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  1. Getting ready for a night out on the 1x1 tiles of Ootgach? Use your trusty 'Haatque XII' to file your claws, blow your antlers (for that moon-beach look) and what ever else takes your fancy... Once you are dressed Simon, get ready to glinch the night away!
  2. languages

    Review of 7628 Peril In Peru

    For those intrested I have 2 MISB of this set for sale in the Marketplace section. Its a wonderful set and certainly worth the money if you are an Indy fan or just want the parts!
  3. languages

    7628 Peril in Peru

    I have 2 brand new MISB '7628 Indiana Jones PERIL IN PERU' for sale. PRICE:
  4. languages

    Happy Bday Sarg !!

    Happy Birthday :-D
  5. languages

    Happy Bday Starwars4J

    happy birthday :-D
  6. languages

    Create A Hero Contest

    As I said in the other thread: Congratulations to everyone who entered especially Blind Bricks! I cant believe I won and thanks both of you for creating such a brilliant contest!
  7. languages

    Create A Hero Contest: Voting Thread

    I believe the contest is now over... Congratulations to everyone who entered especially Blind Bricks! I cant believe I won and thanks both of you for creating such a brilliant contest! X-D X-D
  8. languages

    Happy Bday day Sam89 !!

    *sing* Happy birthday
  9. languages

    Create A Hero Contest: Voting Thread

    I got all of my crabs from the Huge Pick and Brick in the Lego Factory when I went on the Inside Tour, but I believe you can get them from a few Belville sets and the underwater Harry Potter set... Thanks for all the votes guys!
  10. languages

    Create A Hero Contest: Voting Thread

    Just out of intrest, when does the voting close?
  11. languages

    Create A Hero Contest

    Ive added my Hero to the Eurobricks Justice league...I hope you like him...
  12. languages

    Create A Hero: Entry Thread.

    Hero Name: THE MYSTERIOUS CRAB Secret Identity: David Pain Powers/Weapons/Abilities: He has hightened Agility and strength. He has claws instead of hands which can pincer the powerfulest of opponents. He is able to survive on land and sea. Other Details: He has two brains - that of a human, and that of a crab. His internal organs are kept safely inside the crab shell on the front of his robotic suit. His arch-nemesis is any Fisherman that rules the waves. Origin Story: A few years ago, while on a Powerboating course, David Pain had a terrible accident that would change his life forever... It was a hot Summers day, and David decided to take his Powerboat out for a spin. Suddenly, the boat crashed into a collection of rocks because David was busy looking at the sights instead of paying attention on his driving skills. This caused David to fly overboard rapidly but instead of landing safely in the water, David was flung right next to the out-board motor. (Guess what happens next...) David was pulled straight into the propellor and he watched in horror while his body was mangled and deformed. What made matters worse was that David had begun to sink. A few minutes later, David arose but he suddenly let out a gasp of air as he was still underwater! He was also surrounded by 5 crabs. In horror David searched the surroundings and looked at his mangled body. He only had a few minutes to live... Suddenly a crab scooped up David's internal organs using his pincers and gobbled them up. The crab also attached his shell to Davids head. This was a miracale David thought as he was suddenly able to breath underwater! He was also able to talk to the other crabs usaing a series of pincer movements via his new body... During the following days after this Collosus event, David took pieces from his crashed Powerboat, and pieced them together to form a metal human shell. This would enable him to walk on land and he could detach from this 'artificial body' and walk around on the body of a crab. From then on, David vowed to save humanity from such a fate that he had just endured. Thus he needed an alter ego for the people of the Lego world to look up to....and that name is.... THE MYSTERIOUS CRAB! Hope you liked my story even though it is a bit far fetched... To view more pictures of crabman, visit: gallery when public: Sorry for such big image sizes...
  13. languages

    Unknown piece

    That bag is from the Playmobil Pirate theme. I know, because I still have alot of Pirate Playmobil, and those bags turn up in my Lego box...