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  1. aquapuke

    [WIP] Mini medieval diorama

    Thank you all for positive comments, I'm really glad you like it! Thanks! You should check out Derfel's guide where he shows how to build similar houses, if you haven't yet. ( Mostly Lugbulk, but some are from bricklink.
  2. aquapuke

    [WIP] Mini medieval diorama

    Hello again, The house is finally finished, I have changed quite a few things, now I'll start doing landscape, since I didn't really like original idea all that much. Few pics for now: Goodbye for now!
  3. aquapuke

    [WIP] Mini medieval diorama

    Yeah, I see your point, Red/black roof came out of shortage of other roof colors, and I have a problem with connecting those two roof parts together in different techniques. I'll try to put all red roof and see how that works out. Thanks!
  4. aquapuke

    [WIP] Mini medieval diorama

    Hello again! Here are a few pics of progress: Keep in mind that even things that look finished, are not. I constantly change details and add and remove them. There are no vines on the tower at the moment, since the sometimes get in the way, but I'll put them back later. So much for now. Thanks again for comments and constructive ideas!
  5. aquapuke

    [WIP] Mini medieval diorama

    Not at this moment, but I hope that after I'm done with landscape and everything else, I'll build interior. Only tricky part will be making floors in the tower, but I'll think something up .
  6. aquapuke

    MOC: LEGO Mascot Home 1958

    Level of brilliance here is sooo high! I just love everithing about that house, and I can't even start with favorite parts, because there are so many of them. I like how this scale makes it possible for you to add so many details and make it look realistic. Once again great job!
  7. aquapuke

    MOC: Piano Player

    Now this is amazing! Great idea and excellent execution.
  8. aquapuke

    [WIP] Mini medieval diorama

    Thank you very much on the comments! Yeah, it bothered me quite a while how to make oval window frame that looks natural and how to avoid gaps those little windows tend to make. Although, I'll try to put black latices on windows instead of gold ones, it might look better.. Hopefully, I'll make some more progress this week and post some more pictures.
  9. aquapuke

    [WIP] Mini medieval diorama

    Yup, I agree and I have changed it after I've took the pictures. I removed most of the red, except the part where roofs connect, since I don't have black roof connectors.
  10. Hello, long time no see! I've found some time to build and I've started to build 6 plate mini diorama revolving around the house I've had in my mind for a while. So far I've managed to build most of the house and some landscape (pictures some other time). Here are a few pics of progress. There is still much work to do, I'm still not entirely sure how to finish the tower and I plan to add some details. Some parts I don't really like that much, but right now I can't help it (roof), but all in all I'm satisfied. C&C are welcome! Bye for now!
  11. aquapuke

    MOC: A big family house

    WOW, what a beauty!
  12. aquapuke

    Faerie Flower Festival

    Incredible build! Water nymph
  13. aquapuke

    MOC: Forest witch's house

    Once more, thanks everyone! I really appreciate all the comments here. I hope I'll catch some time today to make my army for guild joining.
  14. aquapuke

    Wind mill

    Wow! So much to love here! The blades of the windmill, bags of flour, brown mushrooms, and I think this is one of the best wells I've seen. Most excellent!
  15. I always liked the idea of ruins in the middle of some deep forest. Nicely done!