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  1. Canada is an amazing country but if he goes anywhere it would have to be the North! The Parliament Buildings arent that interesting LOL. I think that set WAS town. I remember it appearing earlier and in different displays than the Outback. It just looks Outback because of the background. But maybe it is Outback. Nice set either way.
  2. Sting

    Ugliest Big Piece Ever?

    Don't assume anything about my post. I said that I felt this piece was acceptable after I recieved information (which I asked for).I wanted to know the reason for it. Do you not question anything Lego does? I wanted to know why this piece was designed like this, and people answered and I accepted its use. Suggesting that I, or any other "old grumpy AFOLs" (I hope you are not implying I am an "old grumpy AFOL" from what I felt was a fair argument on the subject) believe that any brick larger than a 1/3 is <insert that tiresome argument> is a ridiculous statement. And many <insert that tiresome argument> pieces look like garbage in my opinion, particularily the new ones. I believe the word <insert that tiresome argument> means something because many people use it and have a common definition for it, as well as the obvious trend of it happening (which is why so many have been claiming it) It is possible that some pieces (the new prefab castle walls) are more <insert that tiresome argument> than others (the old prefab castle walls). Its how the pieces fit and flow and allow for addons. I am not saying it is unacceptable to like <insert that tiresome argument> pieces or for Lego to use them. I like BURPS, LURPS, old prefab wall pieces, and Pirate Ship Hulls (more of a baseplate in my opinion), which is why I don't mind the new airplane pieces. Perhaps I do not like "New Juniorization" which I feel in most cases is unneccesary. In regards to the topic name, I still think this piece is ugly, but so are LURPS and BURPS without decoration and flow.
  3. Sting

    Ugliest Big Piece Ever?

    I will never understand the animosity towards the word "<insert that tiresome argument>". It is the truth with many pieces. There are more pieces in the past 10 years made bigger so the set contains less pieces and thus they are easier to build. Look on new Lego sets and it says "desgined to be quick and easy to build and ready for play". Lego never used to have that on there boxes, as building it was half of the fun. Now it is implied that building should be very easy and quick to build, and than ready for play. Easier and meant for younger children. <insert that tiresome argument>. That is what most large pieces are like. I simply do not understand how you say it means nothing when yes, it does mean something, and it is happening. Whether you believe in the aesthetic value and price value of these larger pieces is a matter of opinion. My opinion is they look ugly and most of the time, look cheap on lego sets. Many of these pieces cannot be used for anything but there single purpose, and if they can, there specialized design makes them stick out and the look is unflattering. The word <insert that tiresome argument> does mean something and just because mods on this board and others don't like it (and do childish things such as censor the word, which I believe was the case a while ago and the reason I still on occasion say "jun1orized" with a "1"), it shouldn't be considered meaningless. I have no problem with people liking these pieces, but I do not like most of them. This one is an exception because it serves a purpose many smaller pieces would have trouble doing exactly. (The Gate could go behind or in front of the arches... but obviously they wanted it to go through.
  4. Sting

    Massive Napoleonic Armies for sale

    It is an amazing army.... or all 3 armies that I can see are amazing. What does the man mean by "Legend 16086"... I didn't know 6086 was rereleased as a Legend???
  5. Sting

    Ugliest Big Piece Ever?

    Oh I see it now! There are holesin the piece for the gate to go through. Makes sense. I really want that set still... I better update my list.
  6. Sting

    Whispers in the dark...better Castle?

    I agree that old Grey is better for castles. I do like the color Old Grey more, but there is no point in me trying to mass old grey, so I will deal with the less flattering look of it when building castles.
  7. Someone better put a review up of this set AS SOON AS THEY GET IT!!! I'd really like to see if its any good!
  8. Sting

    How much are you spending on pirate Lego

    When I wasn't a starving musician, I would spend up to $70 a month on Pirate Lego, acquiring alot of ships and figures and pieces. I unfortunately can spend no more than $10 a month on Lego because of my tight budget. It is sad, but true.
  9. Sting

    Whispers in the dark...better Castle?

    Its unfortunate you two have so much old grey. I only have a 2ftx1ftx5inch bin NOT EVEN FULL of old grey... and an even tinier amount of Old Brown. I am happy seeing all these sets comign out in Bley, because it means good sets for pieces. If Lego ever makes some of the classic castle pieces and other more unique pieces in Bley I will be willing to sell my old Grey... No point in keeping it if it isn't going to be produced anymore and I don't have that much. That won't be for a while though. Do you two plan on just buying pieces from the 2nd hand market, or are you praying Lego goes back to Old Grey? I am surprised there is not more discussion about this possible new castle theme! Even on Classic Castle!
  10. A very good subtheme I might add! I loved that little airfield set! It still makes me want to move to Australia this day and run a gas station in The Outback (seriously!) !!! (Hey, Australians, is it really all its cracked up to be? It appeals to me because of the beautiful scenery, and the people seem just as friendly as Canadians... and your weather is way better than here! LOL). Yes, Outback was a good theme. I think it only had 3 or 4 sets... The Airfield, A cool little 4x4 and bridge, and a racer... can't remember others. A Helicopter maybe?
  11. Sting

    Great leaders and Gods

    Alot of his figs really inspire me. He has some really cool ones... he even has THREE U2's! One from 3 different eras! Quite cool.
  12. Sting

    Whispers in the dark...better Castle?

