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  1. I'm sure most Lego fans could have fun in a room with just lego LOL. Lego and some Chips (or crisps for the British :) ) in a room. That would be good. LOL.

    But I understand what you mean. I am not sure what to do than. I guess I just cannot keep my lego displayed in my room too long, as I dont want my entire collection of white going bad :'-(

  2. I love seeing small ships like this. This is the minimum we can get with the old school Pirate hulls (the thin hulls and only the front and back) and like the Renegade Runner and others, these are quite cool. I love seeing the ways people make these small ships have more space and seem bigger.

    I like the detailing along the bridge, the use of the railings is quite cool. (I have thought about doing this many times but havent yet) And you got anchors on there, thats interesting as many smaller ships are not given anchors.

    I see some of the pictures form the bridges show unused Black Clips... is there anything these pieces should be holding? Or are they just there for decoration?

  3. Okay, I know that cigarette smoke and sunlight cause yellowing...

    For sunlight, is it DIRECT sunlight, as in, Beams shining onto the Lego for prolonged periods of time. Or if a room, lit technically by sunlight during the day (no direct light shining in the room or onto the lego), will that cause yellowing?

  4. Yes. I did go solo, and instead of getting only 80 percent of Royalties (Afterall, I wrote all of our hit songs) I get 100 percent. Its a sweet deal. I can also have sex for 3 days straight. (Tantra)

    LOL. Its funny, as most people do not want Police Lego anymore - we have new Police Themes every 2 or 3 years. We want civilians! The airports were a step in the right direction! We need more!!!

    I wouldn't worry, I know there will be more Police sets to follow.

    (But no Police reunion :'-( :'-( :'-( : the 3 members hate each other)

  5. Perhaps to you but we all have different ways of phrasing and interpreting messages, I've explained what I meant so don't worry about it.

    I have already forgot. :)

    How do you know there are 1000's left? Where the evidence to suggest this?

    There are probably at least 1000 MISB Pirate Sets available on Bricklink. Combined that with Ebay and all the sets we do not know about. (We are naive to think there aren't people out there who are simply hording 100s of Lego MISB sets from 1980-1997 and waiting to sell them 20 years from now at ridiculous prices).

    Does it have to be made in 3rd Century BC to be precious and rare?

    You probably could argue that I don't respect your wish to use the LEGO for its intended purpose, and its selfish of me to horde LEGO sets that could be put to better use. ;-)

    No, but I find that a toy better be that old to be upset about if one opens it instead of keeping it sealed.

    It does not bother me that you do not use Lego how it is intended, because It is your opinion, your money, your set, and what you do with it is up to you. It is not selfish, it is simply what you want to do with the set! You don't owe it anyone to keep the set preserved. As much as you say you would like to open it, you obviously want to keep it sealed more. Whether it is your morals on the issue or not, its what you want to do with the set. Besides, you should be happy I'm not one of those trolls who buy MISB sets, open them, and then sell the parts for high prices. At least I am attempting to build Pirate MOCs from time to time!

  6. You have morals regarding a toy. That is fine. I do too. But not the same as yours. When you say "I will not open a set, because I have morals" it implies that one who opens set has no morals - period. I think a better way to have said it is that "I will not open a set, because I do not believe it is right" or "I have morals regarding such a thing".

    I know that a toy can be valuable, but I know there are people out there preserving Lego sets. If there were 10 MISB Pirate Lego sets left in the world, obviously I would see a reason for me to keep it sealed. But there are 1000s for sale currently and 1000s we don't even know about. They will be around for long to come. I understand where you are coming from. I understood the whole time. I just do not feel the same. Let me put it this way: the issue is not that I don't understand, its that I do not agree with you and choose not to adhere to it. Thats all there is to it.

    Lego wasn't made in the 3rd Century BC. It is not ancient history critical to the understanding of mankind.

  7. my least favorite pirate mini-fig is:


    i've got almost ten of these guys. if you're building a quality pirate ship or imperial ship, ya can't do squat with these losers without making my precious ship look bad unless he's in the jail (hmm... that's an idea).

    What is it you do not like about this figure?

  8. old gray. Otherwise it won't matter what they release, I won't buy it in any quantity.

    If Lego rereleased all the old castle sets (This is just hypothetical, I know Lego would never do this) in the New Grays, would you buy any?

    (I am actually curious, I am not challenging your opinion)

  9. I think your getting a little ridiculous considering the fact we are talking about a toy. Saying I don't have morals because I open Lego sets? That is most pathetic logic I have ever seen. Keep your boxes all sealed up, I do not care. If thats what it takes to make you feel better about yourself, that is fine, but do not insist I have no morals because I open a TOY. You're being pathetic. I hope when I am older I do not use such childish and weak reasoning. You should try not to get offended by others opinions. Lego is a toy. A Toy. Read that a few more times, let it sink in. A Toy. Pirate Lego in particular was made for 7 years in the late 80s to mid 90s. This is not an artifact. I will open them if I aquire them. Get over it. jamtf has, why can't you?

    Yes, it bothers me when someone tells me I do not have morals.

  10. I guess my point is I just don't want to keep a brand new Lego set all sealed up and doing nothing with it. I know others love it - I don't collect stamps, but many do. I respect people who keep there sets like that because it is a hobby, but I would just hate to keep it like that, as it would do nothing for me.

