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  1. I would like to join the Simon/Drow Assault team.
  2. K.Kreations

    Book II - Avalonia: Guild sign-up and Discussion

    Kyle of Draek Forest swears his allegiance to the West. Kyle of Draek Forest by K.Kreations, on Flickr I will post more story when I get my first free build done, a large keep in the center of Draek Forest. I would like to claim the small land in the Mystic Isles by the Faerie and Dark Isle, and the really small island down south of it.
  3. K.Kreations

    Book II - Avalonia: Guild sign-up and Discussion

    Hey fellow Avalonians, Book I finished out fantastically and I regret that I was not able to participate more. But, with things getting started again I am seriously considering joining. Although I find that I have too many obligations when it comes to building, and I wish there were more of the original guild members still participating. That being said I will still try and get a character up. :)
  4. K.Kreations

    MSFC Voting Thread

    This has turned out to be an insanely succesful contest. Here are my top 5, but it was very tough to choose. 5. Freighter over Ice Planet Biodome - Lt. de Martinet- 1 point 13. Invasion! - 4estFeller- 1 point 28. Ice Planet - Crystal Station - Siercon and Coral- 1 point 56. Eco-City - LL- 1 point 80. The Land of the Alaula - CarsonBrick- 1 point
  5. K.Kreations

    West Forest Gate

    Here is a recent build of mine using some new bricks from a bricklink order. Inspiration was taken from Skyrim although I do NOT play the game. Because I did not completely finish it there are only a few photos. Western Pass of Dragswood by K.Kreations, on Flickr] Dragswood West Gate Details by K.Kreations, on Flickr]
  6. K.Kreations

    MSFC: Landing on Xurus

    Here is my entry into the micro sci fi contest! Main Photo: Landing on Xurus by K.Kreations, on Flickr] Feedback is appreciated!
  7. K.Kreations

    Mushroom Gathering

    Ok, sounds good. :)
  8. K.Kreations

    Mushroom Gathering

    Very cool! But I do believe the collar technique is mine, unless you came up with it without seeing mine on Flickr, but if not I would like it if you could give me credit for it. :)
  9. Sorry for the late request, but may I have the same blue Rebel Symbol as Darthluke? Thanks!
  10. K.Kreations

    Forestmen Temple

    Here is another forestmen build. I chose to do the inside of a forestmen temple for the architectural detail category of CCCX. Sorry for the dark photo, but it is raining today. (CCCX Architectural Detail) Forestmen Temple by K.Kreations, on Flickr]
  11. K.Kreations

    Dark Forest Fortress

    Hello members of the 4 guilds of Historica. I have been in-active in the guilds for a while, but while I've been gone I've gotten better. :D Here is my latest build for CCCX, the Classic Set Reimagined category. I chose the largest set in the Dark Forest theme. I had a blast building it and it fits perfectly into the mystical forests of Avalonia. CCCX Dark Forest Fortress by K.Kreations, on Flickr] Dark Forest Detail #1 by K.Kreations, on Flickr] Dark Forest Detail #2 by K.Kreations, on Flickr] Dark Forest Detail:Mushrooms, Hidden Shrine by K.Kreations, on Flickr] I'm glad to be back! C&C are always welcome. -Kyle
  12. K.Kreations

    Avalonia Guild: Homepage, Sign-up and Discussion

    Hello Avalonia! I have been in-active for quite some time now. This had partly to do with Lands of Classic Castle, as well as some contests and projects on Flickr. But, my schedule has calmed down a bit, and I have read through the posts I've missed. Also, my building skills have greatly impoved in the time I have been gone. So, now I hope to be a little more active again in GoH. DC, that story idea sounds awesome, and I would love to participate. I have done a lot of building but I won't be posting topics for them, so heres a link to my Flickr photostream. http://www.flickr.co...s/67876944@N04/ And lately I have just posted a large forestmen build for CCCX, which I would like to submit for the "Prince of the Forest Title". Heres a teaser pic, the topic can be found here. http://www.eurobricks.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=76729 MOC Teaser/Artistic Shot by K.Kreations, on Flickr]
  13. K.Kreations

    A Slice of Dwarven Life

    This build was to try out of new type of "layered" builds. It was fun to build but extremely hard to photograph. I will defianatly come back and do some more of these. A Slice of Dwarven Life by K.Kreations, on Flickr] Detail#4 by K.Kreations, on Flickr] Detail #3 by K.Kreations, on Flickr] Detail #2 by K.Kreations, on Flickr] Detail #1 by K.Kreations, on Flickr]
  14. K.Kreations

    Wolfpack Castles

    Hi all, lately I have begun building for the Wolfpack Faction. Here are of few of my recent builds. Wolfpack Winter Keep Wolfpack Winter Keep by K.Kreations, on Flickr] Grimr Keep Grimr Keep by K.Kreations, on Flickr] Grimr Keep Detail by K.Kreations, on Flickr] I hope you enjoy these, C&C is very welcome.