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  1. Yes you should, get investing right away!

    If the Imperial Guards were modernized then their uniforms would be different and that would create an inconstancy. They'd be like black sheep for those who already have large Imperial armies.

    Or just be special elite troops, or if they were new and more available troops, the old redcoats would be a special division of the army. That is the best thing about Pirate Lego - unlike some other themes, it is okay to mix alot of different designs because soldiers in that era were highly decorated. I do not have a massive Red Coat army (I have much more Bluecoats) and even if I did I would appreciate an update! It is unrealistic Lego will bring back a good Pirate line. It is even more realistic they will bring back the old one - with the minifig designs untouched. I wouldn't mind either way, but it is more unlikely!

    Modernized Imperials? Pirates? You mean modernized as of today?

    No, Modernized lego-style. As in... more vibrant and detailed minifig torso/head design. Maybe in the Admirals we could even get special Leg pieces (with decorations down the side or something).

  2. X-D

    Choose your favourite Pirate Minifigure and least Favourite Pirate Minifigure. I am going to make mine Simple - just FAVOURITE MINIFIGURE and LEAST FAVOURITE MINIFIGURE. You can divide it into Imperial/Pirate/Islander if you want, but I am going to keep mine simple.

    FAVOURITE - Imperial Guard Admiral - I just like this guy. He was only in 3 sets and the red looked alot nicer than the blue IMO. I liked the white gloves too.


    LEAST FAVOURITE - King Kahuka - not even a bad fig. I just have way too many for the few Islander sets I have. And I really wish we got Azteks or Incas instead of these Cannibal influenced figs!


  3. I liked the look of the Spanish Armada. I think it was a beautiful upgrade to the Imperial Guards that looked much cooler and added a totally new 'feel' to the theme. These were SPANISH Pirates. I loved it. The only problem with the Armada was the set design was terrible. All 3 Ships from that last era were pretty bad (The Red Beard Runner wasn't too bad... but compared to the Skulls Eye Schooner and Black Seas Barracuda - it was ugly).

    Lego never did make a big beautiful Spanish Galleon. Perhaps I should invest some time in doing so... but than I'd need some of those nice white Hull Pieces I love so much. They didn't even have a big nice Imperial Flagship (the Caribbean Clipper and Imperial Flagship were too small to be true Imperial Capital Ships)

    Imagine if Lego modernized the Redcoats and Pirates - we could have some amazing Minifigs. If they could keep the set designs decent, we could have a beautiful theme.

  4. LOTR Liscence would be amazing. It would make almost as much as Star Wars (LOTR fans are pretty enthusiastic too) and have some amazing sets, pieces, and figures. I would love it.

    After finishing the book, I would love to see some DUNE sets. I know the book is not nearly popular enough to be a big name theme, but it would be cool to see!

  5. AMAZING MOC. I love the harbour. The choice of colors is the perfect blend. I find too many Imperial MOCs where too much Yellow or too much White is used in the wrong parts. This is the perfect mix.

    I am very into the size of the fortress, and my favourite room I can see, is Ironically the Rowboat Room. It is very interesting, and ironic for me since I hate the Pirate Rowboat Pieces (Mainly because I have way too many of them and I find them kind of annoying unless I have a HUGE MoC for them to work with). But because your MOC is so big and they fit so good it works. I like the incorporation of what I believe is the new Grey on the rock outcroppings.

    My only criticism is the rock buildups along the rowboat room should be short enough to leave at least 1 blue stud on the outside of the baseplate (they grey rock outcroppings touch the edge of the baseplate). For some reason I don't like this when I make MOCs (I always try leaving some space. It is just something I do, but the MOC is so good and it is such a small thing that I was purposely looking for.

    The action shot you show of the entire harbour (the last pic you show) is amazing. This looks like a giant display that would be in a Legoland Catalog that would pump up anyone to build a massive Imperial MOC.

    I sent you a PM on our other discussion as I think I should keep it out of the thread on your great MOC.

  6. Yech! Ruin the image of TLC it would. You don't see any "Arab with RPG" action-figures, although I wouldn't mind WWII theme...

