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  1. I speak on behalf of almost everyone when I say Lord of the Rings. This is just a theme DYING to be made in Lego form. I don't think it will happen, as with the movies released a few years ago, the ideal time to have the Lego being released along with them (creating bigger profits).

    I would love to see a Dune theme. We could have Fremen, Ornithopters, Harvesters, CarryAlls, both the houses, Sarduakor. It would be amazing.

    I would also have liked to see a Pirates of the Caribbean theme becuase I love the movies, I love Pirates, and it would be a way for Lego to reintroduce the Pirates in a more financially safe way. It seems that movie liscences usually have pretty good designs too (Harry Potter werent bad, and Star Wars are usually really good)

  2. I am probably one of the worst for leaving this Forum at times when my life starts going too fast. I think I will try to stay this time, just to help this fledging forum take off and perhaps one day see the beginning of our own Pirates website. But for now, its all good.

  3. I'll comment more on the structure later but now I've got a question in regard to mini-figures...


    It appears you've used two different types of mini-figure torsos here, is that to distinguish different ranks or did you just not have enough of the same kind to fit the whole crew?

    I will eventually make it to distinguish ranks. For example, the Torso that my Avatar is wearing is supposed to be for the basic grunts. The Red Beard Uniform with yellow Epaulettes (to be added when I focus more on this) would be the officers, and another Torso I am going to order soon will be for the Admiral/Commander.

    Oh yeah? And what have these Super Elite soldiers done to earn this status? I doubt they're nowhere near as good as my Super Duper Elite Amphibious Conquistadors. :-D

    (see anyone can say their forces are superior)

    These soldiers are fighting for the freedom of humanity against a careless and unscrupulous enemy.(Kinda sounds like the Spanish Inquisition X-D ) They have seen the worst and will die to fight for there new home and so it never falls under the rule of evil. (LOL, In theory)

    I guess the skill of these soldiers is lacking. But there heart is anything but. Perhaps I will need to create a super elite army that my soldiers can recruit to fight your Super Duper Elite Amphibious Conquistadors. Do you have a picture of such Conquistadors phes. The Morion wearing men in your Signature don't seem too amphibious :-D

  4. I like the new Batman guns X-D

    I didn't know the SW guns have gone down in quality!

    I agree with your arguments, but that is more or less a discussion of Lego set design Quality. The design quality suffers now in alot of cases to make sets easier to build and faster to play.

    Lego becoming sloppy with boxing and rushing pieces (like the aforementioned 12 of the exact same wall piece when it could be easy to switch it up and provide more variety) is the issue of this thread I believe.

  5. I have not seen the box so I cannot vouch for that, but a look at the pieces - there is like 10 or 12 of the SAME Castle Wall pieces - with the same pattern and everything. Would it have been so hard for lego to include a few standard black ones and maybe one with the different brick patterns? I love the piece, but it is simply too repetitious in one set! I still want it though X-D

  6. I think without the sails it looks incomplete and as though its missing a vital element. The structure is quite good however, and it appears you've used some innovations I haven't seen much of (if at all) like using arches for the cannon bays and lattice for winds in the stern castle.

    Although with the lattice I'm not quite sure if it works for me, it would be interesting to see different variations of the lattice like using the x 2 high lattice instead or maybe a pair of lattice windows. But that would pose all kinds of design problems so its not a matter of just shoving a different piece in there.

    Thank you for the constructive critism. I definately agree that without the sails it is very incomplete, so I am more interested in the structure. Thanks again.

    i'd only call it a brig if you added that other mast.

    it may be called a square-rigged sloop or something if you keep only the one mast on. a frigate would usually have three masts with at least 20 cannon.

    Hey sting your stategy for this ship might be to sail to the stern side of a ship-of-the-line and blow away its rudder. Then use grape and chain shot to kill as much of the crew possible with minimal damage to the ship.


    here's a blurry pic 8-o of one of my railing mounted cannons. i've changed the barrel to drk grey but you'd probably want to have yours black

    Tis a good strategy. Taking out rudders and going from behind and other dirty tricks are what this ship would have to use. Perhaps a super elite boarding party (these soldiers are already super elite in my books -it can take on anyone, even Mr.Phes's Spanish Inquisition forces.

