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  1. you probably want to remove this video. KEvron
  2. you probably want to remove these two videos. KEvron
  3. KEvron

    Mindstorms Cart

    where are the cup holders? what is the arena? looks like a school gym. if so, i'm surprised to see that they allowed the vehicle on the floor. when i was a kid, they freaked if you set one street-shoed foot on the j.v. basketball court! KEvron
  4. KEvron

    Can we write the unwritten rules?

    of course, i would call them that, and the offenders went out of their way to deliver them. i hope that isn't the standard by which we judge a well-stated opinion. KEvron
  5. KEvron

    Can we write the unwritten rules?

    better still, mods could address the free-flying insults rather than just sweep the matter under the rug. KEvron
  6. KEvron

    Can we write the unwritten rules?

    hey, don't sugar-coat it. sheesh. it sounded perfectly reasonable to me. a hobby tends to be a personal endeavor which doesn't particularly require a viewer or audience. what is up with some of the folks in this forum?! is it impossible for them to simply offer a counterview without adding insult? this isn't the first time lipko's been abrasive without any provocation whatsoever (is that you, gary busey?). mods, do you watch this stuff? it's getting awfully trollish up in here. KEvron
  7. KEvron

    Can we write the unwritten rules?

    hmmm. i just got a personal message from Ralph_S wherein he re-asserts his belief that i'm a cop out, followed by the admonition that "dude, life is too short." can somebody tell me how to block this guy so i won't have to endure his inane personal messages anymore? thanks in advance. KEvron
  8. KEvron

    Pictorial Review: 8256 Go-Kart

    i've always enjoyed the go-carts. cute models, and go-carts just lend themselves perfectly to lego technic. btw, you left out 854/948, my personal favorite. KEvron
  9. KEvron

    Can we write the unwritten rules?

    okay, you got me there. it's not as if i actually need anything i build (except for the canasta deck cradle!). it's not product for sale. heck, it's not even art for public display. it's a personal diversion. it is my play. my play and my rules. and my rules to break! KEvron
  10. KEvron

    Can we write the unwritten rules?

    both you and the person whom you are championing misquoted dhc6twinotte and, by default, me. shoulda, coulda, woulda. i don't feel any compulsion in debating flawed premises. i don't feel compelled to debate anyone ever, for that matter, so spare me your personal mandates. i directed him, albeit obliquely, to his mistake. as that didn't end the matter, i was more direct with you. yes, unsolicited character judgements based on a faulty premises do tend to rub some people the wrong way. go figger. you want me to properly respond to being told that i am, of all things, narrow-minded because i believe necessity tends to precipitate invention, although you both insist i'd agreed to something else said? yeah, okay, i'll respond: go dance in your mothers' bloomers. better? now who's copping out? lol! KEvron, one mutha of invention
  11. KEvron

    pasta cooking machine

    delicious! does it also serve the digestifs? KEvron
  12. KEvron

    Can we write the unwritten rules?

    nah, it just constantly borders there, in a state of decrepitude! i agree wholeheartedly with everything you say except that line. personally, i don't play with the stuff, i build with it, and i have witnessed invention made possible by the system (both and have invented solutions to a problem intrinsic to the arnfield escapement).KEvron
  13. KEvron

    Can we write the unwritten rules?

    who'da thunk it?! lol! shame on me! look, the original quote was "requires creativity", not "increases creativity", so your smug stridency in the matter is unfounded and, quite frankly, unnecessary and unwelcome. KEvron
  14. KEvron

    Can we write the unwritten rules?

    well, that begs the question "does limitation increase creativity?" you'll have to take it up with the person who suggested it. KEvron