    Hopefully we could get an American Revolution theme...

    LoL. The image of TLG is already tarnished with Knights Kingdom 2 (the 2nd series one with the Jellybean Knights), piles of Basketball sets still in FOR SALE Bins, and other pathetic themes. TLG has been tarnished since it lost something it lost about 7 years ago: Integrity.

    But yes... I don't think AL QAEDA FANATIC WITH RPG would go over well with parents... or anyone for that matter. LOL. The idea is kind of funny though... imagine seeing that on the shelf.

  7. just put silver sharpie marker on it and put it on a hussar. my fave fig...... governer broadside, and least favorite.....any thing from the new kniht's kingdom.

    He is not a Castle Fig though!

    Governor Broadside is a PIRATE Fig... I think there should be favourite/least favourite Pirate Figure in the Pirates Community!!

    I am undecided right now.

  8. In the US, today is Thanksgiving, (I think Canada has some version of Thanksgiving, but it is on a different day I think, Mr. Sting, you're from 'The Peg', a little help?) so I am actually typing this on my girlfirned's laptop. As such I am going to be out with her family for 'Turkey Day' and who knows over the weekend. I might get some time on Sunday, but who knows!

    Speaking of Canada, my Minnesota Twins boy Justin Morneau won the MVP of major league baseball! Awesome, Jeter is a chump anyway! Maple Leaf Power!

    Yes, we have our own version of Thanksgiving. It is a little different than Americans, but it still involves a Turkey and get togethers so I understand your predicament. Ours is much earlier - the 2nd Monday in October. Its all good though.

    And yeah, its incredible a Canadian won the MVP in MLB. Not many Canadians in the MLB and even fewer outstanding enough to take it . Its interesting how Canadians have taken the MVP in 2 much more 'American' sports recently. (Steve Nash in the NBA (although invented by a Canadian, Basketball is more of an American phenomenon... just look at Canada's Olympic Basketball Team... LOL) and Morneau in MLB.

    Out of curiosity how do you know we call it "The Peg". You ever been to this dump? LoL. Alot of us go down to Minneapolis so maybe you come up here too.

    For the record I am not one of these American-bashing Canadians that seem to drift through the system. I think its hilarious how in Canada we get mad when Americans insult us or are ignorant of us yet many of us think its okay to say our Prime Minister is "too American" as an insult. LOL. Ridiculous. I love America.

  9. Pardon me ? Was I not respectfull of other members' opinions on that subject ?? Was I ever offended nor insulted on that matter (or the other way round for that matter) ??
    Those kind of big parts (that term of <insert that tiresome argument> means nothing at all and really aggravates me) do have their function and role in sets !!


    I think you do take things way too seriously there !!

    I think you will find all of my posts on the issue are laid back and calm. Like it should be. LOL.

    On the topic at hand I just stated my opinion: the J word is of course a word but a meaningless word IMO.

    Fair enough. It has meaning to me and many others. So I shall continue to use it.

  10. This is incredible. Seeing the computerized images I wasn't too impressed. Didn't seem too special. But seeing it now... it is incredible. You should give us a photo tour of each room and what each building is. I would love to see it in fineer detail. I had no idea this is what you were working on but I must say this is probably the BEST Imperial Harbor I have EVER seen. Absolutely amazing.

  11. I know my first lego product was a small chest of BASIC Lego. I still remember it... but Lugnet doesn't have it (and if it does I can't find it).

    As for set... I really have no idea! I have a few I can trace back far... but none that sticks out.

  12. I don't think Lego would ever make a theme like that Calvin, as cool as it would be. Lego won't even touch World War 1 or 2 yet (I guess they made a Sopwith Camel), and those are 90 and 60 years old respectively, so I doubt they will handle the 2003 Iraq War. But I guess this is what we would like Lego to do.

    If Lego made a WW2 Line, or something heavily influenced by it. I don't see why Lego couldn't make a generic theme based on two armies fighting each other, basically like Castle/Knights Kingdom, except with 20th century style weapons. Before Lego's switch to using weapons and violence (real, 20th century guns in Batman, massive anti-tank weapons in the Dino Attack theme) I wouldn't consider this but now... why not?