    I will have to steal your rail mounted cannon design. It is a good way of having them rotating and it takes up less space than mine. Thank you.

    The part of the rudder sounds okay, but how could this low ship possibly kill the crewmen on the top deck of a ship of the line?

    To avoid misunderstandings, this is what I see as a ship of the line:


    LoL. An unfortunate truth. These guys would just have to board the enemy vessel, or loft deadly shrapnel onto the ship! That is actually an idea I have for my Demolition Ship I want to build (It is not a suicide ship (technically) but rather a ship loaded with barrels of gunpowder and some catapults and one-legged, one handed, and one eyed pirates to get this explosive stuff on board).

  7. Sting



    This one is by far my favorite. it's a very unique and kewl. i still have yet to figure out where that torso came from.

    I think mine is the worst. but i haven't made any time to make a better one and im still pretty new @ eurobricks

    Thank you. If you look in my post about the Zero I created you will see where that torso came from. They are very cheap and easy to come by, so you can stockpile them if you like them enough! Your avatar simply needs a better quality picture and it will rank up there with the best.

    That being said, I like most of them alot, so it is quite hard. I will state my top 2 and than attempt to narrow it down...

    evil_willy-avatar.jpg Evil Willy and av-912.jpg Rupi

    I like both but I have to go with Rupi simply because I love that Pirate Design and the color of the background (Willy's is also awesome) What face is that he is using anyway?

    I have never seen Rupi post, but I like his Avatar.

    But like I said, we have a great bunch here, so its not like the rest are bad. Its just this one I like most.

    Great idea for a thread.

  8. Nice little ship and a some good pictures.

    I like those little guns you have on the ship and the colors also combine very well.

    But if you see a ship-of-the-line, I suggest you try to outrun it ;-)

    LoL. Yes. As I said this is more of a prototype and 2 Cannons, 2 Minicannons and some mounted muskets wouldn't really do the trick. I will have to rethink my strategy a bit.

    Congratulations of completing your first MOC Mr Sting, how do you feel about this achievement?

    Is there any particular reason why you haven't specified why they're pirates or soldiers? Do you to keep us guessing or is there a story behind it?

    I feel good about it, considering it was hastily built and my first time out. Next time will be much better. What do you think of it?

    My entire idea for a "Pirate" creation to make it take place in Northern Waters. I don't want to specify where because I'd rather it be a fictional place so I don't have to worry about historical accuracy. I was thinking it would be an area similar to Newfoundland. This particularily place is so rich in gold, staying in the less than nice weather conditions (its not freezing but its no caribbean) is worth it. So all of my pirates and imperial soldiers will be wearing warmer clothes (I need to order lots of hoods, capes, bandanas, ect, ect). I would like to tell you what the story behind the pirates is, but I really don't know anymore.

    My general idea, all in one breath, is that there was a group of pirates who formed to take advantage of the rich gold in the area. The leader of these Pirates ultimate plan is to take over the entire colony and thus control this massive amount of gold (with help from colonists and native populations) From here he can essentially have his own country. He gains alot of steam, but when one of his top liutenants finds out about the plan, and sees the brutal tactics this Pirate leader will do to get his way (obviously including mass murdering and other nasty stuff), he leaves these pirates (Or freedom fighters as there leader calls them) and decides has has to stop him. The Imperials are bad, but these "freedom fighters" have worse plans, and thus, we have the Zero.... which will hopefully turn into something mightier or his chances do not look good :-D .

    Wow... a little more than a breath... but its something!!

    Nice pirate ship sting!

    i like the usage of the 2x2 round plate instead of the standard steering wheel. that's a good idea for those smaller vessels like the one you've built.

    For your moc cannons you could use black or gray light saber pieces instead of the flag poles (if ya got em).

    Hey sting, what set do those torsos come from that you have on your signiture or avatar (the mini-fig with the white hand and white shoulder pad thingys)?

