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    Too many to list explicitly. I am studying though, what the human path in life is. Why we're here. What this is all about. Tai Chi Chuan and other internal martial arts. Cooking.


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  1. Cutty

    850425: Desk Business Card Holder

    As I do not own any lettered tiles, this will be something I'll keep watching for! Nice find! Be well! Cutty
  2. Cutty

    The Tumbler as i see it

    That is one nice Tumbler variant you got there! Very elegant curves and yet very reminiscent of the original vehicle. I wouldn't mind this to be a Bat-ride© in a future film adaptation of Batman. Thanks for sharing and be well! Cutty
  3. Cutty

    HISHE Super Hero Cafe

    Haha! That is one awesome MOC! I love HISHE and Supe's and Bat's witty and sometimes snide conversations they have. And you captured the setting, the feel and stirred some extra LEGO cartoony goodness into the mix which becomes it remarkably well! Thanks for sharing! Be well! Cutty p.s.: 'Cuz I'm Batman! scnr
  4. Cutty

    Avengers Quinjet MOC

    This Quinjet Moc... I like it! *SMASH!* ANOTHER!! scnr Your MOC is definitely superior to TLC's version! Thanks for showing! Be well! Cutty
  5. Having seen some of the clear resolution out of package pics now I must reinforce my initial statement: The Man-Bat creature is by FAR my favourite of all CMF monsters right now! A cheap alternative to his brown counterparts from MF? Sold! Cool furry chest print? Sold! Vampyric appetite monster grin face print? Sold! What's not to love here? And the conquistador is even better than I hoped! The armour is generic and reusable in many contexts, the face is fit for many themes and it's a second chance to get some more rapiers. Cool stuff! Even that black-/evil-robot grows on me. As does the actor/thespian. Especially his clothes will be seen in many historic MOCs in the future, that's for sure! Good stuff TLC! You have done it again! Be well! Cutty
  6. Whoa! Series 8 looks better than I anticipated! That "female" alien is pretty nice, given I never got all the AQ sets! Pirate captain, diver, dark robot, victorian era actor, fairy, bowler hat businessman and red cheerleader look awesome! Not so keen on american footballer, Lederhosen-man, female skier, cowgirl and DJ... Some have nice accesories though: Lasso, pretzel (!), gold trophy. Santa claus is nice for looks, but I don't like him. Would have preferred him having the new Gandalf-beard in white... But here's the top crop: "Bat-Man" and conquistador! Those are definitely fantastic and serious army building potentials! Imagine a huge swarm of those bats in a fantasy layout! Awesome! And they look even better in black, opposed to their first release in brown. Way to go TLC, well played! Good thing there are so many figs I don't want multiples of, so I can focus on gem hunting again! Be well all! Cutty
  7. Cutty

    Results: Survey Missing LEGO Animals

    Excellent compilation Bonaparte! That survey gives a concise assessment on the EB community members' wishes and desires. I for one am not so very surprised by deer showing up in the top 5, as they are a stylish asset to both civilian and fantasy builds. The Cuusoo project might have helped to charge interest in them a bit, but they're a no-brainer for sure. As for otters and squirrels: Would love some of those! They'd be excellent in a wildlife reserve theme or zoos and city parks. Let's shout a bit more and maybe TLC will take heed someday! :-) Be well all! Cutty
  8. Cutty

    LOTR & The Hobbit 2012

    Whoa! Exciting news overnight! That Balin figure is magnificent! Given I'm a sucker for dwarves as is, but this... damn well design by TLC nowadays! Be well! Cutty
  9. Cutty

    Article: LEGO and Animals

    But bear in mind, you'd just have a male lion then, without the simple option of removing the mane for a female... In the end one would have to evaluate the scenario by producing some mock-ups and see whatever option qualifies as the most feasible. Still I'd argue that one mold plus one minor accessory is superior to TWO almost identical molds. Be well! Cutty
  10. I'm not overly impressed with that list. These might be promising: Pirate Captain (looks damn good on that pic! Want!) Conquistador (never got that morion helmet before, so: want!) Enemy Robot Evil Female Alien (wonder if she's from cliché-galaxy, where any female invests in LAZ0rrz instead of proper clothing...) Fairy Red Cheerleader (for parts!) Those probably not so much: Santa Claus Boy in Bavarian costume (as a Bavarian-born German I gotta ask: What's the big attraction of Lederhosen? They're tacky and uncomfortable as hell! ) DJ Cowgirl Diver (might be good, if done right...) Vampire (Someone at TLC pulled a "Thor" on that: I like this figure! *smash* ANOTHER!!! ) Football Player (AMERICAN football or REAL football? In any case: ) Trader Skier This one however sounds definitely worthwile: Ancient Thespis (I understand this as a greco-roman theater performer. The masks might be good! And perhaps we finally get some authentic ancient attire: Chiton preferred, but I'd settle for a toga as well... Shame this would most likely be of the white variety... lame, but better that than nothing) And again we don't get some chinese martial artist... All in all, after the last very cost intesive CMF series, this promises to be a breather for me. No obvious army-builders with a side dish of not-so-interesting extras. Nice somehow! Be well all! Cutty
  11. Cutty

