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    The horrors of Bley...

    Has anyone seen a large group of GREY figs along side a large group of BLEY figs.. I am interested in this because looking at my relatively small collection of grey (it isnt as big as I thought...) How does it look? I have almost (painfully) decided to start collecting (...) Bley... It is sad and probably true... I have an even smaller collection of brown(besides Boat Hulls, barrels weapons and treasure chests)... as my dark ages started in 1996 when brown started being used more widely as normal building bricks ect. So I will need to collect the new 'reddish brown' too... Has anyone seen any good Castle/Pirate/Historical MOCs using Bley and that new crappy brown? I know that it doesnt quite have all the pieces the old grey did... Does anyone know how long Bley will last now? I don't want to start collecting it or anymore Lego if they are just going to change there colors every 5 or 10 years...
  2. I want to know what pieces I should use to create a more fancy looking Admiral than the ones we see in the pirate sets. I don't care what torsos I use, as long as they fit the time period (1600s-1800s). Would replacing the admirals arms with white arms do anything, or are there better torsos? Only limitation is I would like it to be a lighter color. Actually, as long as its not black. I have a good one for the Pirate Captain, but I need one for my big Grand Admiral or whatever. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  3. Sting

    Stadium Arcadium

    I just started listening to this epic so far! Its freekin great! Give me more time! I was just about to start a thread to see what my fellow lego fans felt!
  4. *wacko* I don't know what sets are supposed to be coming out next and when they are coming out? When are the new KK2 sets coming out? Spongebob? Avatar? Vikings? ect, ect I have been reading so much about the sets I have totally lost track of when they are supposed to come out!
  5. Sting

    Idea: A Dojo set?

    LoL. Your funny, but if you'll excuse me, I have to go kill some dinosaurs (none around - no problem - plenty of other animals in my neighbourhood) with my humvee(has a gun)(some Suburban Parents actually own a "Fire Hammer" of their own) combat Helicopter (has many guns), and tank (essentially one large gun).
  6. Sting

    Favorite Adventure Plane

    Tis a beautiful set. I wish we could get more like this.. I am very happy that I have at least have 2. And BRICKSTER, a suggestion: How about do seperate votes for small promotional sets and the larger 'official' line sets... all those little planes we KNOW are not going to win against the 'MAIN' sets... Its a little unfair to pit 1279 against The Island Hopper... lets divide promotional sets and main sets... and also - get some bigger pictures so people without the sets can judge better without leaving Eurobricks!
  7. Very, VERY. Good set. I love the openness of the inside... and the small little jail. To me it almost looks like it was a small church/citadel that was built in a flooded area and than turned into a fortress... but thats just the inside. Outside it looks very much like a watch tower built in a flooded region. So many figures... and such a cool design... how can people not like this set... I've wanted this set for years... maybe one day I'll accept a loss of Nostalgia and trade one of my big UFO sets for this one (my friend wants one of my UFOs and I want this... LOL).
  8. Sting

    REVIEW: 6022 Horse Cart

    Thanks much! God Bless, Nathan N/P. I really like your set reviews by the way - the minifig commentary is a great way to add another perspective to the set! I love it! Keep em coming!
  9. Sting

    Favorite Adventure Plane

    Island. Freekin. Hopper. Incredible plane - large and bulky with cargo area and GREAT pieces... the pontoons came off too easily but what can you do. I have 2 of these sets and replaces the pontoons with wheels (i hated the pontoon designs) and they look great! I think this kind of style of plane should have been worked with more. I remember a long time ago, there was some set previews for 2005 that were called "Dino" and alot of us thought it was a new Adventurers line... we were wrong and it was the pretty bad Dino Attack line... but there was a small picture and it looked like some big prop plane... it looked awesome... I think more planes like this would be great! In second place probably the Bi-Wing Baron... and than maybe Pontoon plane... I loved that little set too... And how could I forget that Desert Expedition plane... I would kill for one of those...
  10. Sting

