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  1. DONT DO THAT !! Those rails are far more expensive and rare that the normal ones. Why dont you just buy some on Bricklink.com ??
  2. Hechristensen

    [MOC] Union Pacific EMD SD70 Ace Locomotive in Lego (1:16)

    Amazing...! Have you ever thought about making instructins for those locomotives?
  3. Hechristensen

    2016 LEGO train MOCs

    Holy s... !!! These are "must own" items !!
  4. Hechristensen

    Long Carriages on Standard Rails

    Sorry, I dont have the parts for the moment. I have had the issue you are talking about with train base (BL 2972) and the old 12V wheels (BL 4180c01). The Problem is, that when going around standard corners, the bogeys turn to such a degree that the inner wheels' flanges will tuch/hit/scrape the buttom vertical wall of the train base. That introduces a braking action(almost blocking) to the wheels. The result is power problems when cornering and decoupling.
  5. Hechristensen

    MOC: Postal Service at Work Before Christmas

    Yes thank you, I got all my stuff in time for christmas.....-this year! Thats true, nothing like 80' bricks Now I need to get Capt. Slow and Hamster.... Thats a good question. No one actually know.......
  6. Hechristensen

    Is It Worth Buying an Emerald Night Now?

    I would not recommend the Emerald Night (EN). For a first time train buyer I think you will be dissapointed. IMO the EN looks unfinnished with only 1-2 passenger cars. Out of the box you have 2/3 engine with tender and then only 1/3 stockcars..... You would need to spend a lot of money to get more passenger cars. Remember the colours of that beautiful engine...... Then there is that dredfull grey PF XL motor that will fill out the entire cap. IMO that does NOT look nice. And you will have that grey batt.box sticking out of the tender. EN is a beautifull lego train model. No question about it! But for now I have yet to see a powered MOC of it that is both functional and true to its look. I would have it only as a "cold" train on a layout. I would recommend a 9V steam train (ex. 10205) if you want that look. For a newer look go for 7938 or 7939 or an RC train. Best of luck!
  7. Hechristensen

    Decal Help Needed

    I cant wait...! Hope you have these http://www.eurobricks.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=69482 aswell.....
  8. Hechristensen

    MOC: Postal Service at Work Before Christmas

    Ehh, yrp. The rest of the parts are safely locked away, garded by hired professionals....
  9. Indexed by Moderator - Merry Christmas! Merry christmas to you all. I needed a christmas train for our christmas tree. So I dismantled my 7740 and came up with this little MOC. Cheers
  10. Hechristensen

    REVIEW: 3677 Red Cargo Train

    I would like to see that.
  11. Hechristensen

    Santa Fe Stickers

    Hi again. Just wanted to know if there was anything new with the sticker printing.....?
  12. Hechristensen

    REVIEW: 3677 Red Cargo Train

    I think you are right. Also the batterybox once again kills the finish of the model. As seen on the locomotive, it is impossible to hide it on a 4 stud wide model. Get those PF out of the trains LEGO!
  13. Hechristensen

    Pantographs: From Old to New

    Original...!? No, the true 7740 super fan will quickly notice the 9V bogeys and motor, and the front lights are clear white and not yellow. What have you done... -
  14. Hechristensen

    Pantographs: From Old to New

    Dont you dare fiddle with the 7740 design! ;-) :-)