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  1. zewy623

    Could Technic Star Wars Ever Come Back?

    They may bring back the Technic Star Wars line once Hasbro loses their, or more likely needs to sing another, contract with Lucas Arts. Hasbro consideres these figures as "action figures" Which they're NOT, they're technical figures which are used to show functions and building techniques. But this would be a great opportunity to reintroduce the old Bionicle parts and the Hailfire Droid wheels, and they would be updated with the new colors and newer/updated pieces. This would also be yet another opportunity for Lego to get more fans, as these models would be more accurate to the movies (Especially droids) and would attract fans that would like more of a challenge then a playset. These would also bring in more functionality for Star Wars and would bring in a great opportunity for experimental pieces and new pieces as long with the addition of older pieces. This would be a great investment for Lego if they get the chance to bring back this line.
  2. @KEvron Thanks, I don't use it so I had no idea how it's spelled
  3. I hear Cuuso calling out to this... or however it's spelled
  4. If there's still time in production, which I'm not sure if there is or not, I don't know Lego manufacturing schedules. But, If there is time, can't they just make these molds again and pack them with the crawler? And there's always a piece that goes wrong, so why not go with these while they're fixing and repacking the crawlers?? Just some ideas of mine...
  5. I forgot about Flex And I thought the new helicopter had a swashplate.
  6. This is the topic I made for a list of pieces we want back. In hope of Lego designers read this and consider the rerelease of these pieces! The pieces I really want back are the Power Puller wheels/tires, but more like the ones in 8466 4X4 Off-Roader. I really want to have at least a set of these without having to look for the best deal on Bricklink/Ebay. On an off topic look at things, I was hoping the crawler would have these sine it is a crawler and these would be better tires for it, and it has been proven that these wheels/tires work with the portal hubs. What do you think? What do you want back?
  7. This is a bit off topic... But with all the debate of which is better, I think Lego needs to come out with a third line of mining (and no, not city) and make it better then PM and RR!!
  8. zewy623

    9398 - Lego Technic 4x4 Crawler

    @DLuders Thanks, but why the extra hard spring? If it's offroad/4x4 wouldn't it need a softer suspension?
  9. zewy623

    9398 - Lego Technic 4x4 Crawler

    Ok, I haven't been on for awhile and I was reading through this. The "Stick shift" piece in the cab, have we figured that out? My idea is if the new L Motor, I think thats the one thats the drive motors, has an adjustable speed. And does anyone know what kind of springs we get, are they the hard or soft?
  10. zewy623

    1h 2012 models

    If it is another 8049 but with a different attatchment... pnuematics please :D
  11. I think this is the hero factory equivalent to the quaza beast. Considering the hero core and lack of quaza spikes.
  12. zewy623

    9398 - Lego Technic 4x4 Crawler

    Are we for sure that the crawler doesn't have a fake engine?? I havent followed this model too much so I'm not sure if theres a pic or not, but I think that it could have the possibility of a motor, even if it is an in-line motor, which on mocs, it looks like it would fit if there was some extra beams for support of the other pieces, and I don't think that a few extra pieces would raise the price that much, since the unimog had so many pieces with pf and pneumatics, so this model having so few pieces and pf and 3 new motors shouldn't raise the price that much.
  13. zewy623

    9398 Replica by dokludi

    Dokludi, I suggest you save your body design (or shell as I shall refer to it) for the upcoming contest. The contest will be a competition of new body (or shells) for the chassis of the crawler. Yours would go far because it's nice and clean, plus the colors are good on it. Sorry if this was off topic, but I felt like getting the word out.
  14. zewy623

    9398 Replica by dokludi

    In the other topic: http://www.eurobricks.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=65823 It says the m motors are slow. And that topic has more of a build on the diffs whereas this one has a build outside the motor blocks.
  15. zewy623

    Crawler 9398 MOC

    Ok, if the m motor was slow, l motor has to be very fast. I've noticed from the motor to the diff, its geard down from 12-20 tooth gears, from the diff to the hubs its geared down the same way, then its geared down a third time in the same way inside the hubs. Plus it's going to have more torque then the m motor because of the size of the set. So maybe (on another post somewhere, I'm not sure where.) I was right on the L motor being the high speed, high torque motor. Edit: I noticed between the motor and diff, its geard down a second time, so its geared down 12-20 tooth gear reductions 4 times. This L motor HAS to be fast if it goes through that much gearing down