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    Why doesn't LEGO make skyscraper sets ???

    People's General's Idea is good, but I think less floors with a less generic look would be cooler. For example, The Police Station in 6398, if Designed a little different, and obviously without all the police themed stuff, would be a REALLY cool Office building. Office Buildings go along with homes and other small businesses that gave Lego character. Having Police, Fire, and Hospital themes every few years gives no life to Lego system. Whats the point in having a fire station with no one to save, hmm? The Port that is coming out (any pictures of that yet???) is sounding pretty cool though!
  2. Sting

    Fantasy Castle

    I would like it more if it were MINIFIG Scale... but it still looks really good. Very good idea.
  3. Sting

    Are you sick of Star Wars?

    I think they are cool, but in the end it gets a little ridiculous. How many remakes are they going to have? But I guess there are still some things they could still do with it that they haven't done yet!
  4. I love every Viking set... actually... i should say HALF of every Viking set. I love the Fortress, but I hate all the stupid ACTIONFIGURE pieces in them (which includes about 90% of the Monsters - very little TRUE Lego in those sets). I imagine Calvin is talking about the hundreds (Im guessing) of pieces that aren't traditional Lego in the Viking Fortress. The Long Boat isn't very good, as the only good thing about it is the figures and the few cool details on it (I love the little barbeque in the middle). I agree that the monsters look really cool and that they are built and put together well, but I think they are a waste of money. The Vikings were done pretty well. I liked the concept of the Monsters, but I think real lego pieces would have been better. Maybe if someone provides me with a part count that shows how many pieces go towards the Dragon and how many pieces go towards the Fortress, and I see it as worth the 100CDN it will be, maybe I will pick it up. The new Firestation is pretty cool, but I do not think it is as cool as some of the older town sets. It is quite cool though. The 7093 Rescue Helicopter is probably the coolest Helicopter designed by Lego EVER... even compared to ALL of the town sets from the 80s and 90s(Pick it out... it is incredible). Grievous, out of curiosity, when did you start collecting Lego?
  5. Sting

    A new way to look at a legend

    Very cool thread! Who would have thought there would be so many! Did I miss it... I haven't seen a CASTLE look yet? Or am I just CRAZY!?!?! I can't believe how many MOCs were based on this. There must have been a contest for it. If Lego re-released that set, even in Bley, it would be cool!
  6. Sting

    Fright Knights Theme

    Grrreeat Torsos. I actually don't mind that large 6097 set. Well... actually... I only think the entire Spire thing with the big level on top is really really cool.(Where the bearded guard with the battle axe and sheild is standing). The rest sucks. The theme could have been cool - the first truely evil charactersin the Castle World (as opposed to the greedy Wolfpack and Magical Dragonmasters. They could have been evil dark knights. Like people said. It lacked direction and didn't fit at all with the old castle sets, yet it was supposed to (Royal Guard Minifig in 6097). It had some neat ideas (the witch would have gone along well with the wizards of the Dragonmasters), but overall was quite weak with horrible set design and a fragmented look stemmed from the fact that 1996 was Lego's last truely amazing year, and these were the first of the awful batch to come. I remember seeing The Fright Knights and the entire 1997 Lego Catalog and just feeling this horrible feeling of "The End". I knew it than. Something was wrong. Although many good themes(Ninja, The Adventurers) and sets came out until the late 90s, it was obvious in 1997 that many sets were going down in quality. What is so bad about the Dino Island Line? There were some damn good sets in that line, including the plane and the Island Racer... but I guess besides that it mostly sucked. (I actually liked the tracked vehicle alot too).
  7. I agree that the sets have been quite terrible and that new town is still weak compared to the old town. The best set of 2007 will probably be weak compared to an average set of the same size released in 1993. But, looking at town sets now compared to the pathetic Town Jr. Era - Lego is getting better. We have to admit that things are better than they were in 2000.
  8. Sting

    Harbour and small fortress

    Very cool Fort and Harbour. I love how this looks piratey, yet doesn't have the generic Pirate "building" colors of white and yellow. I particularily like the brown part (I believe it is the Fort). You have built it quite well onto the rocks, and the effect is very cool. I assume the grey baseplate is supposed to be blue one day?
  9. Sting

    Why do you like what you do ???

