls, towers, keep, gatehouse etc, would think LEGO would sell them by the truckload. Add in various minifigs and other elements and you would have something that would allow kids to build that really cool castle over time and AFOL's to just go nuts. Could do the same thing with various medieval buildings in a town setting, a similar type thing as the City creator sets, but for Castle. There is so much scope to do more than the poor effort they spun out a few years ago.
  8. Wolvarie

    Nexo Knights 2016

    Come on...just keep a little hope that there might be some Castle goodness this year...no need to suck all the hope out of it.
  9. Wolvarie

    Nexo Knights 2016

    Yes the teaser with the Black Falcon knight in the joust whipped up quite a storm. All for adding some blue back into the mix....The Black Falcon v Lion Knights was when I got into castle in a major way back in the late 70's early 80's.
  10. Wolvarie

    Nexo Knights 2016

    Really hoping for Castle Fantasy Mk II. Had realism in designs plus fantasy creatures. Win win.
  11. Wolvarie

    Nexo Knights 2016

    If this is true, then I have to up the LEGO savings budget... Some things I hope to see in Castle Fantasy II..if it happens. Bring back the battle packs! Black Falcons...like the knight in the last Castle Joust set. Forestmen...updated clothing and weaponry. More peasants and common folk...like the Mill and Barn set. Some mounted warriors...like the Huns, Celts etc. Non human factions... Trolls/orcs/goblins Elves Dwarves Some other lawful dragons other than the green Maybe some Chima styled beast faction like Wolfen or Bearmen or Cats etc Crownies or Lions in the red and the blue styles as well as the Green Dragonmen. Bandits...Wolfpack mkII Another addition to the village market set. Houses, buildings other than smithies... Modular castle sets. Walls, gates and towers that could be added to a bigger castle set or be used to build up to one over time. Hot damn if this is true.
  12. Wolvarie

    LEGO Castle 2013

    I really liked the way the Kingdom's line was going with more realistic features and builds such as the Market Place and the Joust. The dragons and other race themes such as the dwarves, skeletons and orcs were something different. They have all these molds from the LOTR and Hobbit lines that could be used to launch a new better castle line, that was modular and allowed for lower price points to then build into a larger castle or town. Would like to see castle as an older demographic, let the kids play with Chima and Ninjago and allow castle to be more realistic in buildings and fantasy based with minifigs. The fact there is no Castle line for 2015 and no word on if or when it is returning makes me think LEGO has dropped the ball and can't see the real love of the Castle line within the TFOL and the AFOL groups. Bit of a smack in the face to all LEGO castle lovers everywhere.
  13. Wolvarie

    LEGO Castle 2013

    Was a sad day when I downloaded the new catalogue and no castle themed sets....a sad day for the LEGO group.
  14. Wolvarie

    LEGO LotR - general discussion

    Got to get the other LOTR sets on ideas up to 10K as well. The Osgiliath set, the Lothlorien set and the Edoras set are all excellent ideas and worthy of being made into sets. If TLG sees that fans still want LOTR and Hobbit sets they would be stupid not to. BTW I have followed all of these sets on Ideas. As it stands Osgiliath 1147 supporters (311 days left), Lothlorien 5495 (181) and Edoras 3571 (116). Get on these sets, tell your friends and LOTR loving LEGO builders everywhere. The Edoras one is the one needing the most help, need some sites like thebrickblogger and the brothers brick to highlight them. I want it to continue as the present Castle line makes me want to barf.
  15. Wolvarie

    Winners MEC Contest

    Nice work all! Get on ideas and support the Osgiliath set.