    REVIEW: 6022 Horse Cart

    I actually laughed quite hard at that last line LOL. Damn wagoneers... always have to go for 'strategic redeployment' when the battle gets rough.
  11. I'm liking both these ideas ALOT. Especially because I have had wierd nostalgic feelings for the Early 90's Disney Movies (Which include Aladdin and The Lion King) I would really love to see an Arabian Nights (it would almost be a mix between the Egyptian and the Indian subtheme(at least with those "onion" topped buildings). And the African Safari - i don't know whY lego hasn't done this yet - it has the perfect storyline - The Adventurers go to research the Animals on the Savannah, and the Baron or a different enemy(a poacher lord or something) would be killing them. We already got Elephants... all lego would need is a Lion, Cheetah, Leopard (I think those are the ones in Africa...), Gazelle, Wildebeast, Rhino, Hippo, and some Flamingos. Obviously we don't need all of these, but any number of them would be cool! It would give Lego the ability to make some very cool jeeps, a large Riverboat (which has some artifacts from the Egyptian theme... as it could be assumed the Adventurers just finished up thier Egyptian Adventure and than headed south down the Nile), and my favourite idea that was never exploited by the Adventurers - a cool 1930's style MOTORCYCLE! Like the ones used in the war. All lego would have to do is give us the old style motorcycles in Grey, Black, Tan, or Dark green, and than add a few little things on it make it look like a patrol/scouting bike... OR, they could redesign the piece to make it more old fashioned(this would be preferable). Another idea which I thought of a year ago but never mentioned - the idea of Johnny Thunder leading an Allied Division in World War 2. An adventurer of his stature would be very good in combat! A little ridiculous and we know Lego will probably never make a theme based on a war (and we don't need one, as long as Lego can make some other themes - we've already proven there are MANY Adventurers themes that could be made WITHOUT any violence), but I am just throwing the idea out there. Besides the fact that Nazi Germany and the Barons totally obvious German heritage (at least to me?) would have to addressed would also be a problem. That was me just suggesting an idea and tearing it apart. LoL.
  12. Sting

    WESTERN Custom Stickers!!! IDEAS WANTED!

    Wow Brick Miner. Very cool idea you got going on here. Your stickers look incredible so far (I actually thought for a second they were real pieces, at least of "Flintlock" Frank). I would love to think of some ideas for the names of the Western Bandits, but unfortunately I'm just not good at coming up with names. But I shall give it a shot. You should get some pictures of each minifigure you want a name for and post them in your main article so we can see each one and think of a name that suits them. For example, the bandit in 6764 Sheriff's Lock Up has the missing teeth, messy hair/moustache and a hairy chest. Perhaps "Hairy" Harry would be interesting (Like I said, I am not good at coming up with names LOL). I am not sure how many varieties of bandits there were, so this would help us get which ones you want named. I also think for you MOC's you should imagine what Lego would have done with Wild West if it was INCREDIBLY succesful - imagine them making a confederate influenced "Rebel" line alot like the Castle lines you mentioned. The Rebels would have grey torsos and be against the Cavalry... they would be a whole other faction. There could be the civilians (like in 6765 Gold City Junction, than The Cavalry, and The Rebels (The Cavalry and The Rebels would basically fight for control of the towns...). Of course, this would introduce countries/factions into the theme and may take the niche of the Bandits (who the Cavalry fight), although I always thought it was the Sheriff's job to fight the Bandits... You could also try to do the Mexicans... which if officially done by Lego would be called a different name, but still be heavily Mexican influenced. It would be great to see some Adobe's and if some of the theme takes place in California... maybe some Joshua Tree's... 8-
  13. Sting

    KK2v3 Accessories

    That is looking very mighty... it looks very "Champion Crusader". Im really diggin' it. Love these new accesories!
  14. Sting

    Pirate vs Ninja !!

    He might've had a chance to, but ol' Redbeard wasn't very smart to hold his pistol in his hook hand. :-P LOL. Didnt even notice. I guess intelligence was a factor in this fight.
  15. *going to buy at least three or four of the Viking Wagons*
  16. Sting

    Pirate vs Ninja !!