    Keeping a new Lego set sealed is like a hobby. Some people enjoy it, others don't. I do not. :)

  11. well i occasionally open an older box and you can easily find mistakes on boxes and instruction books as well. you can see a few of those in the review of the 'USS Constellation' that i did a while back. The notion that Lego was so much better in the past compared to these days is a myth. The old boxes, for instance, may be more attractive but they are so terribly fragile, easy to damage... Current boxes are a lot better in quality. Besides, high quality has its price. I f you want to go back to the old quality/style, add another 30% - 50% to the current prices.

    I'd be willing to pay a reasonable increase to get back higher quality set design, higher minifig count, and more pieces.

    But I doubt parents and children, the ones who Lego is aimed at, would.

  12. I would love to see Revolutionary War sets and to a lesser extent Civil War sets. I'd love to see George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Ben Franklin, Paul Revere done in Lego. We could also have sets of Independence Hall, Valley Forge, Continental Congress. Though I'm not sure how well they would sell.

    To avoid the whole war thing, Lego could do a History line. They could make small ~$10-$20 (storyteller style) sets of great moments in history. Could do Cornwallis surrendering to Washington. Ben Franklin with the Kite. Paul Revere's ride. Boston Tea Party. Then the next year they could do another country's history.


    Good idea. What is Lego's biggest market? I imagine that would be the first country they would do.

  13. 30CN is around the twenties of the USD I believe. If not then at least the teens.

    :'-( . 1. It's a joke(I'm sure your aware of that). 2. If I had a chance to come up with MISB sets, I would keep them like that. Unfortunately, I don't have any besides the one I posted earlier.

    I think its funny how you are defending yourself for making a joke, but you obviously didn't get mine about Canadian Currency. X-D

    I am from Canada. The exchange rate is somewherea round .87 or .88 USD for 1 CAD. I keep an eye on it as I am going to Florida in May.

  14. LoL. These ones were not from Bricklink or an online source so if I didn't find out about them they wouldn't have appeared online anyway. It is from a family friend who had a few sets that she intended to give to her sons like 10 years ago and forgot about them. Sitting behind some boxes in there closet, they found them just a few weeks ago and I offered to buy them (they were surprised I would even pay for them LOL, but I would feel bad if I didn't)

    They are a 6263 Imperial Outpost, 6244 Imperial Sentry and 6248 Volcano Island. I paid $30.00 for all of them. $30.00 CDN... which is like what? $7.00 American, or 3 Pounds? LOL. (Lame jab at the Canadian Economy)

    I am technically helping you guys. Keeping these sets rare makes yours much more valuable. You guys can make a killing off of them if you ever want to sell them. I must admit I even have a MISB Set, an Rebel Snowspeeder I got for $10.00CDN... which I plan on keeping 10 years or so and than selling for a high high price.

  15. I think you are right. We could show the figure on the back of the box to show how it could be mistaken as a standard figure. If the same user who uploaded the Torso without Crossbelt uploaded this one, it was probably an honest mistake.

    We are 100% sure that this Yellow Epaulette'd Grunt comes in no other sets, right? I have never come across him except on Bricklink and on the back of this box.

  16. i made a better avatar now. hope the pic quality is pretty good. tried to go for unique but still looks kewl. the picture is set on the poop deck of me frigate (again)

    Mister Phes, you can't change yer awesome avatar, i think yours is second best. Besides, if you change it, then i would never recognize you:P.

    I very much like your new one. I like the look of that Knights Kingdom I Torso with the Epaulettes. I would like to see this creation of yours... the characters look very cool.

    And Phes would never change his icon too drastically. It will be the same character, just a better quality picture of it.

  17. Anyway, Sting has been busting out all kinds of old school creations and pictures he has found around, but I wonder if we are going to be something new soon, or a refitting perhaps?

    I like the look of this ship as a small raiding ship. The structuring is nice overall and the scheme is well done, and there is some nice detailing in there too! I think maybe what Phes and Sting should fear is the impending doom of Bonaparte's French army of super elite, less than amphibious, but still larger than most armories around... army... full of... chums!

    I will be building a new ship for sure. I enjoyed building this one so much, that I want to spend more time on building a better one. I was thinking something in the Christmas Spirit... but still a nice ship.

    Thanks for the comment... I don't think even Phes could take on Bonaparte right now.

    This that the LEGO representation of yourself? I thought you'd be more than just a mere grunt!

    LoL. This is due to my lack of better torsos. I will be aquiring some much more Captainy ones soon, which will than be fitted to my Avatar. *y*

    It takes a bit a more than heart to win a battle if their skills are lacking...

    Well, I imagine they would be excellent fighters... but not compared to the Super Elite Inquisition.

    I think the minifigs are too generic. They are basically all black and all have captain like torsos, I mean they all seem to be the most important man on the ship.

    I like diversity and color myself. I tend to use the generic striped torsos and the other pirate torsos at random. Occassionally, I create some black pirates or officers. Torsos that fit the pirate series well are the Sam Sinister one and the ones used in the Orient Adventurers line such as the one from Babloo and the maharaja and palace guard torsos with knife from 7418 Scorpion Palace. For a captain I might point out that the black Lego studios vampire torso is a good one as well.

    I do agree with you with the figures, as I did not have enough pieces and do not have any of the "Captains" black Torsos I wanted (I should do a BL order soon) (One of which is the good Vampire one you showed me). Once I get these torsos you will see a definte ranking going on with the soldiers. Thanks for the input!

  18. I still love the joy of opening a brand new set, and I will continue to do so! I respect you for your joy of having a lego set untouched, but I would rather just build it!

    I just acquired a few MISB Pirate Sets - in just as good condition as yours (not Shrink Wrapped however) for a REALLLLLY sweet price, and I will be opening them. Perhaps I will torture you guys with a picture of me opening them and ruining there 'Mint'ness LOL.