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  1. ElisHelrot

    71014 Soccer Minifig Series

    thank you very much, now I am happy :D
  2. ElisHelrot

    71014 Soccer Minifig Series

    Already own twelve of them. Anyway the problem about this series is, that the Disney minifgures are not sold anywhere. So I will never own them. So there are positive and negative aspects of living here in Germany, we get a special football series but can't buy the Disney ones :(
  3. ElisHelrot

    Simpsons 2015 Rumors and Discussion

    I am happy about the fact that those figures are part of the minifigures series, cause I am mostly here for the characters. Sets would be too expensive for me, so this is a perfect way to get all those characters :)
  4. ElisHelrot

    Simpsons 2015 Rumors and Discussion

    There are many of my favourite characters in the new series, good choices :) I am excited for them
  5. ElisHelrot

    Favourite Western set?

    My favourite was Gold City Junction, loved the buildings and minifigures in it :)
  6. ElisHelrot

    Favourite Indian set?

    I loved those sets, my favourite is the village, somehow I don't know the second one I'm so sad about the fact I sold them many years ago :( Why did I do that
  7. ElisHelrot

    Indiana Jones and the Temple of the Holy Grail

    I like it, it looks really cool :)
  8. ElisHelrot

    Superhero Video Contest: Voting Thread

    1 by lego-maniac - 1 point 7 by thefourmonkeys - 1 point 11 by whataboutlego - 1 point
  9. ElisHelrot

    EB's Super Hero Comic Cover Contest Voting Thread!

    7 by Kristel - 1 point 9 by Captain Nemo - 1 point 10 by The Joker1 - 1 point
  10. ElisHelrot

    Choose your favourite Batman Villian!

    I vote for Poison Ivy, love her <3 But I like some others like Harley Quinn and The Penguin too
  11. ElisHelrot

    Harry Potter 2012 Set Ideas Thread

    This idea sounds so great, and the minifigures for it too. But I want a Dean Thomas so much, maybe I'd leave out Kingsley, but I like him too and I think he would look great as a minifigure, that's a really hard decision
  12. ElisHelrot

    Missing Harry Potter Characters.

    Wow, especially Scrimgeour looks really great, good work :)
  13. ElisHelrot

    Missing Harry Potter Characters.

    I'm sorry to post in this old thread, but I think it's a great topic that should not disappear ^^ I read through the topic and it's very helpful, I would love to read some new ideas, and at the moment I'm thinking of some, too :) I hope the topic will have more success now ^^ The idea for Slughorn was great, I think I'll use that :)
  14. ElisHelrot

    Harry Potter 2012 Set Ideas Thread

    Some sets with minifigures would really be great, somehow like the Star Wars sets For example: Gryffindor students set: contains Seamus Finnigan, Dean Thomas, Lavender Brown, Padma+Parvati Patil there would be so many possibilities.
  15. ElisHelrot

    Batman coming back

    I love Poison Ivy :) sad you can't buy them separately ^^