    Yarrr. The chances of a Pirate having a fight one and one with a Ninja is slim (the Ninja IS Stealth though...)If it is a pirate like ol' Redbeard, than the Ninja would win... however if it was an up and coming pirate, in his younger days, he would give that Katana a run for its money. And besides. All the pirate needs is one clear shot...
  17. Sting

    SET REVIEW is 6267 Lagoon Lockup

    Yes, but we must remember why those disadvantages are there - for playability! I didn't 'play' much with lego ( I usually built stuff ) but when I did play I liked to be able to move the soldiers around in the building. I also liked arranging all the Minifigs around, so having the back open was practical, if not realistic. Besides, the types of pieces and arrangement of the set was good, and we could destroy it and make a more realistic (albiet smaller) building from the set. I understand where you are coming from but lets consider the back opening there for playability... and not the lame kind either (like certain newer themes).
  18. The time travelling Adventurers theme idea would be the closest thing to the Wild West that we would get... there would of course only be one set from this era... but its better than nothing.
  19. Sting

    De Rode Draak (The Red Dragon)

    I am very happy this thread was raised from the dead. I love this ship! I love the colour scheme and as everyone has said, the sails are awesome. The size is amazing because the proportions the work. I can't see anything wrong with it, but I will be picky and say that I think the front could be built up a little more... ...okay, actually its 100%. LOL. Amazing. I want to see someone beat this. I have an idea, perhaps their should be a CAPITAL SHIP Thread in this forum, where people try to build or show the greatest MOC Pirate ship... there could be a few categories - small (a ship with none of the Lego Boat Hulls used (like the small ship in the Imperial Trading Post, or the 7416 Emperor's Ship), medium a ship the size of the Renegade Runner/Crossbone Clipper/Evil Willy's Lotus... actually, anything with the smaller Boat Hulls, a Large (anything using the Larger Boat Hulls... from the size of the CArribean Clipper to the Skulls Eye Schooner, and VERY large (anything the size of the Red Dragon and bigger ... anything quite larger than the Skulls Eye Schooner). My only problem with this is that when people make Pirate ship MOC's they tend to go all out and make massive ships... i havent seen many small or even medium sized ship MOCs.Oh well... just an idea.
  20. Wasn't it also the last proper Lego Space Theme? (I dont think Life on Mars was the same Space Theme as Blacktron whereas UFO, Insectoids, ect were all still part of the space theme)
  21. Oh yeah, I forgot about those two themes... yes, than an Antarctic Theme is probably definately out of the question... there is also ICE PLANET which is an ice themed set... but than again, who knows. I would be happy with any return of the Adventurers!
  22. Sounds like retro visit to Flash Gordon/Buck rogers B&W cinema shorts of many moons ago to me. OK, I'm not that old, but I do vaguely remember them being repeated on TV on sat mornings in school holidays Jof Yes. I do remember Flash Gordon being on TV... unfortunately(or fortunately LOL) it was the 1996 Cartoon TV series where Flash Gordon and Dale Arden were TEENS! The space idea would probably be a little ridiculous... and alot of the spacesuits and rockets would be KIND of like the Scubasuits if Lego did the ATLANTIS idea... and if I could choose I think Atlantis would be cooler.
  23. Sting

    MOC: Another mighty ship!

    About the ship - it's just a boosted RBR but I don't care - I like it, look TLC, this is how RBR should've looked like from the beginning! However it definitely needs sails - icluding the jib which the RBR lacked! I agree. The backend is heavily influenced by the RBR... nothing wrong with being influenced by it. I do like the extension the ship has. It is a little simple, but as Evil_Willy said, it definately gives it something. I like the lattice windows... I really got to get more of those!
  24. Alright cool, cool. No worries. Lego should have definately done the King Kong Theme... kids freekin' love that movie (my little brother and my girlfriends little brother are obsessed with it). The sets if done properly would sell like crazy, be promoted by the movie, and give us lots of great sets/pieces. At the time the movie was released the Orient Expedition sets were dying out, which means there wasn't a conflicting theme. And yes, Space is a little ridiculous, that is why it was my last idea. I was just throwin it out there. I think the next stop for Adventurers should be Atlantis... it would be unique (it would boats/subs for the most part) and some cool ideas for Atlantians. Unfortunately, being born in 1987, I haven't seen much of the Adventure movies you speak of.