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  1. Awesome review, as usual. So thanks for that. Have been a "completionist" since Series 1 (just missing the regional soccer team series) and have always enjoyed your reviews. So continue with the great work :) Only comment I might add...I wish LEGO would return to more unlicensed series. Can understand from a marketing point of view why they do what they do but would like a more traditional set of CMFs. Also, dislike the new packaging (more waste).
  2. Awesome review as usual...always looking forward to this one! Especially the "extra" play pictures :) Were there still bump codes on these packages? And would assume they still differ per lot number as they had in the past. While a great looking themed series still looking forward to a more traditional non-themed lineup in the near future.
  3. After going through 3 cases and hearing about other's the position of Graves "seems" to be consistent with the batch (119B8) we have from a local retailer. Left row, second from last. Good luck
  4. Also looking forward to this as have yet to pick up my case. For some reason I had thought I had seen the review up but can't see it now...maybe I was dreaming it, in expectation :)
  5. winbrant

    Volvo milk tank

    Love this build. Having worked in and around these for almost 4 years it brings back memories! Great job :)
  6. This was the definitive review i was waiting for despite already having this series for some time now...thanks
  7. winbrant

    Porsche Pricing & Availability

    Just received my shipping notification so should arrive in Alberta, Canada next Friday!
  8. winbrant

    Porsche Pricing & Availability

    Right...I stand corrected...Olive Branch, Mississippi.
  9. winbrant

    Porsche Pricing & Availability

    I ordered morning of June 1st as well and still nothing. Good to hear those in Europe are getting their orders now...figure "mine" might be on a pallet crossing the ocean bound for LEGO's North American distribution center in Enfield, CT....
  10. winbrant

    What about the Star Trek license?

    And don't forget MegaBloks' Kubros Line which focuses on brick-built figures...Spock, T-800 (Terminator), He-Man and Skeletor, not to forget about Master Chief and Ezio. Just to reinforce that they will continue to push the lines that don't seem to have many sets at this time but retain a license for.
  11. Was told for store sales they were packed and shipped at 3/case but for online sales it was 1/case (as shown in that packaging video last week and noted in numerous un-boxing videos and reviews). Got an e-mail from S@H. It said that because of the way the set's box is put together there is an increased risk of damage to the set's box. So hopefully this is resolved soon. Maybe they'll put another cardboard sleeve around the set before putting it into the shipping box.
  12. winbrant

    Star Wars Hangar Bay MOC

    Loving the close up shots and all. Would it be possible to get a picture or two of the IKEA with the hanger bay in place? Just to get an idea of size and look (and lighting). Thanks :)
  13. winbrant

    Which set is the one you enjoyed building the most?

    I would have to agree with that one. That and the recent F40. I haven't built many sets this last year (still boxed in the basement) but those two had some very different techniques to achieve very cool shapes :)
  14. winbrant

    What Lego-related thing did you do today?

    Went to see the fruit of my labours in assisting in the build of this model, which was just unveiled in the Grand Opening of this development here in Calgary.