    For starters, my favourite themes are Pirate, Town, Adventurerers, Castle, and Wild West (Probably in that order too... These are my FAVOURITE themes... so I still love Wild West sets). The main reason for me liking these themes is from fascination with History. I love the idea of Pirate Ships, and the whole 1600-1800 Period of History (this explains Pirates and Wild West). It is mostly my favourite period of history. I love history alot, so much that I stole a giant History Textbook from my High School for my grade 11 year (we didn't have a World History Class until grade 12). I than returned the book, as I realized later it was a students, and she would have to pay for it if I didn't return it! (But I did it stealthily, so no one noticed LOL). I also loved the video game "Zelda: A Link To The Past", and with the Forestmen, it made me think "Zelda". So obviously this lead me too it. When I went to my friends house as a kid, we would play Zelda and build Lego - they had mostly Castle Lego, and that got me into it more. Nostalgia Factor perhaps on that one. Adventurers is mostly my fascination with History, as I did projects on World War 1 and World War 2, and this fits so nicely in there. I also loved the pieces, and I love the airplanes in particular. I just love the entire period of time. I am dwelling on "Why do I like the theme", but my main thing is an outside source - a fascination with History and Fantasy. TOWN on the other hand, I cannot explain. I think it is just the design of the sets. Incredibly cool rooms, vehicles. I love little rooms. I think i loved town because of the way Lego presented it! I love made up worlds, and I love making up my own. These themes let me do that. But a closer look reveals the SPACE theme can let me do that too... and although I loved SPace as a kid, I no longer have desire for it. (To the point of me considering selling of my Space Sets, although Nostalgia makes me unsure about that. Good question Brick Miner, but the fact that my love of History only covers most of my favourite themes and leaves out Town, makes me not even sure why I love what I do! :-/
  10. Grrr You bring up many good points. Perhaps you can offer some insight into what lego can do in the future. Lego is a company, and companies exist to make money. It is unfortunate, but with all the things you have said, it makes me wonder if Lego will ever be what it once was. I am 100% sure Lego will never be the #1 toy anymore (Lego Sales were at a max in 1993 I believe. It is surprising they lasted as long as they did with Video games coming out) due to video games (Most kids are into video games now. When I was growing up (I was in Kindergarten 1992-1993, so from 1992-1998), almost every boy in my classes had lego and enjoyed it and would talk about it. Now, almost every kid talks about video games and computers. I actually don't know any children who were my brothers friends, or my girlfriends brothers friends who have more than maybe 1 set of Lego. (And children with AFOL are not considered the norm, so don't bring AFOL's children into this) As you say, there are still small percentages of consumers who will not follow trends, but this is still a fraction, and Lego seemed to spoil itself with the idea it can always be a leading edge toy. It is a leading edge toy, but definately not a popular one. What can Lego do? They have started following trends. Like you said, 15 years ago, Lego would have never made a product based on Spongebob Squarepants (if the character existed 15 years ago). Lets look at Lego's new themes... Batman, Spongebob, Avatar, Star Wars, Harry Potter - although they have quality (most of the sets I have seen have lots of pieces, interesting designs, and acceptable amounts of figures - even the freakin Spongebob ones) - these are still following and will never be as PURE as older lego. Knights Kingdom is basically legos own attempt to make a TV Show Style World of characters. The main problem with Knights Kingdom unfortunately is still Juni0rized parts (Although the new figures and the new sets are still better) I don't know whY i trailed off again into my dissapointment in lego, my main question to you Grrr is what do you suppose Lego do? You have said with the new media it is too hard for Lego to keep any young customers (as Lego was only incredibly fun if you were creative, even if you are only a little bit creative, Lego still was very fun), you have not told me how Lego can SHIFT the culture and become the trendsetter. I unfortunately disagree. I do not think Lego can do this anymore. I concur. We agree Lego has gotten better, but there is still room for improvement. (PS: I now really want that Airport :|)