    Article: LEGO and Animals

    Hmm, late to the fête again it seems. The obvious choice for new Lego animal molds would definitely be some exotic specimen of contemporary megafauna. TLC has had such a wild run on churning out all the extinct reptilian predators, that it almost seems as if it'd neglect our pretty abundant wildlife on purpose... So if I had to choose, these would be my favourites. Order doesn't indicate importance, although the Top5 would be of priority! Here goes: 1. Lion/Tiger - I imagine this to be a singular mold, that could be "lionised" by attaching a separate mane-piece to the basic "large cat" mold. Just for the sake of keeping it cost effective. 2. Wolves!! - Come on, it's a damn obvious choice! And please not the bad, grim, maneating, always growling type of scare-the-kids wolf. Just a plain but recognisable wolf. Might represent a husky with a repaint. 3. Elephants - We had those with the Adventurers once, but never again. New updated mold time, hands down! Removable tusks and interchangable ears to distinguish m/f and asian and african varieties please! 4. Mules/Donkeys - If the horse was the Ferrari in ancient times, now it's time for us to acquire the poor man's truck. Should have the same hind-joint as the new horse for some serious kicking action! Overdue!! 5. Sheep - Why we don't already have these is waaay beyond me. Removable fur for shearing action would mean bonus points, but isn't that much of a necessity. Runner ups: - Llamas, alpacas, guanacos, vicunjas - My "favourite" animals! And they're sooo cuddly and adorable! (Also I'd need some of them for these CMF Aztec eagle-warriors, just sayin' ) - More fowl! - Geese, ducks, turkeys, eagles, crows and parrots should have a separate mold each. A generic "small bird" mold with different paint jobs could represent almost everything from a sparrow to a robin. Eagles, crows and "small birds" should have either movable "clip"-wings or separate sitting/flying molds! - new "standing" cat - analogous to the standing german shepherd mold - more variety in dogs - Evolution ftw! Being stuck with only german shepherds is an unsatisfactory state! - Giraffes - never been done before, not desperately needed, but cool anyway. Obvious choice for a future safari-theme! - Rhinoceros - see Giraffes - Hippopotamos - see Giraffes - Antilopes/Wildebeests - see Giraffes Almost forgot the obvious cry for deer and boar of any kind! These are needed by Castle-builders!! And should we ever have a prehistoric theme that DOESN'T necessarily pit man vs. dinosaurs (that still are being portrayed falsely!) here'd be some ideas for that: - Mammoths and mastodons - "Sabretooth" cats - Cavebears - Giant sloths - Giant deer - Giant tapirs - Giant Hyenas Seems anything was a bit bigger before we invented bow and arrow... So, "Wall of text" achievement is unlocked, I'll rest for now. Be well you lot! Cutty
  12. Cutty

    10228 Haunted House

    That's a neat set, really! The Minifigs are fantastic, the overall structure and decoration wonderful, the use of parts is simply stunning... ...BUT! That beauty is a little out of my price range, sadly... *tears* Be well, Cutty
  13. Cutty

    Review: 21102 Minecraft Micro World

    Thanks for that excellent and thorough review! As I voted for this on Cuusoo pretty early on, getting this is a priority and a no-brainer for sure. (Frankly, I quit my last MC-gaming-session mere minutes ago ;-) ) But here's the bad news: Where in hell (or when in this universe) is that going to be on TLC's german shop site?! As of now, it's listed nowhere, unless my eyesight is getting really blurred and I overlooked it. The micro Creeper and Steve? (Yes! That "?" is intentional!) are adorable and the overall structure gives away, what MC is all about. That whole model pretty much looks quite like my last single-player world I started... Good stuff! If only the price was a (big) LITTLE lower... :-(( Be well you all! Cutty edit: I can not believe I really wrote "quitted" instead of "quit"... my english is seriously in danger of going down the drains for the worse... mega-shame on me!!!
  14. Cutty

    MOC: Tyrnosaurus-REX

    Excellent! Just excellent! This is simple, effective and hilarious! The part that gets me the most is King Rex' (the crown! the crown!!) expression, as it conveys both an aura of nobility and fierce appetite! This is desktop wallpaper material! I love it! Thanks for showing captain kaos2, you made my day. Be well! Cutty
  15. Cutty

    [Review] 9496 Desert Skiff

    Excellent review Plissken, thank you for that! The figs clearly make this set, hands down. I worried, whether or not this might be useful for me, but given the nice selection of parts in colours I want, there's a big chance I will get rather one or two of these skiffs for parting out. Luke's torso and Lando in his entirety could really be useful for my needs. Not so sure about BF and the grunt*, but even they could provide some useful material by leg- and arm-swapping them. Be well! Cutty *(Yeah! As if its "name" was really relevant for anyone besides die-hard collectors! Way to sell out on even the last background character by obsessively inventing nomenclature for any and all of them, GL... *facepalm*)