    Thank you. I thought it would work okay. I know of better, cooler looking ways I could have connected it, but I was rushed, so I had to get in on anyway possible. And you are correct... I will have to look through my gray or black to see if I have some of those poles... they would work much better for future designs.

    And yes, as Mr.Tiber just pointed out, the torso comes from Lord Sam Sinister of the last Adventurers line, The Orient Expedition. Definately one of my favourite Torsos, although I have a few others in mind I would like to buy that go good with my black Pirates theme.


    Theres a pic of him! I just added white epaulettes to him.

    Nice ship you made in 1 day!

    The cannons are designed by Admiral Starwind BTW....

    You call this ship a frigate, and I read you don't really care about realism, but you simply CAN'T call this ship a frigate, I geuss it is a 4 gun Brig...

    Yes, that would be him.

    I only call it a Frigate for lack of a better word! What WOULD this ship be called than? a 4 Gun Brig (6 Gun If I had more wheels to put the other 2 cannons on the other side) works fine with me!

    Thanks for the comments. I would like more and more and more... need more tips and inspiration!

  9. thindexedgif.gif 13c

    On a lonely Tuesday afternoon I sat in my empty house with nothing to do. So I dug up all my lego from downstairs and built in almost one whole day what was to be my first true Pirate MOC, and my first real ship. I had made some Town ships in the past, and even a few small pirate ones, but they were never finished (never had enough pieces) so this was my first time ever trying to build a Pirate MOC for real.

    Now, because of the rushed nature of it, there are alot of things I forgot about (mainly little pieces to hold the bottoms of the rigging down, a 2nd Mast, rope(more lazyness than being rushed, ect). I realized part way through alot of this so kind of just used it as a project to learn more about Ship MOCing. I learned alot and I know now my next MOC will be better... maybe it will even have 2 masts X-D. But there is still lots to learn. I hope you guys will not judge to harshly as it is my first Ship MOC. I will let the pics do the talking...


    Just an overview of the ship with the Pirates (or Soldiers...?) aboard it.


    Another view


    A top view. The ship is made with the thinner hull pieces available in 6271 Imperial Flagship. This ship is supposed to be a fast and agile ship capable of taking on much larger ships (as in my incredibly rough storyline, a ship about thise size (maybe bigger when I get working on the final design) has to take on a massive Ship-of-the-Line). But I am not sure if I will go onto detailed backstory as I rarely have time to write for it and it requires lots and lots of building and picture taking which I simply do not have time to do usually.


    In this picture we can see the rushed nature of the ship, as alot of the pieces aren't pushed down and fully locked into place.


    A view of the bridge.


    Another view of the bridge. The Captain stands on the special raised platform. The wheel is a 2x2 round brown "BarrelTop" as the regular wheel would not fit with the narrow bridge I made for it, and if it did, it would have taken too much space.


    Another view of the bridge.


    The front of the ship. I like the use of the 'gated' black piece as the platform here, as I am a big fan of any lego pieces that are 'latticed'. It looks really cool with a little storage area underneath it like I added. If you look here you can notice the rotating mini-cannons. I will add more on the next model I make, as the ship is supposed to go behind or in front of large ships and bombard them where they cannot use there higher gun count to blast this smaller ship the pieces. (This is all in my guess of how Sea combat takes place in my 'world')


    A more top down angle through the latticed 'gate' piece. You can see a bit of the storge I had put under there. There is a barrel and some "jars".


    The gun deck. Custom made cannons influenced heavily by someone at this forum (I forget who had this design, but I like it very much so I used it). I would use more but I was too lazy to go dig to find some more cannon wheels.


    Another view of the gundeck.


    This is just inside the Cabin. I would have liked to add some details and accesories, but in the end I found myself with a flawed design and just decided to work on basic structure of the ship (I have more expiernece with making furniture and decorations). All that is in there is a barrel and a bed. Exciting, eh?

    Thanks for checking out. I look forward to constructive criticism and tips on how to do things better, as I definately want my next ship to be something I am proud of, and spend more time on. I did not bother with making or using sails, as none suit my Navy (I will try to provide a solid backstory for this soon, as it is fundamental to the black uniforms) and I cannot make any with my lack of time. String was another thing I abandoned when I realized I want the structure to be better. I will need to aquire some Black Flags or something that suits this army.