  11. I agree Brickster, but we gotta consider why lego doesnt have a classic line coming out. I think Lego could easily make an up to date (which means undated looking) TRUE Castle and TRUE Pirate line, and they would sell well, but they are obviously with have reasons for not doing this. The only thing CLASSIC About a Castle Line Lego should release is either old sets (rereleases) or just make a Castle line with LOTS of QUALITY again! I would love new factions, figures, the addition of all the new colors and pieces, but just new factions and new, cool, and quality set designs. Damn now I am getting greedy. Wild West would be amazing... but it didn't do to well the first time and I somehow doubt it will do well this time. Unless Lego shifts its target buyers to AFOLs (which they could, and would make tonnes of money), they will have to always keep up with latest trends. We, as only a fraction of lego buyers, are at mercy of the latest trends and what will sell unfortunately.
  12. I dont like one piece walls. I am not sure why you jumped to conclusions and made up me picking on curves lol. I don't know which Police Station you are talking about, but it is clear (as you can tell by how many people want the sets and ratings of the sets) that the new Police Station, although a step in the right direction, is still not as good as the 1993 Police Station in DESIGN. Design is very important in a set. It is not just detail. If Lego buildings were all one piece, with "cool little details" made of a few pieces on the INSIDE, it would still not be a good set. Perhaps Lego has been so focussed on cool little details(which I agree I like), that they have forgot about the overall design of the set. I like when pieces form a whole building, not pieces forming several small buildings. In all of the best sets, pieces of the structure interconnect all around> I am not feeling that in alot of the new sets. I will take back my comment on the airport. I just looked at Yoda's picture review, and although I think the terminal is still lacking, it is better than I thought. It is just too small, I wish they had extended it and made it larger. The planes, I hate the large pieces, but they do create a nice effect. I do wish they used more pieces, as they could have achieved the big streamlined look in more pieces than they did use. Don't assume I hated the planes, because I didn't. I didn't like the huge nose pieces (you can't use them for anything else!), but the interior, and as you mentioned, size, is incredible and definately does make them look like real Jetliners. Don't focus on only small details. Lego would be perfect if they improved their OVERALL Design, included these cool new little details, continued with the cool minifigures (but added more - 5 figures for an Airport? That is one of there flagship products of the Town line - it should have at least 7), and slowed the juniorization a little more (Most lego sets say "designed to be quickly built and ready for play" on them - that is not how Lego used to be - building is most of the fun!). Don't attack my views. Consider them. Worshipping everything new lego does just because we compare it to the dismal late 90s/early 00s is not right. They have a way to go before they can perfect what they are doing, which I have already stated, moving forward while keeping the old quality. I can guarantee you most AFOLs would agree that they still have work to do overall.
  13. I agree completely. I think alot of people are just celebrating because of what they are comparing the new sets too. The new town sets still suck compared to the 80s-mid 90s town stuff. New castle still sucks compared to the old castle. Many still want a new pirate and space line, but I can't criticize Lego about that because they can only sell what they think will sell. It is VERY possible for Lego to make new, cool, exciting, flashy sets that won't look dated (Even when I look at sets from 1996, which was the last amazing year of Lego, the town sets especially look pretty old fashioned (not bad, but vintage). Look at the new fire station coming out - this set, except for possible juniorization of car chassis - looks like how lego should be looking - quality with a modern feel. I am not one of those people that wants Lego to go back to the 80s and use the limited pieces, colours, and designs they could. Almost all the new torsos in lego sets kick megablocks. Minifigures have gotten better (although they need to include more in sets), but we still need better quality design in the SYSTEM Themes. Star Wars and Batman are very well designed in my opinion, and the Vikings and the LEGO parts of the Vikings are too (I hate most of the weapon and creature pieces though). The new Airport is just terrible. Lets congradulate Lego - I agree they are going in a much better direction (I acutally want one or two of those Knights Kingdom sets!!!) but lets not let them off the hook completely! All we can hope is the sets and themes keep getting better! Lets keep our fingers crossed!
  14. Sting

