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  1. captain ads

    The Atlantis

    THE MOST BEST SHIP EVER :pir-wub: !!!!!!!!!
  2. captain ads

    Imagine this place with some Islanders...

    masterpeice :pir-wub: :pir-wub: :pir-wub:
  3. captain ads

    Sunset in Egypt - PART I

    :pir-laugh: :pir-laugh: :pir-laugh: :pir-laugh:
  4. captain ads

    Pirate Wedding

  5. captain ads

    Imperial Powder Magazine

    poor you
  6. captain ads

    Way to make a minifig-usable grappling hook.

    i will try to elabarate my posts
  7. captain ads

    Pirate LEGO Hulls

    yes i did try side keels
  8. captain ads

    The Atlantis

  9. captain ads

    Would you buy minifigs of Davy Jones and his crew?

    thats funny
  10. captain ads

    Pirates of the Carribean online!

  11. captain ads

    back of a cutter...

    me to
  12. captain ads

    Pirate LEGO Hulls

    right now im still drieing my ship
  13. captain ads

    Who is the mightiest leader?

    i thinkso to
  14. captain ads

    Best of the NON Pirate LEGO Ships

    i like the caribbean clipper