    This makes me very excited. I can only pray that it is true, and that the company avoids the awful Massive Ugly Wall Piece (as pointed out by Gylman) and the Cheap Ugly Wall Piece ( Those pieces alone make sets not even worth the price. The prefab wall pieces of the past (the flats one and the corner ones) required lots of pieces to keep them together without looking stupid, and most important they did not look cheap. These new pieces look like garbage. A new Castle Line will mean nothing without good set design. The only good Viking Set in my opinion is the Fortress. I want the War Wagon, because the Viking Figs are incredible, but without good set design, it is just a waste of money. And I refuse to waste money on just minifigures anymore. Skeptism is needed though. There are many people that like the lower-quality lego sets, and have said "This years models are going to be amazing, trust me ;-) " and than the sets still suck. We have to hear it from a fan of quality lego models, preferably a classic castle fan, if we want to know if these sets will be high quality. I want to make it clear to all the naysayers that Lego can move forward/look modern and have high quality set design. Every stupid Bionacle Piece in Knights Kingdom and Viking Sets could be built out of smaller lego pieces. Look at the 7903 Rescue Helicopter. Better than almost any Town Helicopter before it, yet it is from this year. Good design my friends. And yes the new Knights Kingdom is better than the last, but it still is weak. Lets pray this is a sign of things to come, whether this particularily instance is a rumor or not.
  13. Sting

    Pl@m0b1l Town

    How does Playmobile make enough money to stay profitable and lego cannot? Lego's themes mostly suck right now, and most sets of many of the good themes suck too. Yet, when Lego was continuing with old tradition and having non-jun1orized sets (up until 1996, but had an even (and uglier) change in the early 2000s), it was obvious they were losing business (someone told me that is why they switched so much... they had lower profits each year from 1994-1996 and they needed to change). I just don't know anyone who collects or builds Playmobile.... yet I see it everywhere! Who buys it and how does the company make profits??? They have some amazing themes. If only Lego would try to do the same.
  14. Sting

    Remake of old sets on Lego Factory

    Actually a really good idea. If only the factory allowed for base plates and the proper colors, this would be amazing. I may even consider ordering one of those one day... when I am not thunderously broke. Maybe one day Lego factory will include almost every piece and it will be like Bricklink except a little cheaper (as Lego can produce the pieces as demand is met).
  15. Sting

    Your 2007 Wishlist

    - New Firestation - A few new townsets(Can anyone show me the list again? I remember hearing about the Sea Port and a Gas Station) - I am trying to get a few 2005/2006 sets still! I should really look into those before I go for 2007.
  16. Sting

    Fright Knights Theme

    The Wild West one was one of the best! And I agree, that all the displays were cool. Although back in the days of those displays I collected almost every theme (surprisingly, Pirates, my current favourite, I had the LEAST sets of). I wish Lego could start doing this again but it is probably much easier to put the sets onto a computerized background. Fright Knights was one of the first themes to do this. The Fright Knights overall were not nearly as bad as the Knights Kingdom Themes, and they had lots of potential (I loved the French/Gothic influence in the Torsos and this COULD have been extended into the Architechture but they obviously decided to make it more just ridiculous (as seen in the jambling tower of the 6097).
  17. Sting

    Pre-production design

    In alot of cases I would agree with you. Particularily most of the Viking sets (loved the beards and hammers). In the massive Prototype Pic of the Viking Ship, the ship is much much cooler, the monster is more terrifying, and the vikings and the entire scene just looks more heroic. Look at the back of the boat - it actually has a bridge. Although not as realistic (Longships didn't have an elevated bridge section) it looks cooler than the platform we got on the Released model and has some cooler pieces. Oh well!
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    Phes, those avatars/signatures are looking REALLY good... I may have to swallow my pride and ask for one myself.
  19. Sting

    Pre-production design

    I still like the preliminary Viking Fortress design (with the blue baseplates too) better. I would like to know why they change certain elements of other wise decent looking sets. I really liked the crane truck, and I don't really know why they would have changed it besides the minifigures (to the cooler new ones) Any other pics or insight into this from the experts would be interesting.
  20. Sting


    I shall continue waiting. When do you plan on having this camera?
  21. Sting

    Fright Knights Theme

    Yes. Fair enough. I will edit it now to compare 2 castle displays then.
  22. Sting

    Which Fortress?

    ExoForce is a theme I have mixed feelings about. Actually, no, I like it. I just would prefer other sets. I kinda wish they made it more darker themed, but what can ya do (its based on colorful mecha animes) (PS: Would it be possible to convert the mechs to greys or other colors, or are most of the pieces very specialized and only appear in the brighter colors that are in the theme?) Obviously if we are talking about the actual FORTRESS, the Viking BUILDING is much stronger and cooler. As for overall set, its really depends on what theme you like more. Me, loving the Viking Theme ( - most of the monsters) obviously like the Viking Fortress. I still haven't got that set yet. I should pick it up soon.
  23. Sting

    Fright Knights Theme

    For me, 1997 is when LEGO changed its entire style. In 1997, it was the last of the cool displays Lego used to have in Catalogs (where they would show all the sets in a lego/paper mache world), the quality in sets declined (as seen by the terrifying town, pirate, and castle sets released (Although the Imperial Armada sets, some of which released in 1996 I believe, were showing decline.) For example Old Style New Style I actually remember seeing the 1997 Catalog in a set I had bought and my stomach felt wierd. I could sense the difference. I somehow knew it wasn't going to be the same. And I was in grade 4!! (EDITED on NOV 5th to compare 2 castle pages instead of a castle and a town)
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    I may have been unactive for a while Phes! But I still want my sweet Avatar!
  25. Sting

    Pic Review: 7942 Off-Road Fire Rescue

    It is very unfortunate that the pictures do not load on my computer! I would really like to see this!