    A few things to keep in mind...

    I do not build for realism in ships. My general story line is more of a Fantasy Pirates thing. Kind of like an Anime or something. So I know there is little realism in my weapons choice, but I wouldn't mind tips on how to make the ships look a little more real in proportion and angles... as even in my 'world' the ships have to look mostly like they do now.

    I mostly build to replicate Lego style ships, since I do not have the piece count, patience, or desire to build the HUGE ships alot of people on here do. The biggest ship I would want to build would be only slightly bigger than the Skulls Eye Schooner. I just simply like the design and I know it is within my abilities to build a ship like that. The Super Ships we see on this board and on other MOC sites is simply beyond me!!!

    I look forward to it.

    Here is the link to the BRICKSHELF GALLERY with the pics in it. Not many more than I showed, just a few bigger ones.

  10. castle is just growing worse as time goes by :'-)

    Well, it was, KK2 with the Multicolored Knights was the epitome of bad Castle (or the closest thing we have to Castle, besides maybe Vikings). This years models and figures aren't bad. We still have some <insert that tiresome argument> pieces but not as many.

    I just don't get what Lego's motivation is to have blank torsos. It seems kind of lame because you basically HAVE to have the Armor on or else they look blank. They could have at least given us a simple design.

  11. You mean on the back of the 6271 Imperial Flagship box? I've got two Imperial Flagships and neither have pictures on the stern! :-P

    Nice |-/

    Yes, I mean the box. :-P

    I find this interesting due to the fact it is listed on Bricklink in the Catalog, which means the figure has appeared in a set. That is what I find interesting. Whether it is a mistake or not, I don't know, but I think its a cool one!

  12. If you look on the back of the 6271 Imperial Flagship, you will see, like on most lego sets, some alternate models. One thing I found interesting, as brought up on the FAVOURITE PIRATE MINIFIGURE THREAD is what appears to be a special Imperial Guard Grunt with Yellow Epaulettes. What is interesting is this figure appears as a standard Minifigure on Bricklink - IE: Not Custom.

    Now whether or not it is intended to be real, it is interesting that Lego decided to change the Epaulettes on this figure in 2 of the creations on the back of the box.

    Whatever you believe, here he is in all of his glory. (Hopefully you can view these... if not someone will have to tell me ASAP how to embed the images)


    On this first picture heappears to be wheeling out a cannon from a small little harbour building, where the Admiral and the seaman are chilling.


    In this picture he is manning the front cannon on what appears to be a heavily armed fishing boat.

  13. I just got my 8823 Mistlands Tower and have noticed that the Knights Kingdom Torsos, alot do not have anything on them. This means they have to have the Euroarmor or something else covering there torso or they look plain.

    Why did Lego do this? Old castle lines and even most older Knights Kingdoms line had a detailed Torso underneath the Euroarmor in case one didn't want to give them said armor. Any insight?

  14. Why are toys any different to any other artifact or antique?

    Ok here's an unlikely hypothecal: If the toy was a 2000 year old wooden doll once owned by a Pharaoh's daughter would it be insane to give it to a present day child? Yes it would! It would be considered a major archaeological find and belong on public display for everyone to see, not carelessly destroyed by a child who didn't appreciate it.

    Now that might seem like a stretch comparing a MISB LEGO set to an ancient toy, but as time goes on the value of these sets increases. Already they're getting quite expensive so in 2000 years they might be worth a lot of money.

    LoL. Not if it was a doll. If it was 2000 year old Lego owned by a Pharaoh's daughter... and it was MISB (I don't think there was such a thing as MISB back in ancient Egypt)... I would still open it and play with it. LOL :-P

    It doesn't matter to me Phes. I keep my Lego in good shape, and MISB means little to me. The best thing about MISB is opening it, and that is how I feel and you cannot change it! But like I previously said, do not worry, I do not have any money to buy USED lego let alone MISB stuff.