    Harry Potter ootp

    I don't know about any bad blood between Disney and Lego, but I do know that the reason I want Lego to get that Pirates of the Caribbean Liscence is because it would force Lego to make some pirate sets again. Right now, despite the obvious huge interest in pirates, lego has no interest in making pirate sets. I would rather have a new Pirate Line or Re-Releases than a POTC Line, but with Lego's current business strategy, using a Highly succesful movie line is the most likely! Lets hope they change there mind and make a new Pirate line!
  15. Sting

    New 2007 city sets

    I wouldn't be bold enough to call this year GOLDEN. There is still lots to improve. That new fire station looks quite amazing, as the station itself is probably one of the best since 1994's 6571. I am not sure about the truck yet though. But I may have to pick this one up.
  16. Sting

    Spongebob's Flying Dutchman

    COuld be good as long as they don't give us an ugly glow in the dark hull! We need something that has more OPTIONS!!
  17. Sting

    A blue Pirates parrot?

    I didn't even know there was a blue, red, green, or pink Parrot. That is interesting. I agree with Phes... most of the parrots without markings do look kind of bland, particularily with the tropical pirates that most Pirate locales are associated with. We need a picture. I think this man may have a typo.
  18. Sting

    Black pirates

    I love the idea of multi-cultural crews. I think the basketball player faces blend in quite nicely with the rest of the crew. It works. Maybe I will buy some NBA Lego just for those heads to make some Pirates!
  19. I listen to Protest the Hero, Canadian Metal/Hardcore/Math Rock band. It includes lots of crazy time signature changes, key changes, and rhythm changes. Its basically loud, fast, aggressive (at most times) music that can change into quiet melodic breakdowns out of nowhere, and than switch time from 4/4 punk beat to a 3/4 chugging metal beat. Its quite ridiculous, and I usually am not fond of music like this, but these guys do it so WELL!!! But to stay back on topic... I love these ideas, and I only wish Lego could come up with something HALF as good. (I would be glad if Lego continued the Adventurer line period, but after 2 or 3 years I doubt its going to happen :-( ) - Sting
  20. Sting

    Spongebob's Flying Dutchman

    This ship could offer an interesting base, but I have a feeling we will get something like the Durmstrang Ship or something totally new and probably lame. BUT, we can hope. I would love a standard black or brown ship hull... even if its new, as long as its good, I will be happy! I am not a big fan of glow in the dark parts, but you guys are probably right, as for playability sake, it will be glow in the dark! Heres to hoping!
  21. Sting

    A blue Pirates parrot?

    This is a very interesting find indeed. I have a feeling it will turn out to be fake/wrong, but there seems to be little purpose in making up a story about a blue Lego parrot. Come to think of it, it could cause quite a commotion among the AFOL's lol. Lets hope we can get a picture posted! - Sting
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    New 2007 city sets

    Thanks guys. "Mud Guards" are indeed what I was talking about. Its good to know they aren't just a giant plates that can only be used for Wheeled Vehicles. The plates for the fire engine and police car are a little specialized, but not too bad, so they are salvageable. The 7239 Firetruck is definately much cooler looking (so far) than the one that comes with the new Firestation, so I am going to have to look into that. But I think I may be getting that fire engine (assuming I have enough money) Thanks again!
  23. Sting

    New 2007 city sets

    I REALLY like the Firestation except for the Trucks... but even those can be saved if someone can answer this: What do those Truck and Car bottoms (with the wheel rims) actually look like? Are they all one big piece that can only be used for cars, or are the "rims' seperate pieces?
  24. Forgive me wording, I was probably listening to some crazy Math Rock band and too into the music to make proper sentences. For example, the Egyptian and Amazon lines were in real world locations(Egypt and the Amazon), but they were not realife pyramids or tombs. (There was NOT a King Tut Burial Ground or Pyramid of Giza set - just "generic' tombs, ect) I would have liked his Castle Adventurers line to take place in Early 20th Century Europe, IE - for example, in Germany, France, ect or something, and the castles dont have to be castles that actually exist - just made up ones (like he has done). I just like the idea of using the real world locations, but having it be just made up sites (I.E. - have one small gatehouse be in Germany, but it would be a madeup gatehouse - like he has done). But maybe his made up country he uses would be in Europe, and it just gives him more creativity this way. I love his models, and I wouldn't want it to be real world SITES (for Example, no Taj Mahal - just a Taj Mahal influences building(like there is). Hope that makes sense!!
  25. I was just about to say that. I love this idea for a theme! It is like the European Legends Adventurer theme that has been talked about many times as an idea for a further Adventurers line. I love the tank, particularily the big one in Heroes Tower. Love the explosion planting. So cool. And also the little tank with the Gatling Gun. It is like a little armoured box... but I mean that in a good way LoL. My favourite set is the Key of the Castle Dock set... I love the inclusion of the royal guards. I think the idea could be pulled off a little better, just like some said about inconsistency, and I think you could have used a real world location and just made up the exact castles, but its really up to you. I love the inclusion of the armed forces being put into this old land. Works really really well. Sorry if my thread is really broken up... I just see and think about more and more things I like as I continue typing. You have inspired me(and I haven't been posting in monthes!). And that is a hard thing to do. So thank you. - Sting