    Needless to say I doubt we will see a modern or even World War 1 or 2 military theme any time soon.

    I would really like a revamped Pirate line. New minifigs, new sets, new factions. It would be amazing.

  13. I totally do NOT agree with you guys !!

    Do not forget that Lego is...a TOY (wow, what a shocking news !!) and therefore, its just molded parts, some bigger than others !! meaning that per se every part is <insert that tiresome argument>.

    That term (i.e. juniorization) just came from the vivid imagination of some Grumpy always complaining AFOLs that can't accept any changes TLC is making !! I am sure the AFOL community (at least the always ranting one) could not even agree on a clear definition of what a <insert that tiresome argument> part would be (apart the obvious BURPs ...).


    LoL. We know it is a toy, but the big change from lego from its old parts, but its all relative. There is simply more of these larger <insert that tiresome argument> pieces in most new sets than there used to be.

    The term didn't come JUST from the vivid imagination of AFOLs, as I am a 19 year old fan of Lego and if you look I want quite a few lego sets. I like the new minifigures, I like the new grey, and I like the new modern look of lego. I am anything but a grumpy AFOL fan, and I started using the word before I even came to the online Lego community. Besides, I'm sure the AFOLs can and have agreed on Juniorization. It is a general term (Like Dog, Animal, Door, Tree, ect) .Its just how much in each set is the problem. All of them agree that castle walls, raised baseplates, pirate hulls, the aforementioned BURPS and LURPS, horses, ect, ect, are Juniorization. Some is done very well to look like Lego, and isn't used too much in sets. Other sets have alot of juniorization, and my opinion that it looks fine. It is obvious alot of people do not mind the further juniorization, but I do not like too much. All the sets I mention have enough value to me to want them, so I say keep going Lego. Its getting better anyway.

    My main and only reason for continuing on this is the idea that <insert that tiresome argument> is not a word. Many people use it, and it has a general meaning, so it is a word. A slang word. But a word none the less. Just because a few people do not like the word doesn't mean it means nothing. My main and last point on this entire stupid debate is that it is a word with a general meaning to many people. Many people use the word and understand what it means. *y* Perhaps in the end we should understand, as you so elegantly said Yoda

    Lego is...a TOY

    Maybe we should respect other peoples opinions on what they like and don't like about said Toy, and let them describe it how they want without getting offended and insulting how they express that opinion. :)

    There are a many ugly <insert that tiresome argument> pieces I hate. This one is the worst, and thank god I don't think Lego uses it much anymore (maybe its some town sets I dont have). If we do talk about ugly big pieces though it really could be in ANY page... as every theme has had there ugly pieces.

    What a lazy piece.

  14. I love the Desert Look of it! the palm trees, the tan baseplates - incredible! I love the ship, but since this is about the castle I will refrain from commenting on the ship.

    My favourite part is the little stream at the side full of plant life beside it. I love the details.

    The entire MOC has a perfect feel as TheBrickster said, with the height and width being perfect, making it not look to tall and thin (which would make it look like a tower) but not too wide and short (which would makesit look more like a walled town).

    This makes me jealous. Amazing job!

  15. I agree with you about LURPS and BURPS... they look stupid when too many are used and too spaced out and not blended. oDDerFisken, a user on Eurobricks made a small harbour and fortress MOC and it employs quite a few BURPS and LURPS but I love how it looks because of the pieces attached to make it look natural. I agree with you Brick Miner that some of the <insert that tiresome argument> pieces Lego is coming out with now look awkward when mixed with other lego. (I am not sure what to think of those new rock walls you used as an example. I haven't tried to use one yet).

  16. I say Johnny Thunder goes to Canada. We could have all sorts of fun as he hunts the Magical Beaver pelt. For one thing, he could fight a yeti! Built with real bricks! Or we could take the easy route and have a Hogwarts Castle-esque Parliament buildings.

    Canada is an amazing country but if he goes anywhere it would have to be the North! The Parliament Buildings arent that interesting LOL.

    Peeron and Lugnet classifies this as an outback set, but Bricklink classifies it as part of town, and Brickset, where you got the 6444 image does not take subthemes into account at all.

    I think that set WAS town. I remember it appearing earlier and in different displays than the Outback. It just looks Outback because of the background. But maybe it is Outback. Nice set either way.

  17. The world juniorize doesn't mean a thing by itself actually. And it wasn't censored, it was just switching to a definition of the word.

    "juniorize" refers to big pieces but only appeared with old grumpy afols complaining about every single set out. Sets always contained "<insert that tiresome argument>" pieces. Lego pirate hull ? Ever heard of them ? I hardly can find a more "<insert that tiresome argument>" piece.

    While I wouldn't mind about the word "<insert that tiresome argument>" being used to describe sets aimed at younger kids, using it for pieces seems rather... Well...

    This thread is a good example of the problems with the various uses made of that word. You jump in and create a thread pointing out a piece and say "could it not have been just built from smaller pieces?", thinking "yes", meaning "<insert that tiresome argument> piece of crap" in your head.

    But no, the piece does fill a purpose. As almost all the "<insert that tiresome argument>" pieces. Burps and Lurps have their purpose. Windscreen aswell. Those are just lego pieces. Otherwise we wouldn't even have 1X1 bricks as they could be built with 3X1/3 bricks. We're fighting for pieces diversity, and I think this is why we hate that word so much. Even the most "<insert that tiresome argument>" piece can be an excellent building tool if well used. There are plenty of nice MOCs everywhere to demonstrate this statement.

    Don't assume anything about my post. I said that I felt this piece was acceptable after I recieved information (which I asked for).I wanted to know the reason for it. Do you not question anything Lego does? I wanted to know why this piece was designed like this, and people answered and I accepted its use. Suggesting that I, or any other "old grumpy AFOLs" (I hope you are not implying I am an "old grumpy AFOL" from what I felt was a fair argument on the subject) believe that any brick larger than a 1/3 is <insert that tiresome argument> is a ridiculous statement. And many <insert that tiresome argument> pieces look like garbage in my opinion, particularily the new ones.

    I believe the word <insert that tiresome argument> means something because many people use it and have a common definition for it, as well as the obvious trend of it happening (which is why so many have been claiming it) It is possible that some pieces (the new prefab castle walls) are more <insert that tiresome argument> than others (the old prefab castle walls). Its how the pieces fit and flow and allow for addons.

    I am not saying it is unacceptable to like <insert that tiresome argument> pieces or for Lego to use them. I like BURPS, LURPS, old prefab wall pieces, and Pirate Ship Hulls (more of a baseplate in my opinion), which is why I don't mind the new airplane pieces. Perhaps I do not like "New Juniorization" which I feel in most cases is unneccesary.

    In regards to the topic name, I still think this piece is ugly, but so are LURPS and BURPS without decoration and flow.

  18. I will never understand the animosity towards the word "<insert that tiresome argument>". It is the truth with many pieces. There are more pieces in the past 10 years made bigger so the set contains less pieces and thus they are easier to build. Look on new Lego sets and it says "desgined to be quick and easy to build and ready for play". Lego never used to have that on there boxes, as building it was half of the fun. Now it is implied that building should be very easy and quick to build, and than ready for play. Easier and meant for younger children. <insert that tiresome argument>. That is what most large pieces are like. I simply do not understand how you say it means nothing when yes, it does mean something, and it is happening. Whether you believe in the aesthetic value and price value of these larger pieces is a matter of opinion. My opinion is they look ugly and most of the time, look cheap on lego sets. Many of these pieces cannot be used for anything but there single purpose, and if they can, there specialized design makes them stick out and the look is unflattering.

    The word <insert that tiresome argument> does mean something and just because mods on this board and others don't like it (and do childish things such as censor the word, which I believe was the case a while ago and the reason I still on occasion say "jun1orized" with a "1"), it shouldn't be considered meaningless.

    I have no problem with people liking these pieces, but I do not like most of them. This one is an exception because it serves a purpose many smaller pieces would have trouble doing exactly. (The Gate could go behind or in front of the arches... but obviously they wanted it to go through.